10 December 2016

How to Eat and Succeed on The Leangains Diet

The secret to being able to adhere to a good diet.

all right today's subject is diet as I

promised last week I want to talk about something that I think everybody needs to do to be successful online gains and and most importantly diet adherence the most difficult thing about any workout program I think is adhering to a good diet especially in America where any kind of food you want is on hand really any second of the day so I'm going to talk about that I wanted to start somewhere else and I'm going to start with not adhering to the diet which I'm not going to today and what that means and and what I'm gonna do so we are going out for dinner tonight at a restaurant a good restaurant and it's a steak place let me talk about what I'm gonna have I'm gonna have a big New York strip steak I'm going to have some Brussels sprouts and a lot of them they're probably gonna be cooked in butter olive oil I don't know it doesn't matter I'm gonna have some bread I'm gonna have some soup specifically I'm gonna have lobster bisque soup which is very high in calories and then to top it all off I'm gonna have this restaurant has this dessert it's a hot fudge brownie sundae with whipped cream on top everything

that you could possibly love in a brownie sundae and only that this thing is as big as my head so just by that you probably know that I'm not going to be sticking to my diet today so what I'm going to do about that to not hopefully gain a thousand pounds of fat and this is where intermittent fasting comes in I am probably not going to eat anything all day and if I do it'll maybe be some shrimp something high in protein low in calories a little bit of cocktail sauce with that maybe a piece of fruit like an apple well that's if I eat that's if I eat anything and I'm still not sure that I'm going to because this this meal and of itself is going to gonna hit my caloric intake for the day what I've done to prepare for this is I've been very very strict in here in to my diet all week I hit my macros you never go him exactly but I had them very close I had my calories very close again never gonna be exact but almost right on for the entire week today's Saturday so that's great I've prepared myself for this and it's okay you have to live your life if you're gonna go out to a to a nice restaurant or you know somewhere

where you just know you're not going to be able to to hit your diet for the day it's no big deal you have to prepare for it but this is where intermittent fasting is a is a really great tool because you can fast up to that point not really feel guilty with this meal I'll be right on my calories maybe slightly over I don't know it depends on how much I eat but my macros will be way off and for one day it's not a big deal it really really isn't a big deal so that's what I'm doing today I'm not sticking to my diet tonight but I'm gonna use intermittent fasting as a tool I read on the internet and look at these YouTube videos and it seems like there are a million people talking about intermittent fasting and as it relates the strength training etc I'm pretty sure Martin started all of this so he's he's getting copied and I guess imitation is the is the best form of flattery so I don't know if he's if he's if he's flattered by this or not but there are a ton of people that hadn't claimed to make this their own or started the whole intermittent fasting craze and working out and those kinds of things but we all know who who really

brought this to life so I want to talk about intermittent fasting and and what it's done for me and really it hasn't done much it's people talk about how when they fast in the morning until afternoon they're so productive and they don't think about food I think about what I get hungry in the morning I'm used to eating breakfast I've done this for about nine months now and doesn't get easier yeah it's easier but it it's not this life-changing thing it's not going to make you stronger it's not gonna help you lose every inch of fat that you have but it makes adhering to a good diet much easier and that is the best part about it I think another benefit is just just being disciplined so to not eat when you're hungry takes a certain degree of discipline and that believes over to everything your life discipline is important for everything so I think that's another another side benefit too to all of this so I promised last week what what is what's the secret to all of this what what do I think is so so so so so important well what's really important is making the diet your own when you sign on with Martin you get the

plan he's gonna he's gonna give you obviously the workout plan and he's gonna give you the I'm all the macros a sample diet plan etc I would maybe do that for two start for a week or two or a month but what I'd really do is make the diet your own so it doesn't mean go off and don't hit your macros no eat your calories you have to do all that stuff but do that by as best you can eating things that you enjoy and nobody can make a diet plan for you that's perfect because no one knows exactly the things that you enjoy and there's gonna be have to there's gonna have to be things that you cut out as well so I want to go in today I'm gonna go into my refrigerator I'm gonna go into my pantry I'm gonna show you some of the things that I enjoy and maybe some things that I don't love but I make them better and I'll show you how at least I make myself like them and there's things that you like there you get sick of as far as the diet goes there are some staples and I don't know how you get past not eating some of these things and and still hit your your macros and calories and up in a positive way so chickens one fish maybe some sort

of red meat like a beef tenderloin or or some sort of you know some sort of you know meat steak tenderloin treat yourself with a New York Strip every once in a while which is a little more fat like I'm gonna do tonight but I'm gonna go into what I eat and how I make it my own so let's hit the refrigerator first you know I'm gonna at the freezer first there's the freezer not that frozen pizza so a couple of things ground turkey seasoning if you're gonna make any kind of pasta this is leaner than beef a ton of protein so I like things like this if you're gonna make pasta shrimp shrimp is great I really really enjoy shrimp especially with cocktail sauce so I'm gonna go into cocktail sauce you've got something on your shrimp but shrimp is low in calories and high in protein so I eat a fair amount of fair amount of shrimp and keep it frozen last for a while and then what do I eat with my shrimp this is some craft cocktail sauce look at the back of this like it's not that bad for you you know 1/4 cup fourth of a cup it's 11 carbs can't really see I forgot how many calories it is but it's not that many

so some cocktail sauce on the shrimp oh really important that everyone likes this but cottage cheese cottage cheese is is great on this kind of a lifestyle 80 calories per half cup I weigh more than 1/2 cup a day but you can see a lot of protein a few carbs but it's great let's see here what else brew oh well back in the refrigerator egg whites yep low in calories high in protein mix it in with some eggs or some egg beaters if you like eggs I do I really love eggs some salt in it let's go go grocery shopping tomorrow son of as much as your mom but government some bananas pear apples I love apples I eat probably 200 grams of apples a day I put apples in my cottage cheese because I was starting to get a little sick a cottage cheese in the what I do like it but I put apples in it and I love it with apples in it and that'll change sometimes sometimes I'll get sick of having apples and I'll put a banana in it maybe even a tomato the pretty good tomato it's pretty good with tomatoes too now let's go into the pantry the pantry so quest bar quest bars are good I don't like this this is a brownie flavor I like the other they

have cookies and cream they have chocolate chip cookie dough which i think is better now this is something I get someone like carbs from I really love cereal and this is Special K protein when I undies that I'm that I'm working out I three bowls of this pretty much a day so it's high in protein and C 14 grams of protein if you mix it with some milk I'll mix it with some skim milk not a lot of skim milk just a little bit probably most of my three bowls I probably the most a half a cup of milk with it but in and of itself I think one bowl has has 10 grams of protein so I like cereal and this is a good way to to get some protein along with that with those carbs which is high in carbs so when I'm fasting I drink coffee every morning I need my coffee it's Dunkin Donuts coffee I don't know what I would do without coffee so you can't see what's in here but this is a huge bag of sweet potatoes another place to get good source of carbs so I love the taste of sweet potatoes to me they taste almost like a dessert so I eat a fair amount of sweet potatoes and peanut butter and here are the kids this is one thing that I I'm miss eating this is

even this is the natural peanut butter but I don't eat much peanut butter anymore I love peanut butter I love peanut and jelly but it's a rare that I eat it it's hard for me to fit peanut butter in with everything because it's really high in fat and it's fairly high in carbs too so I don't eat a lot of that from a supplement standpoint I workout fasted and I don't eat for hours after I workout so my last meal usually is 7:00 7:30 at night I work out at 4:30 the next morning and I don't if you do the math I don't eat till about 11:00 or 11:30 a.m. the next day so this is amino X it's branched chain amino acids I have 20 grams of this not the recommended 30 by Martin but I'll have it before I do my workout at 4:30 in the morning and then I'll usually have it before I leave of another 10 grams of it before I leave for work about 7:00 7:30 in the morning then I don't eat again until about 11 or 11:30 this is about an Amazon I've bought some more seventy servings I think it's like 31 32 bucks and for me that lasts about two months one thing that I just found that I really like are these pure protein shakes I'm not really

a supplement person I don't like to make protein shakes or anything like that but these are on jet comm for under two bucks a shake if you buy them in bulk let's look at this so 170 calories only a one and a half grams of fat for only four grams of carbs with 35 grams of protein so this is a great way they taste pretty good so they taste kind of like ensure that quite as good as ensure but they're pretty good and they're not that expensive and oh nothing make them which is really nice so like those one thing I indulge in so again you gotta make this your own this is probably not the best way to hit your your macros but this is kemp's smooth and creamy frozen yogurt vanilla bean this stuff is awesome the love the taste of it I love ice cream so better than just eating ice cream I can get more this because it's a little better for you than ice cream you can see per half cup and I weigh more than a half cup on most days 120 calories only two and a half grams of fat 20 carbs two grams of protein so another source of carbs for me besides fruits and vegetables so what else do I eat that's actually good for

me vegetable is actually like vegetables so I eat I have this - so I'll I'll put like some chicken in it and make like a chicken lettuce wrap sandwich so I like that love love brussel sprouts so keep brussel sprouts around asparagus really like asparagus another good source so another thing so you get sick of eating chicken and fish and steak sometimes all the time so I like to dress it up as mother stuff this is some salsa I've been putting on my chicken because I've been getting bored with plain chicken you can see two tablespoons is only ten calories and two carbs no fat again just a couple couple tablespoons of this will dress up some chicken and if you're sick of chicken if you like salsa it'll make it a little better I'll also maybe slap on a piece of cheese on a higher fat day on my chicken another key to is my very messy spice cabinet so if you look in here like there's zillion spices there's Lowery's there's some more exotic type of spices but I get sick of the same kind of chicken for whatever so I use different

spices just to make it make it taste better but my diet like most people it's pretty similar every day I eat some sort of chicken a lot of it usually or fish I like salmon a lot and then I'll eat usually some red meat a couple times a week a you know a steak some some sort of lean red meat that I really like I probably cut down a little bit I've just genetically high cholesterol so I shouldn't eat probably as much red meat as I do I'm gonna cut some of that back any more salmon more fish and then stick with the chicken but that's what I do that's that's what I really like to eat all of those things I can make fit into my cow my caloric intake for the day as well as my macros so it works out really well for me I enjoy what I eat for the most part and the intermittent fasting just it helps it helps because you can have bigger meals and more satisfying meals but there's a trade-off for that you're hungry for a little bit especially if you're not used to it and after nine months I'm still not used to it because I'm I'm hungry right now and I haven't eaten anything all day and I've been fasting for what about ten hours as its as it is right now I think

so I will fast probably did if I don't eat anything till dinner I'll have fasted for 25 hours which is a lot to be starving but it's okay it's it's worth it sometimes I think to have the things that you like and the point of this whole thing is you're not going to be exact at the beginning you're gonna drive yourself crazy trying to be exact promise I did but just try to be close and if you know that you're gonna have a really bad day or a bad meal come up try to try to fast some more maybe eat less fast all day if we have a really big bad dinner it's not going to really make that much of a difference something that I want to bring up that's really really interesting I think I saw him on a bulk right now and I just Thanksgiving week I up my calories 1,800 calories a week not a day but a week and I thought I would start to gain a ton of weight which or which I wanted to do actually and it's been whatever Thanksgiving was two weeks ago or so more than two weeks ago I haven't gained any weight actually lost a pound so I'm from one 140 to 139 now maybe I'm 138 and change but my lifts have gone up over the last week we're just interesting so I was stuck on a

and just as an example stuck at a 185 pounds five times on bench for a month or more and a week of eating more calories I'm I've broken through that Plateau I'm now rapping at 190 which is great but I haven't gained any weight which is interesting I don't know I don't know if my body is recompensed actually means but another good point when I went from when I went from my cot to my bulk I adhered to my new bulk diet probably four to three weeks and then I just won on an eating rampage so eating rampage for two or three months and I'm at three months maybe two months or so I ate every day pretty much whatever I wanted and I was gaining weight for sure I was getting fat but I was my lifts were going up so I was happy about that but I ate a ton and that's all right now if you look at my pictures I probably I'm a little more fat than I probably should be I'm giving they're gonna lean bulks but but two months of the lean bulk was not a lean bulk it was it just a pig bulk so dirty bulk whatever they call it so I don't know what else I have to cover today I just like to say whatever is on my mind and I think that's about that's about it looking

forward to tonight you're gonna do a little Christmas shopping for the kids and then we're gonna go out and have a really nice dinner so very very excited and that's it take care hope this was helpful