02 May 2019



hey everybody welcome back to my channel

in today's video we're going to be showing you how to create more ice lollies which are healthy and nutritious so without further adieu we'll see you guys in the next place and I'm also going to be showing you how to create your very own mango smoothie Bowl it's two-for-one basically also if you're watching please don't forget to subscribe to China for loads more thank you the first thing you will need is mango like da clear isn't a name and this fruit is absolutely amazing I swear by it actually alkalis is the body which is totally awesome because guys did you know in an alkaline environment sickness can not survive which is just amazing like oh my gosh cries such a little geek but this stuff literally gives me life I just I'm so into health although I do have cheat meals I believe everything's in balance guys so yeah no judgement I'm just basically peeling the mango like so and basically we usually buy it Mangal every single day we are all obsessed with mango they're just so delicious and they're so good for you they're literally healing you from within also a top tip when choosing fruit the darker the berry the

sweeter the juice 2pac was alright so go for the darker versions and guys your fruit will be so sweet ended up chopping roughly two whole mangoes for this recipe but as you can see my little boy stole some so yeah and depending on how much you want to make like how many isolates how much smoothie bowl you want to make then obviously adjust accordingly that we've got all our medical chopped up we're just gonna take one of these handy little story fads and we're basically gonna place it into a freezer you can leave it overnight or you can leave it like a few hours until it's completely frozen [Music] now it's time to use our ninja I would highly recommend this blender guys so if you're looking for a good blender this is your one and this is totally not sponsored I just wanted to say look I'm so grateful having this blender it's the little things in life that make the big things so yeah I just love this blender anyways oh my god Jasmine please stop talking basically just adding the frozen mango to the blender like so funniest thing guys literally Kylie's poured frozen peppers

into this blender imagine and I didn't even notice cause also busy filming watched any of my previous healthy recipe videos you will know that I stores and peppers in the freezer because it helps decrease the cooking time so yeah that frozen pepper is he's just poured in and so lucky he told us because before we turned it on and ruined our smoothie bowls like thank God I was like super delighted when he told me not I had to literally pick each pepper out individually make sure you press the option smooth bursts to really make it smooth and blend it through properly adding in some spring water so it takes quite a while for it to get really smooth now it's smooth it's time to pour it into our ice lolly moulds exciting stuff guys yes I'm standing on top of a chair pouring it into a little jug so then I can pour me easily into my ice lolly mold like so these I slowly molds on eBay I'm gonna link them below in the description box below and also guys when you place it into your freezer be very careful don't spill them like I did oops now it is time for the taste test

after leaving these overnight in the freezer my little ones are gonna do the taste test so yeah your ones coming hey so have you got anything to say yeah this is brilliant I really like it wait I lay out oh nothing 11 out of 11 thank you tastes refreshing I know I localized in your body so it's healthy for you it's my boy yeah I should refresh you next I'll see laughs it looks like a bit yeah the Sun with this leftover mango I decided to make a mango smoothie Bowl as well so here I go I'm just pouring it into a little bowl like so can be enjoyed as a healthy breakfast a snack or even dessert I'm just going to add a few raspberries to the mango smoothie bowl like so we're going to be taking some Brazil nuts and I'm just gonna grate some over the top like so zo nuts reduced inflammation to strengthen the immune system they can improve in heart health they can aid in skin care the boost weight-loss and they were just a sign of aging which is amazing guys so much for watching and please do let me know if you try any of these recipes I would love to know

see you minutes upload hey everyone welcome back to my channel in today's video we're gonna be showing you how to make mango ice lollies why do you say hey which are healthy and nutritious so without further ado I will see you guys in the next play it's fun my mouth's not that's the only time I pulled up what you don't want to be late I love you guys wave to the camera and use your wooden I know Jenna Wade okay I think about the bull and the same carry right now though is they're so beautiful trust me because hmm then and oh that's nice very nice for when I brought all that bad a7 that's the capital way of spell me