25 October 2016

How to create a healthy food plan for the week

Create a healthy food plan for the week in just 4 simple steps.

hi friends just bats in here and this is

the energetic Wii Fit channel and today I want to talk to more about having a plan specifically a food plan because we all know a goal without a plan is just away went grocery shopping today and behind me are some of my groceries and I just wanted to share with you some ways that you can get started on your food plan for their pen to our paper and we're going to just write down notes of different things that we like I want you to go ahead and write down at least four different meals that you enjoy right so let's say one is pizza one spaghetti and meatballs one is going to be toast and eggs and then the other one sweet treat so now we're going to make a healthier choice the pizza by organic pizza gluten-free crust or you can make it at home Enzo bean flour which is amazing and you can order it off amazon a skillet pizza which is very fun and easy to do you just add water skillet it up really quickly add toppings melt the cheese daddy and meatballs alright so we have spaghetti squash doesn't get more simple than that that it's a great carb alternative very in season right now super easy to do it gives you the instructions right on the sticker that

simple let some turkey meatball throw them in the crock pot for some tomato sauce over it and let it cook itself the healthy treat I have some organic pumpkin right here and you can get some oats with it put some of the organic pumpkin in there make a healthy oatmeal warning with water and some pumpkin spice that's a sweet treat and also a breakfast so it's a two for one how do you like that simple you know things that I just whipped up oh the last thing was toast and eggs I forgot about that I bread because it's gonna have real food ingredients as I mentioned previously a huge advocate checking the ingredients you don't know how to do that just right here making sure the ingredients that it says real food in here so this one says certified organic pumpkin I can read that make sure that they're free cage or egg whites are my absolute favorite I'll some like nut cheese if they have cheese made of almond now for items and then create a healthier choice out of them makes it so much easier so guess what everything I listed you're gonna write it down and that becomes your shopping simple wandering around the aisles should i buy this this looks good then

you just end up buying everything and random stuff and then you're like well what did i buy have a plan you're gonna make healthier choices you're gonna make a shopping grocery shopping more efficient you're going to get in there and you're gonna get out if you can't find something like i mentioned amazon is the key we can't find that garbanzo bean flour it's on amazon prices and efficient shopping trip but you are also gonna save money something you don't need right so there was four meals that i gave you more than one meal and can switch it up that simple and I preferably love trader joes I think their stuff is very very well priced it's fresh it's to the season that's where i got my spaghetti squash its mini i love mini a plan being efficient and saving money is you are gonna have a variety so let's say those four things you wait last week you were like wow those were great well what are than other for things like the choices are but maybe next week you're like well I want to have pancakes and I want to do banana bread and I want to have maybe BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes in my crock pot right now I'm cooking up some

BBQ chicken I at trader joe's the pre-made organic barbecue sauce and when I wat today has so much in it because I like it hot embrace earns a chicken thighs whatever boneless of course unless you like the bone in it I don't really like it just literally cook it in there and marinate it and it is done in four hours or eight whatever you to recap our plan in eating healthier we're gonna make healthier choices just by thinking of foods that we really want to eat turning them into healthier alternative number two we're going to make shopping more efficient we're not going to spend an hour or two at the grocery store and then you're going to save money who wants to save money I do a write down your list and you're going to stick to that list because it's your plan for the week thing that you buy with disclose for meals it's going to make you enough for everybody for the whole family so you're going to save money in the long run versus grabbing a salad at lunch time at work or going out to eat with coworkers that stuff adds up it's about 20 bucks every time you go out so you're going to save money when you pick out

your four meals for the week we breakfast lunch dinner etc and snacks in between always have snacks on hand that will save you money from getting the munchies and having to go to the vending machine which is just processed crap anyway enjoy the variety because you're gonna get so freaking excited that you came up with these four meals that was it everybody loved it you came up with a healthy alternative you're satisfied and then you're gonna get creative and inspired and you're going to say well what four meals can I do next week I got a top up my game like to get creative let's say I get stuck in a rut of making the same stuff over and over again this is going to help me so if you have a favorite cookbook or if you like to go to pinterest which I love Pinterest healthy alternatives this is the clean and hungry by hungry girl she's the bomb com so you'll never get bored and guess what guys amazon gonna love amazon if you haven't got an amazon prime account yet do it please as everything's there can't find in the grocery store you can't find a cookbook it's going to save you time it's going to save you money and you're gonna live happier you're

going to be so excited that this plan that you have set for you for your food and your health and your nutritional inning put healthy foods in your body you're going to gain energy you're gonna feel good your clothes are gonna fit better you're gonna feel awesome and who doesn't love that my tip for having a food plan I hope you guys enjoyed it and can't wait to see you on Thursday I