31 October 2017

How To Combine CARDIO and WEIGHT TRAINING for Fat Loss

In this video you'll learn how to structure your workouts to include both cardio and weight training for building muscle and losing fat. Download Lee's ...


hey there how's it going it is your muscle building coach Lee Hayward and today I have a question that was sent in through the total fitness bodybuilding app by Sully and he says hello Lee I love your app and your YouTube channel I have a question I'm on the lift weights and do cardio in the same day but I don't know how to begin when I'm finished lifting weights do I need to do the cardio right afterwards with no break do I need to eat something or drink something before doing cardio I don't want to lose my gains how long must I wait to do cardio after finish after I finish lifting weights all my life I'm a fan I just want to see some changes in my life can you help me thank you so much Sully from Holland well Sully thank you for your email or your message to the app I should say and thanks again for the comments I'm glad you enjoy the app and the videos now as far as cardio is concerned you're overthinking this now the way this works how you're going to structure your cardio and structure weight training and all that really depends on you know what it is you're training for the level that you're training and all that kind of

stuff I mean if somebody is a competitive athlete especially a competitive athlete in some sort of you know cardiovascular activity such as running rowing cycling you know something of that nature then obviously you're going to have a very structured training program that you're going to follow but if you're simply doing cardio as a fat loss tool and you know the majority of people watching these videos are in that category you know you're in the gym you're doing weight training to build muscle you're doing cardio to burn fat and the primary reason you're doing it is just to improve your health and fitness improve your body composition build muscle burn fat look and feel better that's you know 99% of the people who watch my videos that's the category that they're in and in that situation it really doesn't matter when you do your cardio I mean there there are pros and cons to all the different answers you know some people like to do cardio first think in the morning before they eat and the theory behind that is that it's going to help to tap into burning more stored body fat some people like to do

cardio right after their weight training workout and kind of the same theory again because once you've depleted your glycogen levels through weight training then once you do cardio afterwards you're going to tap into burning stored body fat at a greater degree other people actually like to do cardio like an easy low intensity cardio session maybe even after a meal to help aid with digestion and just help to settle their stomach afterwards so there's really no right or wrong time to do cardio I mean you can do it throughout the day as you see fit and when it fits your schedule in my case if I'm training for fat loss like when I'd be getting ready for bodybuilding competitions I would always do my cardio first thing in the morning before eating and there was two reasons for that one is because it would help to burn stored body fat at a greater rate because you're doing cardio in a fasted state but second is I would get the cardio done and out of the way first thing in the morning because if I waited till later in the day a lot of times I would make excuses for not doing it you know I get busy I get caught up with

work I get caught up with chores and errands and all the other you know crack that life throws at you and then I would make an excuse for not doing it so I would try and do my cardio first thing in the morning before eating breakfast whenever possible the next best scenario that I would do is right after my weight training workout if for some reason I couldn't do cardio first thing in the morning you know maybe I had some early morning appointments or something like that and I couldn't you know schedule it in I would do a cardio right after weight training and a lot of times you know in preparation for bodybuilding competitions I would even add in an extra cardio session after my weight training if I needed to speed up my rate of fat loss so cardio first thing in the morning and then cardio again right after weight training the reason why I like doing it afterwards is because it's not going to take away from your strength and energy during your weight training workout I believe for for physique enhancements in terms of you know building muscle and burning fat weight training should take priority over

cardio and cardio is basically a supplement to your weight training as a fat loss supplement I mean it's it's an exercise fat loss supplement if you will so that's why I like to do cardio afterwards in order to aid with fat loss I'm not hung up on the performance aspect of cardio again I'm not a competitive athletes you know cyclist swimmer a runner or whatever I mean I'm not into that I just use it as a fat loss tool so that's why I want to focus primarily on weight training get the most out of weight training train with progressive overload and really be strict with making gains in terms of the weights you're lifting and then the cardio is an extra add-on to just help burn off body fat now as far as your question of do you need to eat or drink in between your weight training and your cardio workouts other than water no you don't need to consume anything I mean I recommend drinking water throughout your entire workout to keep yourself hydrated but as far as consuming like a protein shake or a carbohydrate shake or some post-workout meal or anything like that save that stuff for after you finish your entire workout meaning your weight

training and your cardio I mean there's no point in you know lifting weights for you know 45 minutes to an hour slugging down you know a post-workout shake and then trying to run on the treadmill with us a shake sloshing around in your belly afterwards or something like that you don't have to do it I mean muscle is not as fragile as we've been led to believe I mean back in the old days you know they they really preached this whole idea of the post-workout window and you have to have your your post-workout shake you know within 35 seconds after you finish your last set in the gym you've got to gulp down this post-workout shake or else you know your gains are gone out the window it doesn't work that way muscle is not that fragile and it's it's not that precise of a science what matters the most in terms of building muscle burning fat and all that is the long term average you know your overall caloric intake your overall nutrition intake not just what you consume at this one specific moment in time you know like having that post-workout meal is not anything magical I mean you can make great games without having as you know a

special post-workout me our special post-workout shake as long as your overall nutrition for that day meet your daily needs meeting your needs of protein carbohydrates fat and calories and all that as long as your daily average meets what you need you can still make gains regardless if you have a post-workout shake or not so know don't have anything in between your weight training and cardio workout if you're doing them together just consider all 1:1 workout so you do your weight training then do your cardio and afterwards then you can have you know your next meal or a post-workout shake or whatever it is that you have planned have that after you finish your entire exercise session so there you go hopefully this helps to answer your question Sully and if you have any questions comments or feedback to this video please feel free to post those down in the comment section below and I will chat with you down there and if you haven't already done so make sure to subscribe to the total fitness bodybuilding youtube channel so that you can stay up to date with all my latest videos and in addition to that make sure

to download the total fitness bodybuilding app it's available for both Apple as well as Android devices and it's like having your own personal trainer with you at all times on your smartphone so again you can just click on the link that I have in the video description below and you can check that out so have yourself a fantastic day and I'll talk to you in my next video take care / you