25 September 2018

How to Cheat on Your Diet!

Cheating on your diet is not what you expect it to be, and is not for everyone. Listen to Nordine Zouareg in this Episode 9 of Mindfully Get Your Sh*t Together: ...

hello folks welcome to mindfully get

your together northings we're egg here founder and CEO of executive executive in a fitness welcome to the podcast the show today the topic is how to cheat know not how to cheat on your husband or your wife that's not what this is about before getting into the meat of the other topic is I'd like to work for you folks to participate and stop the discussion start the conversation get involved tell us what you think and what's better what you liked let's start the discussion okay so what is a cheat day and I'm referring to nutrition okay I get a lot of emails from people asking me you know how to cheat safely a lot of people don't really cheat well subs and I'll get to that in a moment what I'm saying that is that some people under cheat if you're going to cheat as well might as well go all the way right because they're afraid and I remember there's a story that I'd like to tell you guys from my one of my mentors back in the days jump be a clue it was a brilliant man out of Marseille France and he talked

about this sentiment of guilt according to him it has to be you know unseen science backing that up but I believe it he said according to him he said that when you are a nutritional brown on a diet that's cause it is and you stopped in front of a pastry shop and you look at a pastry and you start you know dwelling you start like you actually are according to Jean Pierre you're secreting those enzymes that are going to make your body retain fat as if you were eating the pastry unbelievable so you need to change that when if you are don't stare at if you are a nutritional plan just don't go to the pastry and stare at pastries if you do you're gonna be in trouble might as well you know buy that pastry didn't need the bite [Music] that's what I would recommend but let's get back to a cheat day so I'm going to read you from my book recharge the executive guide to inner fitness and I have a chapter on nutrition here and one of the topics is cheating why a cheat day for so well achieve a accomplishes a few things it prevents you from feeling deprived and it helps boost your

metabolism so that you burn more calories when you return to your planet perhaps the best benefit of a cheat day is its effect on leptin levels in the body leptin is a hormone secreted by fat cells that is key to maintaining energy balance in the body when leptin levels reach a certain threshold it signals to the brain that you have sufficient energy stored allowing you to stop eating when you're had enough so you heard it's it's it has some benefits in terms of hormones it also is good for the mind it helps you get back to your plan you know even more effectively so to speak you know you got more energy you you feel you know mentally recharged physically recharged so knowing that you know it's sufficient enough to have cheat days but folks let me explain something very very important to you if you just started the nutritional plan or your diet and you have 50 pounds to lose 30 pounds to lose weight bound to lose 10 pounds to lose and you're already thinking about cheating you think twice don't a cheat day is only when you're approaching your goal okay and and this is what what I'm trying to explain here if you have a fat

composit or body fat composition of 25 percent or 30 percent or even 20 percent if you're women or if your men a 15 20 % body fat composition don't even think about cheating cuz that's gonna make it worse why well because when you cheat you mainly and I'll get to that when I read some more information from the book but you're actually gaining water weight okay and you know if you're not seeing results because when we start you know a diet we will lose or we shed fat but we still look as if we didn't lose weight and I'm sure that a lot of you you know understand that and experience that so a lot of you a lot of people that I know give up after two or three weeks on that diet but because they don't see result they don't see physical result you're not gonna see if there's a girl resolved until a month or more of being on the planet if you have a lot of weight to lose you will you will shed weight but physically cosmetically it's not gonna happen so when do you cheat when you're close to your goal and when that is so let's say if you started a mission

planning town you know when you're five even ten pounds away what I'm trying to say is stay in a that ideal or normal body fat composition and start in order to start cheating so how to cheat safely the following is a safe way to have a cheat day and to ensure that you don't go off the deep end first set your mind on losing about two to five pounds in the next two weeks the have you are the heavier you are the boat the more weight you can expect to lose at the end of the two-week period celebrate your victory with a cheat day schedule a low-stress nonworking day such as Sunday guilt is is response to bad behavior you're not behaving badly so drop the guilt eat two non diet meals that day no process which and that's what I'm saying you know go all the way is because I see a lot of people then when they cheat they just cheat on one meal and that's it and they've been very careful so if you are going to cheat you know then eat two non diet meals that did not know processed foods add to protein shakes with micro filter isolate whey protein to your day or if you are sensitive to whey protein you can use plant protein

or other sort of protein that you're not sensitive to eat every three hours avoid drinking a liquid right before while eating and right after your meal avoid Cabo carbonated water that makes you feel blown don't sheet with liquids such as fruit juice or sodas reset your goal as soon as you're finished celebrating but again folks don't cheat if you're not close to your goals and cheating and when you close to your goals gets you not only to your goals but also keep you at that ideal weight for a long time as opposed as opposed a fee if you didn't cheat you know staying on a nutritional plan or strict diets forever is really enough I don't think it's even healthy cheating is not for again cheating is not for it there is such a thing called as I mentioned in the book the abstinence violation effect some individuals can feel an overall loss of control a cheat day may turn into a cheat week or worse a cheat month for dieters that cannot exercise an exercise moderation for this reason it's important to set comprehensive guidelines for your cheat days to get the maximum psychological and

physiological benefits without the adverse effects plant who used this method of self motivation to achieve their long-term goal report that they no longer dread them the idea of having to lose weight but actually enjoy the process one one women told me that too after she lost an intent balance she felt and looked fantastic they wanted to keep losing more when I asked her why she said I'm enjoy the process and the cheat days especially the cheat days so folks if you have a tendency to overdo it over cheap stop cheating because that's your behavior that's the way you you have no control over over what what you're doing in this case you know eating foods that you're not supposed to so guys it's important to to understand that you can destroy 90 days of dieting simply because you cheated more days and you supposed to cheat and that gets you back into old conditioning okay and you get back to those old patterns through old behaviors and before you know it you back to where you were or even worse it's not worth it okay so make sure that you're staying on the plan long enough that you lost the weight feeling great

then you can start your cheat days every two weeks personally I started a year ago I was in New York and out of sympathy I started a plan with a client there and I lost trims amount of weight don't tell me why I got to that point in the first place that's a long story which I could show but I lost all the weight that I needed to lose and then I started my cheat day and I've been having a cheetah every week and it works well on Monday I weigh about 3 pounds heavier it's water weight and that's what I'm going to get to here being aware of water weight gain by opting to use a cheat day you will probably experience a weight gain of a couple of pounds but that's mainly because of water retention triggered by the extra carbohydrates and sodium you've eaten the left short balanced sodium potassium will adjust within 72 hours and you'll return to your earlier body weight you can also choose to celebrate by having an ice cream or frozen yogurt to avoid any weight gain you must return to eat it to your to an eating plan the very next day and that is you know what I'm going to say here I said you gain the water

weight then you lose a water weight when your sodium potassium balance is back to normal and if you do recognize identify that you are a person that has no control if you cheat then just cheat with an ice cream or a frozen yogurt and that will do the trick so again cheating is effective cheating is healthy but you need to know how to cheat that is very important so if avonlea for the questions ask us comment and let us know how we can help you please go on my websites the executive interface and stuff fitness.com Executive inner fitness comm or Arizona wellness retreats come again please participate until next time be safe