17 March 2019

How important is Pooping? (CAN IT HELP LOSE WEIGHT?!)

How important is pooping for us humans? Can it even help us shed some pounds?! Avena Originals (You will find the Herb Cocktail under the category uptop ...

taking a deuce dropping a load pinching

a loaf defecating taking a crap or bowel elimination that's what our topic is about today guys pooping and why it's so extremely important for our health good evening everybody and welcome back today our topic is about pooping why is this topic so taboo is it because it's embarrassing to talk about or is it because people don't think it's very important I'm here to tell you that it is extremely important to be on a regular hooping schedule so that brings up number question number one how often should we pull in that people ask me that all the time how often should we pull it my answer is one meal in one meal out so most people eat three meals a day optimally we should be putting three times a day how is that possible most people poo once a day maybe twice a day some people don't even go to the washroom every day and what we need to realize is when we eat a meal it goes through our digestive system and then it sits and sits in our intestinal system now if we don't eliminate that meal and then we have a second meal and now it goes and goes through the intestinal system and lands on the first meal

you've had now you have two meals inside your body that you haven't eliminated yet here comes the third meal now what's happening inside the system it's becoming compacted and this is where constipation can come from and bowel toxemia so regular pooping as you can tell is extremely important for our health oh but let's back up for a second what exactly is poop poop is basically just the solid or semi-solid remains of food that wasn't broken down in the small intestinal system but the most important thing we're going to talk about today guys is why it's so important to poop on a regular base this reason number one when we Puli the food or story the remains doesn't sit in the body long enough to create a toxic environment in our intestinal system so if we eat food and we eliminate it quickly that means the food didn't have time to rot in our intestinal system reason number two if those remains are if their waste is sitting in the intestinal system too long it'll feed the it'll feed the bad bacteria in the intestinal system which creates more toxicity that's where we can get allergenic symptoms that's where we get

an overabundance of yeasts that's where we get skin complexion issues the list goes on and finally number three ah crap what was number three again oh right and reason number three is if we're not eliminating properly everything gets stored in the liver until our large intestines can eliminate it what happens when your liver gets full everything goes to everything stays in your bloodstream and then it goes to your organs it goes to your joints that's where we can get arthritic pains all of this stuff is connected guys so if we're pooping regularly our livers can cleanse our blood can stay clean and our organs can stay healthy over the years of helping my clients I discovered something I discovered that all the people who had irregular bowel movements or constipation or pooing twice a week they all had a similar pattern they were all either consuming cheese gluten and red meat mainly beef and of course non fibrous foods so here is six of my favorite fibrous foods that increase your pooping power chia seeds avocado plums raspberries apples and of course gluten free organic oatmeal just a little side note guys one more thing

that really causes the regular bowel movements and constipation is a bad peristalsis effect in our bowels if you're wondering what peristalsis is it's the constant contraction and relaxation of a muscle which creates a a wave so when you swallow food your esophagus actually creates a peristalsis effect and it helps guide the food down it doesn't just slide down right so our bowels do the same thing when we're eliminating feces it does the peristalsis effect so this effect can become very sluggish and lazy so from the years of abuse of course so what we have to do is we have to incorporate foods that actually boost and revitalize that peristalsis effect so there's so many products out there that claim to be a really good bowel cleanser but really they're just they're just laxatives and that doesn't actually clean us out properly it actually irritates the gut lining in our intestinal system and our bowels and that's no good however there is an amazing product by evene originals called the herb cocktail this is an amazing product because it contains active ingredients from some special herbs psyllium husk of course is

one of them which creates the bulk in the feces there are some anti-inflammatories the corn so the hibiscus Siberian ginseng but the main one is cascara sagrada and what this stuff does is it creates that peristalsis effect that I was talking about earlier our bowels become sluggish and slow and lazy the cascara sagrada promotes peristalsis again so it revitalizes it and helps you poo regularly so what works best for me guys is I take it before I go to bed I take two teaspoons with a cup of orange juice I shake it up in a mason jar and I drink it back as quickly as I can if you let it sit for too long it turns into a thick jelly and that's what happens inside the body it travels through the body and a thick jelly and it pulls things out of the gut lining of the intestinal system and it really cleanses you out so the reason I take it before I go to bed is be because my my digestive system is relatively empty since it's been a few hours since dinner and when I wake up in the morning I'm ready to go so that brings me to my last point today guys and one of the most interesting points

weight loss can you achieve weight loss from pooping more yes you can we hold a lot of weight in this area our bowels are full and if we get a good bowel cleanser like the herb cocktail we'll clean everything out we'll flush everything out and the body will start to perk up and clean up properly the our metabolism goes up and we simply just shed the pounds technically we should pounds so anyways guys I'm gonna leave it a link in the description below for the herb cocktail if you want to give it a try I highly recommend you do and if you enjoyed this talk today leave a comment in the comment section below I'd be happy to answer any poop questions for you guys don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll see you next time Cheers [Music]