07 August 2018




[Applause] [Music] hey guys hello we are doing another meal plan video for you today this is how we lost exactly what we ate to lose the first 50 pounds in 3 months yeah Kyle and I have both lost 130 pounds for a total of 260 pounds and we did it with real simple food portion control so we didn't really we didn't change what we were eating we ate what we liked and we just portioned it out so this is exactly what we ate to lose our first 50 pounds friends and we did it in three months losing weight it's not just a physical thing it's here and it's here fight through it you can do it don't give up [Music] so first one of our favorite meals what we ate was oatmeal half a cup of quick oats we added a little bit of cinnamon and some stevia and then we would throw half a cup of mixed berries on top and that's again half a cup for a snack we would have a granola bar usually with some sort of nut butter in it and this one is peanut and a piece of fruit usually a banana for lunch we would have a sandwich using whole-grain bread this one is the ancient grains with

quinoa and those are some of the little changes that we made so before we started losing weight we ate all pretty much white bread yeah when we started portioning and losing weight we made sure to pick some whole grain just pick any whole grain bread yeah pick something that would be tasty for you to slice yeah because if your portioning you're gonna see results exactly so two slices of whole grain bread we enjoy mayonnaise so we ate mayonnaise but we ate the low-fat mayo half the fat and this is a tablespoon you get a lot of tablespoon is a lot of mayo for a sandwich exactly mustard as much as you want because it has no calories and and we chose extra-lean deli meat so this is the extra lean season oven roasted chicken breast two slices on your sandwich and spread on your mayo and your mustard then we would have half a cup to one cup usually one cup of raw veggie sticks so we have celery here and carrots those were our favorite veggies to have with our sandwich so we've got baby carrots and we keep them in water we would cut them up in advance keep them in water

and they last at least two weeks when you do it that way and it's so much easier when you have them prepped you can just pull from the containers it keeps you helps keep you on track then for our next snack we would choose some crackers usually anything whole-grain we have some Ritz here these you just go by the serving size so Ritz our six crackers for one serving so we would have six Ritz with a serving of cheese these slices make it really easy because you just take one slice and then divide it in between your crackers so it have cheese and crackers and veggies and we really enjoy cucumbers we would have hat we each have half a cucumber we usually put salt and pepper on it then for dinner we would have spaghetti so we would have half a cup and I'll show you again half a cup of sauce and three ounces of lean ground beef and one cup of noodles so that's two of these and we always again like Kyle said the small changes we made we went from white grains white carbs to whole grain carbs so we chose whole grain pasta any whole grain pasta you like low sodium low carb pasta sauce when you eat this way you still feel

like you're eating like a human being you get to eat real food spaghetti and meat sandwiches you know all the good stuff that you're used to eating you just got to portion it and make small Changez yes I mean like we looked forward to all of the reading granola bars and bananas we're eating oatmeal which we love oatmeal salad with this meal two cups excuse the old measuring cup this is we've been using this for a long time two cups of salad mixed greens we like because it gives you a variety of nutrients ones baby spinach but we chose mixed greens baby spinach stuff like that yep usually like the dark leafy greens basically any dark leafy greens and a tablespoon of low-calorie dressing we enjoyed Italian and a tablespoon again we always had a treat in the beginning every day we chose a treat usually a low-calorie one usually low-calorie cookies so here we have some Oreo thins and we would have to wait at the end of the day we would enjoy two low-calorie cookies so the friends when we first started to lose our first 50

pounds we had three larger meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner and two snacks plus I dessert some sort of low-calorie treat usually cookie yeah so friends are getting sandwiches oatmeal spaghetti it's as long as it's portioned you will see results and that is what we did we portioned it we prepared our meals in advance and we ate what we enjoyed making small changes like switching from white to Whole Grains Yule especially see results like we did if you have 50 to 100 plus pounds to lose if you start portioning your foods you don't have to worry about all the details and all the crazy health health fads out there real food portion yeah you don't have to worry about tracking or anything it's all about the portion control you did not count calories macros none of that none of that all you need are measuring cups a food scale to weigh out your meat and some tablespoons and that's it switch also we switched all our full fat dressings to the low fat kind and that was it switch to whole-grain get low fat sauces and things and eat what you like and we also switched from regular soda pop to diet

pop yes yes that's a very good point and you can still eat your treat just get the lower calorie coin and that's it that's how we lost the first 50 pounds in three months yeah that's another sample exact sample of a day of our eating in the beginning and when you eat like this you're looking forward to every meal and you don't even feel like you're on a diet it becomes a lifestyle when you eat like this yep and you want to eat your next meal so guys hope you enjoyed this let us know down below if you enjoy some of these foods or if you're gonna try this out or what your favorite meal from this would be and that's it don't forget to Like and subscribe this would you like that's okay it's not oh measuring cup of dude [Laughter] thanks for watching bye guys