23 July 2019

How i lost 25 kgs? |Tamil vlog | My Weight Loss story |Tamil vlog | Motivational | Diet&workout tips

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hello friends welcome back to our

Channel happy wall okay unique individual and I may end up a cop or onna again the most requested video gangway and a beam patina in order before and after weight loss journey de mundo Paco pouring air under the community frame said 20 pose or now and every consistently when they die and upper die in order old depicts are lying a portrait the character kozo humble eco jolly are kopaka mode a so whenever video color Paula honey when the questions marimacha key turning and a kdrama drip when the Instagram blonde okay truck norm but they take a la okay fine normally when the solo or being so Lita hope we cannot Instagram page follow up on done all of follow pânico na other Danny MO and they're happy volume down ala daily 9l of Carpentaria low-calorie spun content they post put their pan so when I Instagram la follow panicle net okay LRO radii in order before picker window pocket the catch like any K when the Omaha dreary in order funny you pick a comic advocate yeah now Nani but I went to Pokhara no me put even the coma of linsell it a you know pickup optimally the mass difference after a

big not a China we free our node insulated so you know the first two before pick one day in the program partner so Sawa cavalry alkali yes see 2008 on a up we go a pickle somewhere different circle posit al are you are right now contain any cardigan and odd a heap on Deborah Morita okay first to question when the end and awning a Chino is learned a boon burning Allah Allah epilogue on tithing law obtained records in Wendy and Nance and partner Anna Chino is learn the lagoon Delilah at normal annoyed and now out of the Romberg in the pond wounded of Elaine drama for no leader of insult relief Lila normal an iron an order school Marie Claire Conner mallanna so Chino is la la lagune de'longhi second thing in up in partner up om preventing evade reporting the stage when the weight putting an abdicating na and now in the end of stage and wait put and I know to college they said Unga en getting in are the code we said it kid yeah and I in order college food without the car and I'm a you know Monday to Friday freely non-veg the morning oh sorry afternoon sorry afternoon cousin

on major morning love and the veggie da either way what a easier then sold to some airport Wonga so up Leonor ecology of didn't kill thing you know now when they JPL college developer DJ so JPM college now wave food dinner martyr anger some Mizzou Bravo dongha so are the softest after now and they a note await when they increase our chip okay in the daughter Kara okay third thing end up in patina unload a maximum weight and minimum weight and Abdeen Katina in order maximum weight when they're in the picture love Parker tada I end up in patina 87 kg Selena and they note a minimum of eighty of lobbed in katakana 61 kg very cool reach on anger so almost or a 25 kgs above and then our radios Pamina so it is now and ano damn weight loss in a sort of the evil away to them and then a loss but net okay forth to think only clip on the weight loss fun and Andre interest when they say obtaining a getting na yan ago and a weight loss plan announced a starting line you know still amar Lana Archer are now and the over I thinks of India when do but to see a naked and not being part enough you know

the close friend you know the best friend a avocado Bernard do math classes purchase it can I'm leavin do or not interactive and then and even their own begun dark are being sold to Sunday laundry ticaboo tada so upon and Caramba way her touch it so our demand in order weight-loss journey or start printed the KB's and but II poor now eloquent in our room but thank you so try maybe away in the video Paula of Abby's own energy and effort add solely and a hurt pentagonal Adana one deep in the stage lurker so anyways thank you a lot you positive over at the boss okay our basarlapudi and it can be Feliz in partner y'know a CUDA party group phone and my uvula close friend a evil a ever gonna be blasé Altaria vomit uncle are you pretending hang on and I'm gonna get a soul Aleppo lab did Nana check that now when the Roomba Silvana ignore my get a cutaway kata Noi no hablo goon de amor Cabrillo certain ornithological Maya pol amo so Romina I know no land even together on the soul wanna go oh no career they update saltiness a more than a fatty can get on all over on a one day you're such an intern and all of a Sony

they've corrected an assaulter the character cannon I'm a veteran I Rico so I window across old Tom Thomas Ola la polla Norma sing mother co-op in Seoul tiene que when they and a put it comma I'd say upper a couple of me la la voy a field Putney are the law or a section where K Parramatta said you okay number one they all de la order of growth you know Korea Dana mom and this solver of number soul Tala now my one day weight loss funny you super rocket warmed in nana-chan so I put it down when they an order a weight-loss journey when the star touch a you Poneman aarambh assisting me happy of this hotel but now remember we're hurt honor on their timeless so in order weight loss journey when they put a star touch it so Erica Perot and a Gaussian number month attack so an extra question now have been partner Ning under weight loss Panama day and then a steps when the first initiator funding and I'm Dean Katina and now that they end up and on huh kalila over 430 Rico it when they are vocal are ending in an opinion but now and a or four months five months

Coronado Colerain occur continuous continue our Chi yeah no parting no no 431 they are in the stadium po anger and anger or Eden patina yell our cocoons America tender calm but now brick either cousin and a comment like a chronic matter silica and now in order need to Monday I didn't partner Township Rama kanji from Maine ADA so angry to a rental taro pocket Leo and the periosteum ur Kong at our polish training run out of course hablo barrier Stadium will call other one then I may use panic lie and a vehicle a when they a do partner Maria they are dictionary to Moby to play pandava but anaconda fractional caddis or now under the stadium phone or being solitaire armature first love and they meet level an ALR we do married I am we don't typical Vida and a lavaliere a Anika Martinez so stadium long and de cocora they allow in the pasanga or one have you being sold eat Runanga so communal Cola or the copra overtly when they allow or cut open our Mucha Alka Pro Rome begin Gino and I with any plus or Tommy anaconda in a crossing mark innovator curtain around the country poke or check Artemis I'm

being so nuts sorry you okay or being salty and Anna Prager / party you know I know and they already the auto color Louvre line and it's hunger but now in the weight of a lion and the thing when in a rumba hurt furniture McDonough Selena cotton ideal of and they hurt her parental love you blow best friend a soul Thalia of Dean Rory Doudna a pro patent are now in the world for 30 morning for 30 K volume a period egg on the street love someone you retire co-op we own I am phone Todd sweats yard with see now not ended up away and I it's not the son la meter when the interest acharya this stadium when they now cocora they are insulated on alone are not and therefore I and I could to port the collie learn of it through Apple on and it's on yeah but till and are not in their poor of the soul to render the Rue de nada name and they for that take Carl Levin the coma or relator let's treat like Motor Co but full may return our coke Ali lived near come to military or Anna on the stadium rock shortage antenna called a 4:30 KL 90 so walking over on the uncle serving a person he a lot of marijuana are the no longer anti slark awake are the one safe on a place

of being sold to with Donna now patina for thetic pointed first departing now stretches it allowing the condiment starting like alum a mundane YouTube hangout for you duper party party though on the end up on Inouye with the Quan don't know is allow and they cut it down and across salt of the car like a day I did so when two pointer and first a stadium lavender and ponder the cave or maryani's Mattia put Ryan gallo and then add a curve a and Sigma Pahoa plan little so or a five to six days or one week parting no not in the darkness I can walk or jog in Panera Mucha a couple of mile let's say I didn't have my stadium barrier and I'm dying a king of the intro field will elaborate I'd say and I daily poor I have none I have been such a couple Madonna when they're running up on Aram cheetah so or on allocating a parting no not ten kilometres run for my stage love aramchek a poet or one month the very core normal are a couple in knowing no polka polka and they're very were there when the ten kilometres now Kerala Phi kilometers Pavan evening or po aramchek evening five kilometers insulted fooled

me run for no man not a curtal account panama run ponytail a couple on the gallery largo so on the gallery neurons and the stadium lamar turnaround in epochal decay on the gallery law and the bay correlative robbery tawi-tawi area ela reduce funny enough lower fat a lock or a or b so theo tubular part that they are no marla corner so he plow and exercise panna a pure parting na ve to go under nadia video spartan the homework outside a cappella apple i installed Pinilla idyllic thirty minutes work out they are they easy medium hard underworld lost a gesture co are the love and open are Mucha a property now or one end of month skull achieve and then and cannot love waitress one deterrent either a prey animal and the knock-on genomic Archana income on their own body I want even the BLM with all my tableau and dinosaur number operand is later just gonna know me put on the more say you okay we trauma playoff cha acapella this whole tournament up a party no raunchy kilo Dow and the curvature path or not again all no difference there you're gonna running a dieter animala Marie what Kotla Ponte pending fiks

ready front of La Feria ratio sown a la tarea now in a Nevada die in lye and ionic an REO which was for no no hace Jana came under now only I table didn't feel partner for now and then are near the Namibian and says so now and then mr. Lake area D so in new Malaya are nothing or indica locura cheetahs are America club a detainee Samia only I tell both are plus or knock a cutting out the monastic otário' mondello Kuniko Leah Vaughn her neighbor young ideal weight reach parallel Kolya on that and the non-aquatic night no only Allah and her therapy course of 11 in the miscarriage Kappa Rama now when they wait for tangle up material and quantity for two three months community miscarriage watch it so other than on the or five cages when they wait for a so if I know the current weight and I've been getting now 68 1169 whare are the community you know 63 in that so Allendorf ikg small reported say so a power only not even a mom and they reduce Fernando ilakaka rang the gym routine last add paneer can so Jim wrote in line or a video channel or Co zoning or the choreographer funicula Nereo workouts video la now in the

quarter pastoral apart in England if it psychomat okay next question in a pattern and in a food demand a big control opening I am NOT diet trending lobbying getting now yes nah no until tomorrow cólera catnip a starting lie here in that and now being part in a weight loss hunter no my alarm a or ro Cola a crash to atropos are Amato some demand eyes wide although I don't pay so no no no Marla even the guy ill and learn I solve a murder so I'm Marla even now Yannick wanna do okay and I'm going to Terry learn on all other way to reduce punter in Tiananmen are your crash diets in there especially and a Kapoor teacher diet one day I didn't patent a GM diet and channel occur on a full detailed agenda at Wendy Porter cap en departing nod when you go to motivation weight loss on an Indian casa para medulla first are a follow contact copper my and no de what coat Ilana the compromise start Panama Yannick or Nadia no more personal our Tai Chi Anika drama motivational Panamericana and way to go in the way to go right inside the way to korekara my path so if the Londe when they follow

Parnell and normally a matrix pun and release I know if they start funding disease and home lick Salta okay app robotic Nana undo Malik and a big swollen oh I've been passing enough meaning on the weight loss Fernando Abdeen Nana cheating I arpeggio cake adding a serious already i another a phony be sold in layoffs occurring at yar virtue okay Karina on the Monica would Andhra D'Amato saying her but whatever advice healthy 20 and they do baram about the corner crash gets on the fall open and again order most requests you know therapy against after way to pour on the other one and i'ma maintain upon a no in NorCal vo Erica and he only a pre maintained burning in partner now and the workouts are like a pro in the diet allow in the vida way longer diet means junk food allow and this are American sit down on the diet and sold WA and on REO junk food ice cream in the Lizarraga pani puri Dallas Opera and I'm a 90s kids left school volts on in the pond in Riga Sabra but are the love and the full domain with it s so if the DA Monday in order maintenance recent no harm Ella kalila emissary Cleo and more

the quality amount of quantity monokuma pending technology move it Lisa piranha and Italy suffered away so under Murray's reduce phonetic rice one day weekly twice annamaria Japan so are the capital N or Indian died short paranoid lamentable cope Oreo scenario calories company company when this Aramis it up freedom and to maintain progress so he pawned in our weight loss funny party Nina now in the two years our dinner but now and in the miscarriage radical debate potent but are the very calm a super oh and they maintain panettone nine Cree saw a valid decrease all that decrease whenever and Monica John in a container increase hog availa so you put them on they maintained for no over really important thing in enough being in the diet fall open alone again the work code follow up on our panel oh we did a pirouette I dig my Honda and I'm going to wait increase often I and I don't know Connie called it is number we don't know this our way to PO Donna Anna reappeared geometric or a catering I either wait it away to poor or beanie a lot of so wrong and are the true we didn't put a biryani at a business or

table these are wait piranha Adam our tongue a warning and a lower court went a DDL imitating Nikora number and we do me a Panama or our clock runs away to pour along Sao so mostly in even the physical activities and Nappanee tearing a sports melodic Adele happening at and on when the bat meat and Navidad man if I owned a lien on the weekend Donna shuttle will our go swimming for Nomo keep on the fusa Jim Ellis in there Papo every way across our getting it yet not a target when they if Pollock in pathing enough on the 50 series 11 to 13 on guy 59.91 Dakota and Garamba happy Arco another they learn on the follow buddy Taylor you know maintain better the custom market you know one day one hundred fifty nine point nine when they reach funny no okay an order before and after picking up our opinion below we know really doubt wonder cause sorry darling I only I think I okay work opening a diet burning us fine are the upper you like dot thanking you Pocoyo Papa condo owner to cholera every color different safely when they say I've been getting in are now and then Aurelio say stuck try Panama or the cup row yen and a goon Darko mostly you

do me type on a day long in a cup only interested and ionic are a pending matter but wait reduce our radios are there now okay well no Marla gardenia naked Tony J so the couple model and the in order dressings and say a hard carry a pro scheme carried Alana in the concentrate burner but it'll I wonder or a can more eaten I'm on a number can grab a chill on a face pack Porter Nala Ghana is dalarna being sorted but the an order vishay Bri now color are popping patina main an iota ticket on the fruits vegetables after water he do move ethanol a young anionic Terran G color I repent non anagram in the face back line a coat pocket I'll come on tauriello but none of you try Pinet but ya know - are cheeky fruits Malaga remember your sneering in the fruits of Technol the color I reformed insulted so teller universe ningún dinero food shopping and are you done eating yet okay so he done in order complete weight loss journey only care enough weight loss tip so ill workout video come Aquila comments in Casa Lena so now future Lakota tribe Indra already in

order channel of fall opening now Millican REO weight loss tips lani Rico so mother coming a channel subscribe and bring up in the media over to put a check or nanny cam food it's in Latin America man like burning a sharpening ax and kill a comment Oh Selena super coming up insulted okay thank you so much friends for watching our Channel why mm mudan last stop before and after pic combine Pony forum particle net okay bye bye [Music]