09 January 2017


HEY BEAUTIES!!! SO A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN REQUESTING THIS VIDEO AND IT IS FINALLY OUT!!!what better way to start the year than to have a full ...

my Tupac biggie you know like you know

my whole high Nick bandana dog lipstick very basic makeup like I'm not going to do this all day every day what it's just that I suck when it comes for wing liner it just so happens that today I took a good 20 minutes just trying to get it right and if it looks crappy I understand because I could see that it looks crappy hi everyone and welcome back to the channel this is really really awkward for me sorry that I was just making sure there's no lipstick in my teeth okay this is actually a very weird video for me because normally half the time I'm very much okay with just doing a little bit of you know makeup tutorial or doing something quick and easy just not to bore you guys with anything but this is a video that was highly requested and in my defense I recorded this video but I felt like the footage won a lot of it was blurry and - I felt like I didn't give you guys the cold hard truth about what you guys had requested today's focus of the video is more about a lot of you guys who know me know that throughout the years I've lost vast amount of weight and to be very very specific with you guys actually lost 12 grams and tell friends I lost 12

kilograms in total I don't know if I should be telling my weight like YouTube but anyway I lost 12 kilograms and a lot of people actually wanted to know how I did it so I thought I'd actually do a video about the journey of me getting to that point and I got quite a few questions about you know what was my daily routine what did I eat what did I drink what did I stay away from and I definitely will answer all those questions but I think my weight loss wasn't specifically attributed to what I ate what I did what I didn't do a lot of things happened throughout the years but I actually lost that weight and in a space of about eight months so I didn't lose it in three years I lost it in in quite uh I guess we could say shorter shaman or some notes for short eight months is a very long time I'll give you guys a little bit of a background information about how I gained the weight whoever knows me from high school and primary school you guys will know that I was a lot bigger than I am now and I wasn't someone who was really good when it came to diets but trust me I tried every diet Under the Sun I tried what's that that K

n Pepa diet and supplements I tried I've done the c9 about you know I should do a video on the c9 because I actually think it was one of the ones that I tried to actually stick to um what else that I do I went in a veggie diet signed up to the gym actually did quite a lot of diets and I went to quite a lot of pills and I didn't will not miss a lot of a lot of pills but a lot of those you know Pemex not miss a leave her wigs but more on the natural side but hammocks is natural so critics let's call it that so I went to a lot of these pearls and I really thought you know what it's going to get the job done I was very very obsessed and there was a point that I came became obsessed with losing weight and I became obsessed at the visit because a lot of people were starting to notice that I gained weight and besides having those friends when I can lady you've gained and dad that I had family members who are telling me I've gained weight and it was just more or less in in my head every single day that he's gave me this game is dedicated I was never a chubby child and I think that's why when I came to it everybody noticed and I gained weight after my mom passed

away so instead of losing weight from not eating and being depressed my division came in the form of eating I eat and I became focused with my books and getting down from a trick and there was a whole lot of stress behind it I think there was even a point way I almost failed the grade it was the young my mom foster I almost felt great here that was because of all the stress I had undergone from the passing so I gained a lot of weight throughout my high school years and let me tell you something about high school children high school tune-up would ease the stress and and all the people getting hit I went through and I never felt any of that in university I'll tell you that for sure I think University once you go there you're your own person you don't nobody really cares what you look like or whatever if anything they just embrace the way you are that's it in high school whoa personally I was a very strong personality myself so I didn't really take into a lot of the things that people said but sooner or later it started like sinking in that oh my gosh of gaining dr. Luke everyone is noticing the change in this even some of my close

friends were telling me and then you've really gained and all that and it wasn't easy it really wasn't easy and I think it came as a form of my own personal bullying that I didn't realize was bullying and so it was something that every day when I woke up it was something that was in the back of my head I need to lose weight I need to watch what I eat and all that look I'm not I'm not a very emotional human being I've actually learned to shut off my emotions of me beer that's because I always grew up alone and I had to be tough I had to be like you know my sister and I have age gap made it even hard to talk to her about the things that I was going through so technically in essence I was alone and my little sister wasn't one not that she was going to do much I went through a lot a lot a lot of moments where I felt like I was alone and had no one to talk to and I was by myself a lot of the time so oh my god my lipstick you know a lot of people have this conversation about being an only child mixer you know not easy growing up alone wishing they had that full sibling you know having

siblings around to talk to and it also applies when you're in a big family but the age gaps us who lost like the age gap between me and my sister made me feel like I was alone because my brother is when he states he's now my sister's in her late 20s and I was in my early 20s so you can imagine our age gap when I was in high school I could not talk to her so I only started really really bonding with my sister in university and discussing things like this with her and like everyone else she thought I didn't have this issue she thought I didn't have these problems or these feelings about feeling like my weight and everything was just destroying me and I did and I wanted the journey like a lot at the beginning but it didn't really do much for me because instead of actually setting my mind to it and being focused on what am I trying to achieve I was just so focused on seeing the results that what I didn't see the results I was amazed I was such amazed it was so bad okay then I started thinking you know what I can't want a map anymore this is becoming very very childish and can't do this anymore so I've decided to actually start doing it for myself

I think the first mistake a lot a woman make when it comes to losing weight is that you're doing it for other people you're doing it to get a reaction from other people and you don't necessarily doing it for yourself and I think that's where that's the first mistake you make is thinking that if you start losing weight you'll get a different response from people humans are humans whether you lose weight or you gain me there will be people who don't like you there will be people who will love you once you start doing it for yourself that's when the change comes in that's where a little switch goes off in your head that's when your minus-8 changes that's when you wake up every day and you're like this is what I want this is my lifestyle this is what I want for myself the problem with me is that I was doing it for everybody else and that's why I couldn't lose the weight but how did I lose the weight you guys asked I moved to my dad's place my dad was actually very supportive guys because my dad's in really good shape so he would always tell me you should exercise you should do this and it doesn't hurt to try what's the worst that's gonna happen if

you exercise and you don't lose the weight you start at the same weight so you can always start again every day every day and if I told him I needed a treadmill he'd buy me a treadmill if I needed a bike to buy me a bike he would like support me in the whole training of me wanting to be the best version of me if you have people who support you in in your journey they don't necessarily have to eat with you and eat the food you're eating but if they support you in that journey that's what's important I also joined net warm now I've been playing Apple for ten years and I played varsity netball so playing at university I used to play netball it hours a week actually did me so much good because every day after class I was looking forward to netball didn't feel like I was exercising and that was two hours done every time two hours of just working out working out so to me I think the problem I thought because everyone else is going to German seeing a difference I'll go to German see a difference no that's also another misconception that people make about losing weight is that you think because you're seeing all

these testimonials from your friends about making weight that it'll happen for you and it's just that that's not it it doesn't work like that so I'm sorry to burst your bubble that if you see testimonials of people using have eggs that it's gonna work it's not gonna love you you are completely different to the next human being what works for them might not work for you which is why every time before you start a weight loss journey they will always recommend you to a dietician which is actually what I did when I started when I was still on the whole weight lost have been trying all these diets and everything or things like that there are certain things that contributes to why some people struggle to lose weight and why some people struggle to gain weight because we're all completely different during this video I will obviously give you guys the best option which is go do your BP go find out things like that about your body because a lot of people completely disregard that when it comes to these made and that's so wrong because you don't know how much fat percentage you have you don't know how much of your

body which what is your mass what is all that st. Asia ok that's what I know cuz I went to the gentleman that loves me so it's very important to go to the German I know things like that right guys um what contributed to my weight loss has definitely made my shift in my mindset and once that shift happens you change the things to eat unfortunately somebody asked me do you still drink no especially be a cut it cut it cut it cut it if you if you're a beer drinker don't do it don't do it sliders have too much sugar so stay away from alcohol try to stay away from a lot of your sliders your beers that have a large sugar content and large fat content but I know Pia Pia is a definite no-no food wise guys I'm going to tell you the obvious you need to stay away from your white rice bread your pastas your anything of that nature cut it but the reason why I wouldn't necessarily say cut it is because they don't really recommend you going on a no carbohydrate style going or no one so for me I didn't really cut any of that I just started exercising more and cutting the portions down and

fortunately for me I'm not really much of an eater I don't eat breakfast I know it's so wrong and you're supposed to eat breakfast but I don't wake up in time for breakfast I don't know if you guys are also heard of this thing called intermittent fasting you guys should check it out I will link it in the description box it's very interesting for people like me who don't eat three meals a day if you want to try a different way of losing weight without having to always consume food because I don't like the idea of constantly chewing alright so for those who really struggle with eating consistently I will link intermittent fasting down below check it out it's really interesting it's a different way of losing weight it involves a lot of prayer and involves a lot of you know it's all in the mind that's really all it is to it it's all in your mind I've tried all your choosing I've tried all your eating veggies I don't like the images bad what is it called again I've tried to Atkins diet I've tried I've tried every diet Under the Sun but most importantly everything I'm telling

you now is everything you should include whether you do a diet whether you change your eating habits anything definitely change your mindset do it for yourself don't do it for your friends don't do it for people around you don't do it for opinions don't do it for that because once you drink for that we're looking for validation from the wrong people the only person you should be seeking valide from is yourself that's when you're gonna see the change secondly um moderation is key and for people like me out there who really don't like eating a lot try intermittent fasting include prayer in like fill yourself with positive energy that is so so important 3 you don't have to have people who are eating the same meal as you but just have that supportive system around you people who encourage you to do it not people who make fun of the fact that you now want to lose weight and it's not going to happen always have that that's very important my sister watches me make smoothies and do all that stuff she drinks at some times but the fact is she's encouraging me and that's already in a sense a supportive system another

thing try to incorporate exercise it doesn't have to be your intensive journey but if you like sports soccer netball do sports over German because gym can be very intimidating so try other forms of exercise that will definitely help you I think exercising in university helped me more than I thought it actually did it helped me so much and the last one which I didn't mention but you should know this when you when you're when you're doing any diet drink water stay away from your coke stay away from your juices their way from you deeply Foods the Fanta orange just try to keep away from that for a while don't necessarily cut it up completely but it's about small incremental steps incorporate these five steps into your life that keep changing it and then you'll see the difference I'm gonna post some in some pictures so you guys can see how peanut actually works and you'll believe me when I say that it's the small incremental changes that make all the difference so guys I hope this video helped you I know I didn't say anything that was out of the ordinary I know I didn't say anything like a miracle pill that you should

check out I did also eat hangers are also harder suppressants like ours on it all but please I hope this video doesn't like necessarily tell you how to starve yourself but it's more of a it's a it's a mindset it's what you want from yourself and I hope this video does exactly that because I think that's the most important thing when it comes to weight loss it's really all about am I doing this for a lady or am i doing this for the people who are filling the lady's head with negative energy and opinions that really aren't going to make a difference in her life so I hope this helps guys if you have any other videos that you'd like me to do please let me know and I'll definitely definitely do a video for you thanks for watching bye