08 February 2017

How I Iost 35 Pounds | My Weight Loss Journey

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welcome back for those who already ride for me and welcome to the newcomers today I want to talk to you about how I lost 35 pounds if you've already watched my previous video on weight loss then you already know that I have lost 35 pounds and I am in the midst of the second half of my weight loss journey which is another 35 pounds I went from 215 pounds to 180 pounds so I have hit a new low weigh-in but I'll leave all that for another video coming soon that I'm working on for you all but right now we're just going to be talking about that first 35 pounds that I lost and how I lost it you she ended up at 180 pounds from 215 it wasn't this like I know a lot of people can get on here and talk about like the straight path that they took they did this every day and this is exactly what they ate and this is exactly how they worked out and pretty much that's how I lost the weight but for me it was more trying to find what was working for me trying to find what I liked and trying to find what worked best for me and so as you're gonna see here it's a mix of a few different things the first 10 pounds

I lost so this got me from 215 pounds to 205 pounds what I did was I stopped eating as much that was the first thing let me tell you what I used to eat and this is how I gained all the weight to begin with before I got up to 215 I was something like a hundred and seventy pounds and then I blew up now let me tell you the kind of stuff I was eating I was eating three times it I had to have dessert like three times a day I was eating um those donut sticks I don't know if you guys know I'm talking about but they have like those little donut sticks that you can like dip in your coffee or milk or whatever I was eating like a box of those every single day no joke I was eating honey buns I mean pretty much just the sweets I like the the bready doughy sweets I used to love popping them in the microwave and have them nice and warm or putting them in the oven and nice warm sweets it would be like after breakfast okay I gotta have dessert after lunch okay I gotta have dessert after dinner I gotta have dessert and so I was eating just a ton of sweets and that's how I ended up blowing up to 215 pounds a my regular food of course I love Mexican

food I was eating you know cooking tacos and enchiladas and all kind of different variations of Mexican food of course piling it with sour cream and cheese when I first started the journey I didn't really cut anything out I just cut back on everything so I didn't stop eating donuts altogether I just stopped eating a whole box a day that was how I changed my diet in the beginning and and I became more active I got moving and it was taking two mile walks the person I was wit at the time was kind enough to go with me on these walks about two to seven times a week cutting back on what I ate and taking two-mile walks four to seven times a week is what helped me lose that first ten pounds and I think it took me maybe two or three weeks to lose that first ten pounds okay so now this is interesting the second ten pounds I lost I was watching this girl on YouTube oh I think her name is rocío Lara or something like that Lara Rocio but she was talking about how she lost I think I remember exactly how much she lost but she was talking about how she lost some weight doing the military diet and I had never heard of this and

it seemed fairly easy and I'm like you know why not let's give it a try I did a little bit of research and I heard some people said it didn't work for them at all I heard some people say it worked for them at first but then they gained it all back literally like a week later or something like that but there were some people including her that said they did end up losing a good amount of weight and they were able to keep it off so I'm like you know let me just go ahead and give it a try so for this the next ten pounds I did do the military diet twice you can google it or youtube it but pretty much you do the military diet in like rounds I think it's from what I remember I think it was like three or four I think it's three days of eating a certain kind of way and then you take some time off like I think you take four days off and then you can do another round of it you can do three days again so I did that twice and all together I ended up losing 10 pounds so that was two weeks ten pounds and I didn't gain any of that weight back and this is how I believe I didn't get any of it back because afterward I did a little bit more research and more often

people end up gaining all that weight back on the military diet but I think the reason I kept my 10 pounds off was because started doing treadmill jogging at around that time as well my boyfriend at the time and I we were still doing our walks but we kicked it up our walks went from two miles to probably between five and ten miles each time we would go walk why I also give credit to that when it came to keeping that second ten pounds off the last 15 pounds I wanted to kind of figure out a lifestyle change that I would be able to continue after I lost the way and I wouldn't feel like oh if I just start back eating the way I want to then I'm just gonna gain all this weight back I wanted to kind of just change the way that I lived completely to where this is how I can see myself living from here on out the last 15 pounds that I lost I did it with intermittent fasting which I absolutely love it's a part of my life it will always be a part of my life it I certainly give a huge credit to intermittent fasting when it comes down to that last 15 pounds another thing that I give a huge credit to I cut way back on processed sugar and processed

carbs so those donuts that I told you I absolutely loved I had to cut those pretty much completely out like I don't really eat donuts anymore I might have the doughnut once a month I try to stay away like I said from processed carbs like pastas breads tortillas um pretty much any processed sugar I don't drink juices or I definitely don't add sugar to my teas or anything like that now if it's a birthday or something like that I'm gonna have some cake I'm not taking this to an extreme but just on my day to day in my day to day living I pretty much really avoid processed carbs and processed sugars I guess there was a combination of long walks jogging sprinting I hope this lighting isn't starting to I think the Sun is starting to go down my body probably changed the most during that last 15 pounds of weight loss I would certainly say it would be due to my resistance training I started to incorporate a whole a lot more of strength training and resistance training especially hit like resistance training in a hit format if that makes sense using high intensity interval training so I mean I can do a whole nother video on what those

workouts look like for me that is what started to really transform my body that is when I really started to see a big difference in how my body looks because sometimes you can lose the weight but you feel like you kind of just look the same just smaller well that that's how I felt with the first 20 pounds I'm gonna link it right here you can click here when I finish and look at the video of me losing the weight from 215 to 180 pounds you'll be able to see that last 15 pounds is when you can kind of tell a drastic difference in the shape of my body when I started incorporating that resistance training and that hit training oh my goodness like my waist just started to get really small and just the proportions just started to become exactly what I like to see what I recommend what I did sure I think that the way I started this 35 the first 35 pounds I highly recommend anybody who is just brand new to this and they they haven't diet or exercise in years I'd say start there just start walking every day and just cut back on how much you eat now the military diet I mean give it a try if you want to I didn't notice any negative effects but you're gonna have

to get moving a little bit more if you're gonna keep whatever you lose off from the military diet and that third part intermittent fasting absolutely I definitely recommend it cutting out processed carbs and sugars I think different body types can handle those process carbs and sugars differently so I don't know do some research try it maybe give it a try maybe for a week cut out processed carbs and sugar and see how your body takes it so but I recommend it because I know it works for me I know some people get cranky if they cut out too much of the carbs and stuff so um try it like I said training and strength training definitely you got to you have to if you want to see your body really transform you got to add strength training you got to add that and I say hit training is the best because you get a lot done in a very short amount of time so that's pretty much it thank you so much for watching I really hope this helps somebody if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe right now you can just hit that little red button that says subscribe you'll be the first to get

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