12 August 2018

How I Eat Healthy For Cheap // Eating on a Budget

Often when it comes to eating we have to choose between HEALTHY or AFFORDABLE. Usually eating healthy means spending more money. But I have some ...

when it comes to eating I feel like we

think we're forced to choose between healthy or affordable and the truth is lots of times eating healthy usually means you're spending more money but today I'm going to share with you my secrets for eating on a budget roll the footage it's just it's just gonna be more of me talking so just roll that alright my very first tip is to eat at home more often I feel like eating out a lot throughout the week has kind of become the norm but in general eating out is always going to be more expensive and very often a lot less healthy the way that things are cooked at restaurants are usually cooked in a much less healthy way than if you were to cook it yourself at home alright let's talk about shopping for produce I say avoid any of the pre-cut pre-chopped produce they are going to charge you more money for the convenience of having it chopped not to mention that I find the pre-cut stuff usually doesn't last as long like the shelf life inside of my refrigerator it only lasts for a few days before it goes bad so I'm more likely to food waste if I buy the pre-cut stuff or if I just buy the whole fruit or vegetable and I wait

until I'm ready to eat it to chop it up it lasts a lot longer and it saves me money on the topic of produce obviously nice fresh local produce is always a nice healthy option I try to fill my cart with a ton of it but it can be pricey so my tip here is to try to shop for your produce in season fruits and veggies are always going to be less costly when they are in season so trying to shop with the seasons will help save you money on your produce bill I'm actually gonna put a link in the description box down below to a reference of what produce is in season when to sort of help you when you're shopping if a simple trick for shopping for healthier foods is to avoid the inner aisles of your grocery store and just shop around the outer edges the outer edges is where things like your produce your meats your dairies are gonna be the inner aisles is usually where the less healthy foods are so when I'm shopping I do not go down every aisle I only go down an aisle if there's something down there that I know that I need this not only helps me make sure I'm filling my cart with more healthy options but it also helps me avoid

overspending because by going down every single aisle I might end up with extra stuff in my basket that I didn't actually need you know I'm talking about like you see ice cream flavor Oreos and you're like that sounds like something I need to try and then you're putting oat milk into your cart because you heard somebody on Instagram talk about it and you decided that sounded delicious and you need to just try it or for whatever I don't I'm gonna be honest I I did buy oat milk because I saw somebody talking about it on Instagram and it it is really delicious and iced teas so I mean you win something lose them my next tip is to plan out your meals at a time I plan out my meals for the entire week so when I go to the grocery store this helps me avoid overspending and also helped me prevent food waste before shopping I plan out my meal so I have an exact list of the items I need to buy I can also make sure that if I'm buying something for one meal I can incorporate it into another meal so I don't waste any of the food for example if one of the meals and eating this week calls for spinach but I know I'm not going to use

the entire bag of spinach I will purposely plan another meal that week that will use the rest of that bag of spinach my next tip is to learn how to read the price tags when you're grocery shopping lots of times something will appear to be a better deal but sometimes it's actually a smaller quantity so it's not a better deal always divide the cost by the units to make sure you are getting the best price on that item when you're shopping the bulk bins can often be the best deal out there I find for things like nuts and seeds it often dried fruit you're going to get a better deal buying from the bulk bins than you would be if you bought those prepackaged now occasionally there are some things from both bins that aren't better deals I find like usually granolas and Rice's are not always a better deal so sometimes you are going to have to divide the units by the cost but in general these bulk bins can be a really great deal so definitely don't skip over them when you shop the next tip is that name brands do not always mean that they're going to be better I feel like sometimes when we're trying to eat healthier we can get caught up and

trying to buy the name brands or something that claims it's organic very often just a quick comparison of ingredients will show you that the store brand generic one is exactly the same as the name brand that claims to be organic and all-natural and has like a panda hugging the world on the cover they're usually the same and they are going to save you anywhere from 5 to 25% the next tip goes off of obviously planning for your meals but this is shopping with a list you want to go into your grocery store with a very specific list of what you need this is going to help you avoid obviously buying junk and stuff you don't need that's not on your list but it's also going to help you avoid overspending and buying more things than you need whenever my husband and I end up in the grocery store without a list we always end up with a grocery bill that is way more expensive than it usually is and we usually end up with way more stuff than we really needed and we usually end up with like some of those unhealthy bad options because we just got excited and we grabbed stuff we didn't eat my next tip is to consider replacing some of your

expensive meats with other proteins now I'm personally not a big meat-eater actually was a vegetarian for 13 years I would say probably 75% of my diet is sort of plant-based in general lots of meats can be very expensive when you're looking at like porks and steaks and what-have-you I have found a lot of really healthy protein options that aren't meat based things like eggs and legumes and even more affordable meat options like chicken is going to give you the protein that you need but it's not as expensive my last tip is don't be afraid to stock up on things when they're on sale and then freeze them or store them away when grocery stores run certain sales you can save a ton of money and for a while I would kind of avoid these stock up and save deals because it's just my husband and I at home and we wouldn't be able to eat all of it but I've learned that I can save a lot of money if I take advantage of these sales and I save the items for later so I will portion them out and I will freeze them alright my friends that does it those are just my basics very simple tips for how I eat healthy but I don't overspend on my grocery bill if

you're curious about my own healthy eating I have an entire video about my healthy eating habits I will link that down below it is the healthy eating habits that I adopted after college helped me lose 30 pounds maintain that weight loss and just really live a much healthier life with what I eat so I will link that down below but as always thank you so much for stopping by and watching I hope you guys are all having a fantastic day and I will see you all in my next video [Music]