02 January 2019

How I Create My Weekly Meal Plans

A quick video to show you how I organize my food budget into weekly meal plans. I create my meal plan every Saturday and go shopping on Sundays.

today we're going to be talking about

meal planning and how it has helped my family cut our food budget in half as I strive to live a life I love on a budget that I can afford welcome to the budget mom YouTube channel today we're gonna be talking about my meal planning process so I'm gonna give you a detailed look inside what my meal planning binder really looks like how I discover and pick out my recipes and how I organize my food budget into a weekly meal plan and how I kind of come up with my grocery or shopping list and so one of the things that I quickly realized when I started my financial journey and really started tracking my spending is that I was spending close to about 800 dollars a month on food costs now this included eating out carelessly spending things at the grocery store on things that I really didn't need and it was a real big eye-opener for me and for my budget so I decided to tackle meal planning head-on and I've been meal planning for about the last year and of course I'm still working out some things in my meal plan but I wanted to show you how I was able to cut my grocery budget from that eight hundred dollars down to four hundred

dollars all by creating meal plans and creating a plan for my food today I want to give you guys an inside look on what this process looks like how I do it here at home they'll let me show you what my meal plan looks like I try sharing my stories to remind me yours dies there is a way that work hard work dedication determination motivation it's all about having a plan [Music] what give you the truth people my life they're like oh man you go [Music] so this is my meal planning binder it just looks like this it's how I organized all of my different recipes are my different meal plans I do have a clear plastic pouch that kind of just holds all my different pens I use these energy liquid gel pens for my meal plan but essentially how I organize my meal plan is I organize it into months and since I'm a weekly meal planner I do have a monthly meal planner layout it's just an overall look at all of my different meal plans for the entire month but I showed yesterday on my Instagram the first thing I do every

single month is I take inventory of what I have in my pantry in my fridge and my freezer and if you're wondering about this process I put a link to the youtube video in the description of this video to show you that process but that's the first step but here is my weekly meal plan layout and I do a different color for every day that way I know it's kind of just an easy reference on which recipes I'm doing throughout the week but essentially I have my breakfast my lunch my breakfast my lunch and my dinners and so after finding my recipes online and I find most of my recipes over on Pinterest so let me show you the process on how I pick out my recipes so I find most of my recipes on Pinterest for my meal plan so I wanted to kind of show you the things that I look for when I'm picking out a recipe I am an instant pot user and it's actually saved me a ton of time in the kitchen and so um the first thing that I do is I usually start up here on the search bar and I pick out insta pot recipes now because I base a lot of the recipes that I choose off of ingredients that I have here at home sometimes I might type in that ingredient so maybe I have some chicken

breasts here at home and that's how I pick out or start my search for my recipes one of the things that I look for so if I am looking for an instant hot chicken recipe there are two main things that I'm looking for so let me go down and try to find something a recipe that I might use within my meal plan so this Mexican shredded chicken if I click on this the first thing that I do when I click into the actual recipe as I look for two different things I look for the total time to make it as well as the serving size so I have a very busy schedule I'm a full-time working mom I own my own business and I need to make sure that I have you know time to make dinner for my son and so 30 minutes is usually around the total time that I like to find my recipes and that total time so not the cook time not the prep time but the total time of the recipe I like to be about thirty minutes I also look at the serving size I like to pick out recipes that have a serving size of four or more and the reason that I do that is because I know that by picking a recipe that has more than four servings it's gonna allow

me to have leftovers for my family during the week so that allows me to pick out two I pick out two days out of the week for leftovers it really does help with me not having to cook as often and so those are the two main things that I look for when I'm picking out a recipe on Pinterest now like I said Pinterest is usually my number one go-to when I'm picking out and printing out recipes for my meal plan I do have one more site that I go to fairly often it's called once a month meals so it's one that once a month meals it has to do with freezer cooking they actually have some amazing recipes for the insta pot and if you would like you can go up here to the search bar and just type in in supply it gives you something pretty amazing so usually it's for or more servings it gives you a freeze for later option you can make it from frozen or you can choose to make it now now depending on how much time I have on Sundays to meal prep for my dinners for the upcoming week I might do a batch of these recipes and put it in the freezer so all I have to do is literally just stick it into the insta pot during the

week and it's done I don't have to worry about making the actual meal I'd literally just throw it into the insta pot so this is a great resource if you're into freezer cooking or wanting that option it's called once a month meals calm and you just click on the recipe a menu up at the top so after finding my recipes online I print those out and those are right here so as you can see I have check marks on the right of each ingredient and a check mark on the left of each ingredient so that's me organizing and telling myself if there's a check mark on the right I have it at home if there's a check mark on the left it's something that I need to buy for my meal plan recipes it's a great way to organize what I need to buy versus what I have so for each recipe I go through the ingredients and I decide what do I have on hand and what do I need to buy once that's all figured out I create what I call a grocery plan and with this grocery plan it's simply all the recipes of my meal plan and the ingredients that I need to buy for these recipes or this week's meal plan from there I combine the like ingredients so maybe I need an

onion for this recipe and an onion for this recipe that means I need two onions and I convert that to a shopping list now my shopping list is organized by different areas of the store it just makes it easier for me when I go to the store and buy my ingredients for my meal plan but after I after I figure out which ingredients I need to buy for each one of the recipes I combine the like ingredients and I convert it to this shopping list now as you can see I have some ingredients that are highlighted in yellow this just lets me know I get most of my groceries at Walmart and it's really close to here at home and plus it allows me to kind of price compare before I go I just hop on to Walmart's grocery pick up and I look at the price of what these things are going to cost I like to know about how much I'm going to be spending to make sure I'm still within budget but the ones that are in yellow are the things that I'm gonna buy in bulk at Costco and so it's just me a way a way for me to separate where I'm buying what so I would go to two different stores for this meal plan and pick up these different ingredients the steps that I take to create my meal plan

in the beginning and only once a month I take inventory of what I have I then hop online and I pick out which recipes I want to use and I print those off I also label each recipe with the day that I'm going to be making them and from there I figure out what ingredients do I have at home what do I need to buy and I create my grocery plan from all the different ingredients that I need from each recipe I then combine the like ingredients and I create my grocery list now there are some things on my grocery list that I are outside of my meal plan like I need copy paper shampoo and conditioner so it does include other items as well but this is my grocery list as well for my meal plan so that's essentially my meal planning binder um I'm a weekly meal planner and so I do print off blank pages so this will be for the second week of January and I'll I'll do the same process but by creating this plan in creating and picking out my recipes and having a plan for my food purchases it has saved me a ton of money and this is essentially the meal planning process that I've come up with and it's what I use every single week to

stay on top of my food budget if you have any questions head over to TV and family my private Facebook group and I'm happy to answer any questions over there if you found this video helpful please share it and don't forget to subscribe [Music]