15 July 2019

How do I stay motivated? Weight loss journey 2019

How many times have you not wanted to get up and exercise? This weight loss journey is hard. Staying motivated and not giving up is the key to success.

cuz I brush my teeth today happy Monday

my fab ease and it is Monday again I cannot believe how fast this whole year is going it's like past half a year guess that means one thing I'm getting old and I'm already old so how was your weekend my weekend was fantastic I celebrated one of my friend's 70th birthday 70 years old and she looks fantastic and it was a pretty fancy party was catered oh and I stayed on point because most of the food was really really helpful and I appreciated that I may or may not have drank one or two more vodka sodas initiative but at least it's low carb but it was so great and it was so great to see people that I hadn't seen in a while and I felt good the next day ok maybe later on the house a little bit more than I probably should have so what did you guys do this weekend did you have a great weekend what'd you do let me know I always love to hear what you guys do cuz yeah my life was pretty interesting this weekend but typically yeah that doesn't happen what I want to talk about today is motivation motivation not necessarily with food but motivation with how to exercise because I have to confess a sin again I did not make it to water

aerobics last Friday I didn't go I I slept in and I could have gone but it shows not to and the thing is is that those of you that follow me on Instagram know that I have an alter ego and I call my alter ego Stan and Stan and I always have this back and forth and lately with food I'm winning the battle but Friday [Music] Stan won and here's a little video to show you what that looked like Hey what come on it's time to get up it's time to go to water aerobics let's go I don't want to go to water aerobics over tired oh let it go oh I know I don't want to go either but we have to go come on let's go want to go you could just go without me you go hmm go leave me alone go I can't go without you you have to come with me just come back to bed you know you're tired too okay you win let's go back to bed let's scoot over yeah that's how it went down how many of you guys have this constant battle going back and forth in your head trying this little voice trying to talk you out of it trying to just say no you don't have to you don't have to you know we'll make

it up just relax don't go now just back and forth and always trying to justify why we don't have to go work out or eat the healthy foods that we need to be eating what is that why is it there am I the only one or might schizophrenic I don't know but yeah Friday it was I wasn't going I made every excuse in the book and those excuses made a lot of sense to me so I didn't go but today it's Monday and I did go so I'm gonna celebrate that I had a slight inner dialogue but I I decided I'm taking control and I got up and when badass in the water and you know what I feel great and I'm glad I did it and I'm always glad I do it I feel great when I do it and I knew on Friday that I would feel really good that I did it but I still decided not to go happens a lot now walking - you know I ate exercise I really do going for a walk still hurts my leg my leg still does fall asleep with times but water aerobics doesn't but you know it's just it drives me crazy so you know I actually had a follower on Instagram actually send me an IG TV and I can't remember who it was I'm sorry but it

made a lot of sense and this motivational speaker was talking again about that motivation and what we do to ourselves to talk ourselves out of working out and she had some really good ideas and one of the things that I did that she talked about I actually do and it works probably 75% of the time well one of the first things that she talked about is the night before you work out you need to lay out your workout clothes and so it's all ready to go because if you don't do that and you have to go and dig for it stuff that's giving your inner dialogue a chance to talk you out of it so if it's already prepared and ready to go you've let's chance of talking yourself out of it the other thing that this is what I do about some it works about 75% of the time is that countdown that you give yourself five seconds or three seconds and you countdown 5 4 3 2 1 and then you go you just get up and you do it and like I said it's not a hundred percent doesn't work a hundred percent for me but most of the time it does and so she also was saying that this is typical for people that aren't hardcore people that work out that this inner dialogue

is normal it's normal to feel that way so I guess that made me feel a little bit better that it's normal but the big thing is that I have to overcome is that if I want to change my life I need to use a lot more of these tricks to get stand out of my head because Stan is an asshole and stan has been in my brain for a long time and I need to kick his ass to the curb I know I'm not the only one right you guys can relate to that what do you guys do if you're having one of those mornings or you get home from work and you have to work out how do you guys motivate yourself to go how many times are you successful with your tricks no I need to know I need help in this area because I really do still hate exercising but today never miss a Monday that's what they say never miss a Monday and so I've got a big goal for me this week just this week but I'm not gonna be missing water aerobics this whole week so I've already hit hit Monday I did it today and I feel really really good my back feels good I could tell my muscles stretching out I have more energy than I did on Friday so my goal is now to hit Wednesday and Friday and if I could do

that it's gonna be a successful week so those are my thoughts for today for Monday and I I'm gonna I'm gonna do it I'm good and I'm gonna do it what are you guys gonna do let me know let me know let's talk about it let's motivate each other because you know what I still so appreciate this little community again that we've created you have no idea when you comment um how much that helps me it helps me so much to want to just pick myself up and keep moving forward so with that said if you happen here you haven't subscribed make sure you subscribe and if you're new welcome don't forget to hit that subscribe button either I also again upload every day on Instagram so if you're gonna want to go follow me over there I'm holy crap I'm fat so you guys this is a grand new week it's Monday we can do this so let's stay motivated let's inspire each other and I'll see you guys on Thursday [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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