22 July 2019

How am i losing weight. Weight loss journey 2019

I am asked all the time how am I losing weight. Here is an update on what i am doing to lose weight. I am creating my own weight loss plan. Here a some things ...

Oh stairs suck happy Monday

my fab ease it's Monday oh did you guys have a good weekend I had a great weekend I did nothing well I didn't do nothing I did some work but it was nice and relaxing there's not much left of the summer either so I hope you guys are enjoying your summer I know I am so what are we going to talk about today so I've actually been getting a lot of questions on Instagram about what am i doing to lose weight so I thought I did a video earlier about that but I guess I would kind of maybe like to recap some of the things I'm doing some of the things I'm not doing some of the new things I'm doing and kind of share those with you unless you know what I'm doing again these are things that I am doing for me this is not one set plan this is not me telling you to do what I'm doing I think the key to losing weight aside from keep going and loving yourself is finding something that works for you and all diets don't fit into a box that's the one thing I'm kind of learning I've been on every diet you can possibly imagine and well obviously they haven't worked I think the hardest things that I'm doing that's I'm still learning how to do is

again to eat Whole Foods not eating those processed foods because those processed foods are just so simple to grab and when you're busy or you're tired it's so easy to take something out of the freezer and throw up the microwave but it's not so good for me I started incorporating one fruit and one vegetable into my diet and I still struggle with the fruits but one of the things I started doing was getting more into smoothies because that is a good way for me to incorporate extra greens and more fruit into my diet and I'll tell you what that smoothie is that I do at the end of the video so if you want to stick around another thing that I am doing that I did start with that has really helped me with not eating at night and that is intermittent fasting one of the biggest issues for me gaining all this weight was eating food and not the right types of food late at night and I'm talking like after 9 o'clock to eleven o'clock sometimes twelve o'clock and I would have like two big bowls of cereal or toast or anything that I could get my hands on basically and I'm one of those people that if I have something salty in 15 minutes I'm

gonna need something sweet and then I'm gonna need something salty it's a really screwed up parfait of unhealthy eating so intermittent fasting has helped me because I'm scheduled to not eat after 7 p.m. now I have I been perfect with it no I haven't I've screwed up quite a bit but the more and more I'm consistent with that the less I don't want to eat after 7 p.m. and I notice that this weekend because typically at about 8:30 9 o'clock I would be thinking hmmm I really am hungry I need to eat something and I'll be honest last night I didn't need to there's been a couple times too that I've noticed where I have that feeling of wanting to eat and then I'm thinking but you're not hungry so don't eat and I haven't eaten which is weird because I to eat and I usually talked myself into eating and I'm noticing that that's not happening as much anymore and so with intermittent fasting also to the next day I was never really a big breakfast eater it's interesting because I think a lot of us that are overweight we don't eat breakfast but you know we were always told breakfast is the most important part of the day but I'm not

eating breakfast and I'm losing weight and it's working for me so I typically don't start getting hungry till about one o'clock and sometimes two o'clock so I'm also starting to learn to gauge when I'm hungry and what that feels like because I haven't felt hunger in a long time and that is something that I have to retrain my brain is to know when I'm hungry and when I'm not hungry and when I'm bored and when you know the habit comes in just stuffing my face constantly to soothe something that I need to soothe with emotions and that's starting to happen now that is something that has just recently started to happen to me I'm gonna say probably within the last couple weeks but I'm noticing it I'm noticing that I don't have to eat late at night anymore I'm good I'll be okay I'm not gonna starve I am really really excited about that happening and I just hope it gets better and better and better because that is a big one for me is overcoming that now another thing that I'm doing to obviously I think this is a big one is cutting down on the carbs now when I was doing keto i was eating less than 20 carbs a day I couldn't do that

I still need I still need some carbs so I do keep it relatively low I'm not eating any of the you know when you think of carbs like bread bagels pancakes muffins those types of things I'm not eating any of those but I am replacing them with things like those low-carb tortillas have really helped me out and for lunch sometimes what I'll do is I'll take one of those and I'll take some fresh deli meat and maybe some cheese and then some lettuce and some oh my gosh Trader Joe's has this mustard called truffle mustard I think is what it is so good if you're Trader Joe's go get some of them at some of it it's spicy it's just tasty it's really really good anyways I digress but I kind of schmear some of that mustard on the tortilla and I make myself a little roll up you know have that that for lunch so and it does feel like I'm eating carbs but I think the tortilla that I'm having right now has like five carbs in it so it's relatively low and then when I if I buy cheese if I buy yogurt if I buy cottage cheese or anything like that the big thing for me is now I buy the full fat products I used to buy the non-fat you know because

that's what we were told in the 90s as bad as bad but when I was on keto I did learn that fat does fill you up and there is something to that at least for me so I still you know try to keep the calories as low as possible but I'm not afraid of fat anymore so I will use butter I will use the full fat but just within moderation now speaking of calories here's something that's interesting I used to be a calorie counter like crazy I would you know 1,500 calories man 1200 calories that's it I'm not counting calories anymore I'm not I'm really not counting calories I you know eat my lunch and it's pretty helpful again I'm used I'm eating all Whole Foods so I'm not eating the processed foods so everything is healthy for me and the thing I'm noticing is I'm not as hungry anymore and I'm starting to realize that so yeah counting calories I have a count of calories really since January and it's really freeing I'm the exercise that I'm doing for a lot of you that have seen some other YouTube videos or my Instagram is I am NOT doing hardcore exercise either I am doing water

aerobics right now which technically should be called water movement because I'm the youngest person there and god bless those ladies but they're there and I think the oldest is 92 but I can keep up with that 92 year old aren't you proud of me so what am i doing I'm eating Whole Foods I'm doing intermittent fasting I am not counting calories I'm eating whole fat foods I'm not eating after seven o'clock and talking myself out of eating if I have to and I'm doing a small amount of exercise and those right now again it is they're all baby steps for me I am not perfect with it but it's just the plan that I've decided to change my life so that's what I'm doing and it's working out pretty good I you know my weight loss is coming off very very slowly for um the amount of weight that I want to lose typically when I've done diets before or weight loss plans I have lost weight so fast but this time this time I'm taking it slow in it's slow because I screw up I'm making mistakes but I keep trying I keep going and I forgive myself I've said before and then I just get back on it the next day and doing that consistently

since January has allowed me to lose 47 pounds I am so close to 50 I could taste it but if I had stopped when I was getting frustrated I would not be worried where I am here today and so that again is the most important thing about trying to lose weight and that is don't stop don't stop so I also promised you my smoothie recipe which is something I just kind of throw together it's not really even our recipe but what I start with is I start with probably not even a cup of water and I have a Vitamix and I pour that in and then I put a big handful of greens whether it's spinach or spring mix or something like that then I add frozen berries blueberries raspberries strawberries whatever I have on hand I add two scoops of protein powder I use a chocolate plant-based protein powder but you can use whatever you want to because it gives us that protein in that protein that helps me fill me up and then I add one banana frozen banana and I add two tablespoons of chia seeds and about 1/4 of a cup of high fat yogurt yes high fat great Greek yogurt I put in it blend it all together perfect and that has given me a lot of the nutrients that I had not

gotten before and I have been having that for dinner probably for the past four days and it's felt me up and and I'm not hungry and I love it so there you go thank you guys for joining me today and if you haven't subscribed already go ahead and subscribe and you want to follow me on Instagram I'm holy crap I'm fat so you guys let's have great Monday let's try to make the best choices we possibly can let's try not to eat after 7:00 p.m. and I think I might upload on Friday instead of Thursday because I am traveling all week so I probably won't have time to do a video for Thursday I will try in the hotel room but if I don't I definitely will upload a video on Friday so you guys will see you then have a great week