22 July 2019

How A Healthy Thriving Vegan Eats (3 Meals) & Exercises In A Day

See everything a non-deficient healthy 51 year old vegan of nearly 9 years ate in a day; all three meals! And see how this non-deteriorating vegan trains at the ...

hey this is Ryan of happy healthy vegan

so what you're gonna see here is just a typical day in my life how I'm eating how I'm training like right now nothing special about this particular video just what's going on this week which is actually quite different from the prior six weeks in which I was doing a lot more strength training lots of squats and deadlifts trying to increase my vert even more so I could slam-dunk even better but I was feeling some fatigue late last week so I thought I'd back off from all the squats and deadlifts and just play more basketball do some more plough matrix and just have some fun here so let's check it out so after about 10 minutes of warming up and you definitely want to warm up especially my age you don't wanna get injured you want your muscles to get warm and ready to perform so I'm doing some plyometric work here which is great for working on vert just all different ways to teach your muscles to fire quickly and just work on jumping and yeah here I'm doing some with the ball just trying to pop up really quick after I land and then I'll put it all together here just try to go for some rim grab stuff with everyone shooting but anyway speaking of shooting

I see we're gonna get some games in so here I'm warming up my jump shot getting that rhythm or I feel like I can't miss a shot and I'm making it look super easy here and it's easy when no one's defending you but that's the whole point just get your rhythm going before you play a game so let me show you some game footage a little highlight reel of my games here and first of all let me show you my defenses I think the best part of my game is is d there am garden on the perimeter and this guy's a really good shooter when I wasn't on him he was draining everything here I'm making him take a horrible shot there and again just sticking right on him on the perimeter here but I can also guard the inside really well too here I'm guarding the rim he was getting blocked the block after block here it's here BAM and then he gets his rebound and blocking again I felt sorry for him he kept taking it right at me you know he should have learned but it's all good fun so let's check out some offense now Harry I'm making my favorite shot that corner three not too many guys love it as much as I do and I'm just gonna keep taking it as long as you're giving it to me and

here's some my post up moves here you know I'm kind of a weird player you know I love posting up and I love shooting on the outside too and there they go trying to steal it trying to block it no luck and easy layin here so we're playing 21 I got a cap it off for the win here taking my shot from the corner which is weird but that's my favorite spot and I nailed it hmmm that was a lot of fun thanks guys for the games so about after an hour and a half of basketball and plyometrics I still have the energy left to go do some weights remember I'm not gonna do any deadlifts or squat just some upper body work this week I did some hammer curls which is something I started doing about a couple months ago and also to about a couple months ago I started doing these dumbbell shoulder presses which I'm glad I started I'm starting to notice and feel some good shorter gains which i think is helping me in my jumping as well and also doing some dumbbell bench presses here and remember I'm taking a little break from lower body lifts but these weighted calf raises don't fatigue me like the squats and deadlifts so I'm

gonna keep doing them and I notice I got my lifting shoes on as always as nature intended brands so go to a and I brand calm use our code happy vegan and 5 bucks from your order we'll go to Mercy for Animals how cool alright guys I'm back home that was about two and a half hours of the gym pretty long session all I had was a banana before I left so I'm ready to have my big breakfast smoothie let me show you what it is so here's my 9 ripe bananas some coconut water for electrolytes a little bit of almond milk for flavor and you guys probably see me putting this in my smoothies clean machine green protein with linting which is basically a whole food plant that's really high in the essential amino acids and ala and I'll have a link look forward down the shownotes they're going crazy this month where you buy one and get one free alright so here we go mmm I still need this right now feels so good mmm love being vegan I'm really excited I just got this in the mail from smell brilliant it's an at-home vegan teeth whitening kit you know Angie and I have noticed my teeth aren't as wide as it used to be and I've been afraid to go to

the dentist to whiten them up because it's pretty expensive so I'm glad that smell brilliant reached out to me here it is an all-inclusive kit to whiten your teeth at home with making your own dental impressions [Music] where they are all done and dry and you just put them an envelope send them to their lab where they'll make me some custom-fit whitening trays so all I did this all right so wish me luck guys and I'll be sure when this is all done I'm gonna share my results with you in a future vlog hey guys since you saw me last I was out driving around doing some errands and man on traffic is a beast right now it's rush hour plus there's some construction going on and it's just like a hellish out there so what I thought was gonna take like 20 minutes took like an hour and a half and that's delayed dinner so I need to get some food at me because I'm hungry so I got some ramen going here not sponsored but this stuff is really good and they sent us some packets a long ago but I bought one of these at the market just a few minutes ago all right so here it is the final product and they sent this this

cool Bowl too for ramen so of course I'm use it when I make ramen and now if I mentioned it when I showed you the package earlier this is their shitake mushroom flavor which you know we're digging really dig into the mushrooms this year for some reason they're resonating anyway the pretty hot and steamy as you can tell but these are really good these are my favorite you know like instant ramen kind of packets that we've found so if I can take a bite here without Burma so hmm-hmm cook them perfectly hmm so I think this will Tommy over until we make our dinner all right so one more thing for my little snack here my late lunch whatever you want to call this um some cherries I've got a nice little bag here cherries you guys know cherries pretty much my favorite fruit so why not have a few cherries mmm mm-hmm all right dinner is served Angie made us this beautiful and delicious oil-free stir fry which berteus told me won't be in our next book do I hopefully later this year so yeah this is everything I ate today actually I lied a little bit later on tonight I'm sure is most nights I'll have you there

a little bit of fruit like some more cherries mmm or the sprite oats thing that I like to make so I'll take a little photo or video of it and show it to you here so you'll see everything I ate today so let's have the first bite here this we got these veggies in here sauce yeah mushrooms are good I know that's what I'm addicted I think the last four vlogs have had this in there I saw in a mushroom there's these broccolis are really cool too haven't been into one oh my god how are you on camera yeah this is not the easiest thing that you don't really dislike being vegan just kicks ass baby hmm mmm okay thanks for watching my how I trained and ate today as a vegan vlog hit like you'd like to see more links I like to do too many of them maybe ones one every month or two so comment let me know we think your thoughts your DTV know let me know if you think I'm degenerating before your eyes at age 51 level 52 like me can it happen I know we said happy birthday guys I know put early birthday anyway make a birthday video too anyway comment like subscribe and remember guys hunts like being vegan

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