27 November 2017

Honest Reviews: Rich Piana 5% Nutrition RF Bar - Sweet Potato Pie

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what's the Richard Bachman fitness hey

ash tag today is gonna be an honest freeze video review product and I give my motherfucking honest opinion on it here we go first and foremost do a quick shout out actually huge shout out fuck that quick shit huge shout-out to price plow price ploughed calm they fuckin they shouted me out in the review video of the 5% the sweet potato pie and the blueberry cobbler from 5% which is what I'm gonna be going over but before they even started it they did this huge shout-out to me and I haven't reviewed these and Here I am reviewing this so I'm gonna do a shout out for them I'm gonna put the link of the video that day the review video that they did which is the shine that they did for me and then I'm gonna put the link to the price plot calm and I'll put all the other links for all the other shit in the description box so price will calm CJ Mike and Robert all the guys are cool dudes check out their channel they do review videos they do fucking they do review videos they do all kinds of shit they do and you workout footage and they're uh they're pretty knowledgeable on shit so check their shit out and fuck check them out you know I'm saying

another shout-out one of my subscribers Joanne bells fucking I was like bro why haven't you reviewed the 5% I'm like dude I haven't found this shit I mean I go to fucking all kinds of stores and I look for shit but I haven't seen the fucking the 5% bar he's like dude I got one I'm gonna fucking send it to you so BAM that's what happens when you got loyal subscribers and loyal followers and shit like that cool ass people doing cool ass shit you know what I'm saying a shout-out to Joe and bells badass dude been following me since I fucking started this shit so you know I'm saying gotta love the support so another shout out but uh fuck all the shoutouts let's get this shit started you know I'm saying damn alright so I don't know much a spark cost because I got it for free so if you want an Amish this shit cost my fat go to price plow and search 5% bars and fucking 5% nutrition and see if they get the cheapest price so alright fuck it let's get this thing rolling five percents nutrition RF bar real food bar 100% real food this is the sweet potato pie sweet potato pie fun fact that's actually uh I don't know what i'ma release this video

but it's actually Thanksgiving right fucking now before I actually eat real food not this fucking bar I'm gonna go to the gym then I'm gonna eat real food not this fucking bar but real food so it's fun fact all right so this sweet potato pie he says egg whites we potata it says oats it says pecans it says all that shit at the top pretty much all real food apparently excited right now this motherfuckers harness fuck and I'm pretty much probably getting ready to call my dentist because this is hard as fuck so I might actually eat this and then microwave it and I'll give you my thoughts on it but anyways fuck all that you got 240 calories you got 10 grams of fat you got 3 grams of saturated fat you got some twice 6 carbs 10 fiber 5 sugar and 20 grams protein I will say that the same thing that price pulao mentioned in their review all this shit's review all this shit is real food except for the sucralose flu that see that right fucking there might not be on the seat cuz I got some fuckin shitty ass camera but anyways everything on this label is real except for super lows if they really wanted to make it real food they shut it through fucking cane

sugar in that bitch yeah but it would up the shooter but hey you can't fucking say well Harper sent fucking real food and it's not 100% real food you know I'm saying all the fuck can you say that it doesn't make any goddamn sense in any ways they're calling it one percent real food even though it's not fucking true everything on this label is real except for the fucking sucralose that is funny shit all right the moment you all been waiting for it's been five fucking minutes and y'all are still watching this shit cuz I haven't even fuckin idiot so that was pretty good smells pretty good very uh very to the point there isn't much cosmetic aesthetics looking shit looks pretty much like a quest bar type shit like it's all just smushed together hmm I think I mean half this microwave it and come back to what the fucker think oh yeah I can definitely taste a sweet potato the cinnamon got some nutmeg action going on oats yep I lied about the a being hard it's actually not really hard I thought it was gonna be hard but it's not but actually pretty easy to chew huh got some almonds mix in there see that

nope fuck it I'm not gonna I'm not gonna microwave it I was gonna microwave because I thought it's gonna be hard but it's not I will say that 99% of all fucking protein bars and cookies and brownies and I like shit tastes better when you microwave it for fucking like 5 to 10 seconds it's a pretty good bar I love me some swoop down so hey guys we got to put into the facts that this is all real food it's pretty good for all being raw food uh I will I will say that is it better than fucking the simple bar he'll know that simple bar has got all kinds all kinds of fucking shit in it you know I'm saying and I tell you what none of that shit's real food I guarantee it oh I plan to crazy shitting that bar I bet it tastes better say what this being real food is pretty goddamn good what else is in this bitch Jim got some blueberries in here that's fucked up there's a pretty goddamn good mother to eat this whole fucking thing on camera fuck it on my pre-workout yeah you could pretty much taste all the flavors in this sweet potatoes pecans water oats sucralose orange pulp sea salt cinnamon nutmeg and blueberries yeah it's not

very sweet I mean it tastes pretty much like a sweet potato pie I'm a fan of it I don't know how much it costs but pretty damn good bar guys pretty goddamn good barb I'm gonna put all this shit in consideration that how can you put this bar with the same thing as I go like a sip fit bar or even fuck it go all organic you mean you got taking the effects that organic bars are never gonna taste as good as a loaded ass sucralose sugar alcohols and all the other shit bars that they come out with so I take that consideration I'm gonna have to give this shit like I'm gonna give it a solid rating guys I'm gonna say eight and a half out of ten I can't really see it being much better than that considering that it's made out of you know all real shit but I will say that I've had some good bars that we're fucking all real food and if I can blew my mind 100% blew my mind and I gave that motherfucker like a nine and a half there was one bar I had the fucking fit Expo I can't remember what the fuck it's called up top my head but it blew my mind everything was organic I don't know

if everything was organic but everything was real food was like fucking I can't even think about it right now but it looked legit when you're eating it you could just see that it was more real food than any other bar and it was great as fuck I did review it a long time ago I talked about it but anyways fuck all that shit I'm gonna give this shit eight a half out of ten and like I said before check out all that shit in description box and that's been pretty much it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it thanks for the support as always let me know what you want to see next and if you don't like it too fucking bad subscribe share like and comment below scroll but don't troll and don't eat me cuz I'm fuckin swole and don't forget the phone man on my social media top I'm in Fitness Facebook government Fitness Instagram up in Fitness snapchat opperman fitness and don't forget to like my fucking band all that shit is a description box below and I'll check you guys I'll check you guys later hey we making all kinds again