22 July 2019

Honest Reviews: NutraBio 100% Whey Protein Isolate - Strawberry Ice Cream (Supplement Review)

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what's going on the British apartment fitness a cancer don't lose before I start this video you can subscribe to the channel hit didn't forget about Stephanie with all my motherfucking videos follow me on instagram and fitness and follow my man do you fight a dimension on spot file that should be in the description box below I got nutri bio probably getting around to reviewing this I got this shit a long time ago and I just never fucking reviewed it nutri bio 100% whey protein isolate this is the strawberry ice a cream some backup action there we go so you can get this shit for about $40 for 30 servings not too bad like a little over $1 serving as far as as far as that value as far as the product you're looking at while you're looking at whey protein isolate you're looking at whey protein isolate at 25 grams of protein here hundred ten calories very lean honey 10 grams aren't in calories right two carbs 25 protein is zero fat pretty fucking clean pretty fucking yeah pretty lean pretty lean nothing much else to say about it this is a strawberry ice cream yeah good old strawberry ice cream ain't gonna lie I'm

not really a big fan of strawberry ice cream I mean it's good and I like it but I wasn't sad crave it you know every once in a while some places got it and it's like the only option or something then I'd be like yeah it's cool I'll I'll try some strawberry ice cream for the most part it's like a flavor you really don't really think about at least I don't so anyways strawberry ice cream unbiased motherfucking honest opinion on it here we go alright strawberry ice cream it's smooth but I'm gonna be honest I'm getting like a weird weird be honest I'm getting a little bit of a weird taste I'm getting a little bit of a weird taste weird taste a mixed with strawberry holidays bad I don't think is anything to write home about slightly above-average honestly it's not flawless like there's something going on that's got a taste that I'm not down with but it's not bad not bad I'd drink it you know I'm saying I got a free top of this shit I'd be like cool I drink it and I mean it's good I did anything to write home about I don't think so I don't think it's like holy shit is the greatest thing I'm

around my life nature bio fucking knocked out of the park it's the greatest fucking thing I've ever had in my life totally unbiased totally I'm sponsored it's the greatest fucking thing ever greatest formula groundbreaking fucking formula by the way groundbreaking protein isolate this is way that's wrong one groundbreaking protein right here no I'm gonna be honest guys it's a protein isolate it's lean it's clean it's good but it's not the fucking best thing I ever had in my life there has been some protein isolates out there that are knocking it out of the fucking park that are better than this flavor system wise just give me honest for sparse flavor I've seen better I've tasted better but anyways I was opinion I'm gonna think like a solid eight I think eight is fair it's good slightly above average but it's not the greatest fuckin thing ever had in my life and it's not the greatest isolate I've ever had in my life but it's fared it's good so I think it eats fair other that's pretty much it for this video hope you guys enjoyed it thanks for the

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