09 December 2019

Honest Reviews: Elevate Nutrition Plant Powered BCAA's - Fruit Punch

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what's gonna report me for this against takers before I start this video make sure you guys subscribe to the channel isn't chris best at everything with all my video is falling into him an operon fitness and follow my band and divided a mentioned spotify all that will be in the description box below if you guys want to see the channel grow give the video a thumbs up but really appreciate Ups to channel grow and it doesn't cause you guys a penny and if you guys do want to spend more than a penny you guys can buy some opera and fitness merch or some divided that mentioned merch that's all similar description or down donate to the channel and overall helped me buy some that you guys maybe want to see me review and overall help support the channel all that shouldn't be in the scripture box let's get to the review today yeah I got Alan Bates oh by the way I'm opening it it's probably take some time by the way elevate plant powered BCAAs plus glutamine plus b12 supplement I do want to thank elevate for sending me this over and gave me the opportunity to review it on my channel this is their new BCAAs it's the fruit

punch elevate is a plant based protein plant based supplement company so pretty much everything they do is plant-based so this is their plant base BCAAs their plant based vegan protein which was a very big fan of by the way price point is $39 for 30 servings I do have a coupon for you guys but I don't remember it's like some kind of crazy ass coupon code but it is good for 20% off so you can get you can get this down to like $32 for 30 servings you're looking at almost $1 serving not the craziest expensive price but not obviously cheap dollar per serving is kind of standard not really nothing really to write home about as far as the pricing there it's pretty much standard I've seen more I've seen last not really that bad of a price so I will tell you what you're getting here once I open this up so it says supports supports hydration supports recovery supports muscle building guys you guys already know my my take on BCAAs I think they're tasty to drink during a workout they might have some beneficials you know a beneficial anabolic effects if you're like really really calorie cal restricted maybe it might have some

effect and overall preservation with your muscle but at the other day there really just something to drink during your workout or something to drink overall in general so you have sodium potassium in here 60 milligrams 50 milligrams you have two of your four major electrolytes you have two carbs one gram of sugar vitamin b12 20,000 % 500 micrograms so they pretty much loaded the shed of the b12 leucine isoleucine valine and glutamine leucine at 2.5 valine at 1.25 isoleucine 1.25 and glutamine at 2 grams you got your 2 to 1:1 ratio therefore your BCAAs and glutamine for overall recovery I really don't like I really don't like glutamine at all I think it's kind of stupid so the ingredients is coconut water that's gonna help with hydration you have natural flavour beetroot powder for color Malik acts rx6 citric acid monk fruit extract pink Himalayan salt and bless it then so it is sweetened with monk fruit so they keeping it natural they're also doing the coloring with beetroot powder that's also for coloring that's also natural coconut water for hydration you have the sodium potassium really the only thing

I'm missing here and I that I'd like to see is the other two electrolytes you know you're missing calcium and magnesium you might as well make it at all for electrolytes make it all electrolyte and possibly you know why not make it an EI aid why not why not do a a instead of just BCA's if you did the 2 out of the 40 miles to do the 4 out of the 4 for electrolytes in and at the end of the day you might as well do start doing electrolytes you might as well start doing EAS as well and then you also could throw in the coconut water and coconut water for hydration as well and then like I said you're missing the eeeh is you can add in here overall that's the only thing I could say that I would like to see you know for future performance maybe maybe reformulate it or something like that it's what I that's what I'd like to see anyways it's gonna open this up by the way they did send me this for free but they actually a startup company so they're like reaching out to all of their basically reaching out to everyone and they're doing like a start-up for investment so they need $100,000 to like to start like the

company and have shares and stuff so there's actually like options to become like a basically part owner of some sort so that's also something I was interested in because I like there I like there being a protein and I'd like to see them grow as a company why not um it wasn't super expensive but I did invest so I'm actually kind of a part owner of elevate and they're still doing it it's it's still going on for like another 60 or 70 or 80 days and depending on when the I post this review you guys are interested in possibly you know making an investment never return I honestly don't know how well it's gonna go I don't know it's gonna turn into you I have no idea but I like investments I do a lot of investments to be honest with you guys and I figured why not try why not take a risk why not to you know a couple hundred dollars support a company that could possibly turn into who knows what so I ended up I didn't make an investment so I'm technically a part owner you could say it's biased as if you want still not biased guys I just told you everything that's missing

it's always gonna be honest over here guys even if I thought a little yzma literally like a part of my company right now I'm gonna tell you if it's or not okay so uh like I said all this I'd like to see in this like for them to reformulate possibility but let's go into the review of the taste test got one scoop it says one scoop for 12 ounces it's a very fine powder very fine powder what the was I gonna do Oh 1 or 12 one scoop 12 ounces of water and I even told you that BCAAs and we're eight really isn't really anything to write home about something to drink during a workout you know is it better than water absolutely it's blue BCAAs with hydration with a little bit of lecture lights absolutely so that's what you're getting guys some foam action yeah yeah Oh got a floaty action you guys are interested in seeing the powder there's like little pieces of something in there yeah little pieces of something I don't know what it is a pretty good it's a very fine powder but there's a little bit of pieces of something anyways it's going to taste tests by the way fruit

punch overdone they should have just done some other flavor that's kind of exotic rainbow sherbert rainbow candy or something but fruit punch pretty standard flavor let's see how it tastes alright so you could definitely tell it's like sweetened with monk fruit or something it's not like off the helmet Aysen you can happily tell it's sweetened with something natural it's not the greatest fruit punch 9 you lie to you guys it's not the greatest fruit punch it's an ok fruit punch it kind of tastes like I'm tasting a like a pre-workout I can taste something in here that I don't know what it is it's an overall fruit punch and it's kind like this bitter like a little bit of a bitter taste I wonder if it's like one of these fruits you know what it's probably the orange probably the orange I'm looking at this fruit punch I got raspberry strawberry isn't orange I think it's the orange like the orange part of the fruit punch it's kind of like a bitter I can't lead ring kit but it's not the greatest fruit punch I know that he is not the greatest fruit punch

I'm gonna give this probably yeah I'll probably have like a seven 7.25 for flavor and that's gonna be the flavor taste test like I said do you want to thank them for Simeon out really appreciate like I said price point $32 ish for 30 servings you guys can check that out I'll leave it in the description box below coupon code and all that and other that guys it's gonna be pretty much pretty much over this video because enjoyed it thanks for the support as always let me know what you want to see next and if you don't like too bad subscribe sure letting down below scrub it'll draw I don't because I buggers oh don't get the following almost me an opera Venice Facebook I'm finished snapchat over Venice Instagram operators don't really but BAM peas divided mention on Facebook full movie and / on Spotify and make sure you guys hit that thumbs up button really appreciate helps the channel grow and it doesn't you guys a penny no than that guys I'll check you guys later