20 August 2018

Homemade Vada Pav Recipe With Spinach Corn Tikki - Healthy Recipes By Nutralite

Make this lip smacking Vada Pav which has a crispy Spinach Corn Tikki along with Lensun chutney and a creamy Nutralite Veg Mayo smeared on the crispy ...


hi everyone welcome to my kitchen today's recipe I'm going to show you how to make a spinach and corn butter bomb it's one of those butter pounds you get in the streets of Mumbai where and they put in this spinach corn butter in between a pound bun and then add a dollop of me along with Alice and chutney and those onions and green chillies when I replicate it but make it really healthy by not but deep-frying the vadas in fact making a spinach and pond tikki and then using a wedge Mayo as well so let me just dive right in and show you how to make this dish so not too big in making my spinach kontiki I'm going to first add in classic spread into the pan and saute all the ingredients that goes into the tikki okay so I'm going to allow this spread to melt so once it melts I'm gonna go ahead and add in the garlic and bangles you know the spread you know it just can be used for cooking regular foods like I'm doing right now like sauteing your vegetables or even making like a tikki and all of that it adds a lot of flavor it is enriched with omega-3 and also has 0% cholesterol I'm just gonna go ahead and add in all the ingredients I added

the garlic green chillies onions and ginger and I'm gonna go ahead and saute all these ingredients I can already smell the aromas coming through from the garlic wait until the onions become nice and soft and once the onions become soft I'll go ahead add in the spinach and allowed to flip down for the chicken so now that the onions have softened and keep round I'm gonna go ahead and add in my check spinach and put in a leaves okay and here's the chopped spinach and there's chopped put in early exhibitors add them all and allow the spinach to wilt down I'm not gonna sprinkle some salt because you want the spinach to sort of evaporate all the moisture if you add some salt it'll lead leave a lot of water and that's something that you don't want so don't add salt that the state will add it towards the end okay so just ensure that you saute it really well until it all comes together okay so now that it's completely melted down I'm gonna go ahead and add my sweet corn in it steamed sweet sponsor doesn't need cooking then go ahead and add my potatoes potatoes is the binding agent they'll add some salt and I'm also going to add some chaat masala to this to give

it that added flavor so give this mixture of good stir until all the ingredients and ice will combine and it comes together once it's done they're gonna be shaping them into turkeys and then plant triangle so now that my solution corn taquito is cooled down completely I'm going to shape them into tikkis or small but others you can call it and when we pan frying them so hence I'm calling it a tikki we're gonna shape it and dip it in some bread crumbs so it gets a nice crust and you keep it by the side and then I'm going to show you how to pan fry these so typically tikis our butter pounds are deep-fried and but I'm gonna be making a pan fried turkey and gonna be using this thread a good part about these spreads is it's low in saturated fat and makes our butter pounds healthy and tasty too so I'm just gonna go ahead and melt my spread over here that's it go ahead and add my cheese and cook them on the cover essentially allow it to brown and crisp on both the sides they spread the ticking is all around and they'll allow it to brown and crisp and this will take about three to four minutes notice that

the turkeys are nice and brown from both the sides and now that it's done I'm gonna keep this to the side and then toast my water pounds and you know garlic and Oregon will spread which Princip create flavor and then a temple of edibles so I'm going to go ahead and spread my garlic and oregano over my compounds these onto my pan which is preheated go ahead and spread a little more of the spread on the other side and we'll toast these pound ones until it's nice and crisp and golden brown on both the sides this garlic and oregano spread that I've used adds a lot of flavor to the power month or gradually before and what more if you can even add it to your pastas you can add it to your toast and you know there's multiple ways you can use it and it's packed with all the flavor and the best part and rich with omega-3 and it has no cholesterol so now I'm ready to assemble my water pump and I'm gonna place my toasted bound buns over here and the first thing I'm gonna do is to add in my lesson chutney which I've made fresh witches has grown with this red chilies and garlic that's it and little bit of salt and lemon juice and it's really simple to make you

should make it at home and you can also add coconut to it which is what I've done I've also added some coconut to the lesson2 chirping what happens is it gives it a nice texture and bite great so this is how I make my last two technique which is red chillies garlic a little bit of coconut salt a little bit of lemon no water while you're grinding it has to be ground all dry so that's its and then I'm going to drizzle a favorite which my kids love is the wedge meal on the top a dollop of it goes in add the other one [Music] this letter bomb is gonna taste just like how the Hualapai will in Mumbai with that veg meal the best part about this much mail is that it's fortified where with you le D and E okay you know kids are simply gonna love this healthy whatever I'm gonna place my spinach tikki over this and and then you can add in these onion rings which is completely optional in future children don't like it but we love onion rings at home great and then I'll place the toasted palm buns on the top and give it a squish ready to eat sir so I hope you enjoyed watching this recipe of how to

make the spinach in cornbread hung it's not deep fried it's healthy and it's packed with all the flavors in addition do give this recipe a try when you do think of it to share your feedback in the comments below and then until next time happy cooking and healthy eating