21 January 2016

Homemade Tamales. How to Make Mexican Red Tamales

Homemade Tamales. How to Make traditional Mexican Red Tamales by Jauja Cocina Mexicana. Ingredients and tips for preparing the perfect masa for tamales, ...

hi welcome to Caracas in a mexicana my

name is Janet and for all of you that ask for the red tamales recipe here they are and they are delicious let me list ingredients for you we are going to be using corn husks for tamales but you have to rinse them under tap water first then I always invert them in hot water and I put something heavy on top so they can go to the bottom and they are going to stay here on the water while we prepare all the things for our tamales and for the red salsa we are going to be using Chile's guajillo chili ancho and Morita and the Morita is a small dried jalapeno that has also been smoked this one we're going to leave like this we're going to clean the ancho and the wahi or just like I did this one and we're going to put them to boil in hot water so they can get soft the Chile's cooked for 20 minutes until they got soft now let's blend them with onion and garlic and a little bit of this water this is ready and it's very smooth because we are not going to strain this salsa we have to hit some oil to fry our salsa we are salt this alpha has been simmering for 25 minutes at low heat and

the flavors have already integrated and it's really delicious let's turn it off and reserve and here at home we love Retta Molly's with pork but you can make yours either with chicken or with beef I already started by cooking my meat let me show you I cook this pork shoulder with onion and garlic for about two hours until it got really tender look how tender it is we shred the meat and we strain the broth that we will use for the dog the tamales I mixed one and a quarter pounds of instant corn masa with three cups of broth and that gave me around two and a quarter pound of masa ready to be used for our tamales and now we're ready to beat our vegetable art I always use my hand mixer until it gets fluffy from this point on I'm going to incorporate everything by hand because I want to feel the masa consistency we're going to add the salt the baking powder and as much broth as I need and I used all the broth that I have and I get mixing for almost half an hour until I cut this smooth consistency easy to spread into sieve to the masa is done you have to test it and put a little bit

on our own water on cold water and if it floats the masa is ready our Messiah is ready now let's assemble our tamales you dry one of your corn husks and you use the smoothest side of it you take about a third of a cup of the tamale masa and you spread it all the way to the edges and when it's ready you fill it with your meat you put a little bit of the salsa and you fold both edges like a package you turn it you squeeze a little bit in here you fold it in your tamale is ready I always like to tie my tamales with a little knot that I make from the same husks I already put water into the steamer and I have two cones down there because when the water starts boiling the coins are going to make noise and that will let me know that I still have water in the steamer now let's assemble the steam I already lined up the base of the steamer with some of the husks and I put some on the side and let's start putting the tamales inside our steamer and we keep putting tamales inside the steamer until we finished we cover the tamales with the hooks then with a clean cloth then with the lid and it goes to the stove for at least one hour it's

been an hour and 15 minutes since the water started boiling I already checked the tamales and they are ready let's take out one of them let's open this and if that a mine slides easily off the husk then it's done oh this tamale is ready look at this thermal lots of meat and lots of salsa and it is so fluffy look at this this novel is ours closely they're so good thank you for being with us and see you on the next recipe and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel