06 April 2015

Homemade Eggplant Italian Cooking with Grandma Healthy Eating for Bachelors

Homemade Eggplant Italian Cooking with Grandma Healthy Eating for Bachelors.

put them in the pan okay tell us what

you're making they're making fried eggplant just dip them in scrambled egg put them in the pan I put a little salt and pepper over them and then when I take them out I sprinkled garlic on them so that shows a eggplant and this is called an eggplant in case you didn't know what it was I'm sure most people know what they are they're all white inside like this we slice them up you don't peel you'll have to peel know and how long you cook them in there well I'm medium heat so they get kind of fried and then you can test them they're soft in the middle take two or three minutes on each side both healthy fried food yeah you can bake them but I don't like them bake this too blah and sprinkle some like spaghetti sauce over it and some forget it cheese that's about it what are you doing with the pork there I tested them see if they're soft so if they're soft they're their bum yeah I put them on a paper towel take the excess oil off that's like the old sales salesmen saying stick a fork in them they're done yeah that means are ready to buy you know when I'm overdone that one hurt so low that it doesn't it

doesn't all go in there I just make sure I have enough so I can cook them I wonder why the old ions only lived l50 live for yo they didn't overeat they used olive oil so people deep lament egg and then they get some inbred them with flower that just adds more calories what you think but if you don't care if you got calories and then you can make spaghetti sauce and put it over it or you can buy it in a bottle already have it done that garlic powder yeah free clean garlic powder garlic powder not garlic salt you don't need to add salt no I never buy garlic salt i buy garlic powder just garlic powder and if you taste it it really tastes like so how long before you flip them over two or three minutes depends on how hot you got your burner if you don't want to stand right there watch and burn that's I'm what five Oh Paul halfway yeah by half-nude baking stand there watch it that's up to you you're still hot oh boy that garlic strong so how do you know when to flip them no we're waiting for you sometimes I don't look at my pic together that's a

flip yeah they're really not burning yet barely praying ok and then another three minutes here yeah till they're soft they're not so kind of tired some of them are pretty soft seems like the smaller ones are harder than the big one so what you doing there you're cutting out of bed part yeah it's all dry I hand it in the refrigerator in the vent frozen by drives mean Rob Rob just kind of dried it all up on that frozen on that spot it was frozen if you go put your hand on that vent over there you can feel it so if this part if this part gets brown you can tell us rock yeah yeah she she cut off the brown / she's saying it's frozen from the refrigerator was too close to the bed only thing is the seeds in the middle of them get brown too it's just like an apple you cut off the bad part and eat the rest kids to share with the worms yeah throw it away so the other half away yeah they get too soft and you can't take them up played over here almost every again I wonder who ate it well they're not around that they're

done I think it would be better to bake them like they never realized under a lot of oil a lot of fried that's why I put it on paper towel same thing but they come well I guess you I don't know how you get from an egg and bake them because egg would all run to the bottom of the pan so how how would you bake them I have no idea this is a look up a recipe somewhere didn't we do it one time yeah they were terrible I know you put a whole bunch of stuff in maybe that with the problem we made it just like lasagna but with eggplant and set a needle then you put a whole bunch of spaghetti sauce into healthy making a perfectly good vegetable here and we need