21 October 2018

Home Health Marketing Tips: Creating Power Partners

Here are a few tips tricks and ideas when marketing for your home health agency.


so what our power partners power partners our business professionals who are in the same industry who want to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with each one striving to share referrals ideas clients and informations with one another these are people that are marketing to the same people you are marketing to but possibly has a little bit of a different niche area so you want to have multiple power partners okay but just because you meet somebody within your industry you're not gonna say oh you're my power partner I want to make you my power partner it takes an important person and takes a you know a detail-oriented person to take somebody who wants success to become a power partner of mine okay because a power partner relationship is not just a taketake relationship a power partner is someone who's willing to receive but also is willing to give it has to be a back and forth scratch my back I'll scratch yours okay these are the people that's going to be able to get you in the doors that you may have problems getting into so who should be your power partners other marketers other marketers are great

source for power partners I have what we call a mastermind group where I actually sit down with other marketers that services my area and I have lunch with them and I find out what are the challenges that they're facing I would rather because most referral sources are referring to multiple home health agencies I would rather me working with other marketers and we become the group of the you know of the agencies the group of agencies where we are the ones that are the choices so I can limit the choices of the referral sources okay so you want to be able to work with other marketers in the home health industry but let's say for example you're in medical and there's non-medical or private-duty you can link up with those marketers because they really have it in for potential referral sources for you and you have an end for potential referral sources for them so it doesn't have to be just marketers within the same home health medical if your medical non-medical if your non-medical go opposite way also look into marketers for nursing homes marketers for assisted living communities marketers for

physician groups right create a mastermind group with those people share information share valuable stuff that you can also be beneficial with each other you know remember like I said you want people with the same customer base as you like I said home health agencies home care non-medical these are the ones that you want to be able to be power partners with a lot of people forget this friends and family great power partners your family members have doctors they can do a quick intro for you your friends have doctors they can do a quick intro for you your friends parents have doctors you have to understand power partners are great but friends and family we always forget about them and those are the people that can actually help us become successful lawyers are great so as marketers and owners for medical equipment companies because remember medical equipment companies they're already in these nursing homes in these assisted living communities and you don't have to get them to do an introduction maybe you can get them just to give you the name of the person that they already spoke to before that can

make a major decision that saves you time from being able to gather information to waste your first phone call to waste time researching that particular facility that particular office make sure that you be able to bring in together a group of power partners that's going to be able to deliver success for your organization and don't forget pharmacies as well pharmacies are great sources of power partners why they have patients coming into them can you do cross marketing events can you help each other get into the rooms it's very important to have power partners you cannot do this on your own you can never ever do this on your own when you're having your lunch every day meet up with a power partner that's when you should have lunch don't have lunch in the office have lunch out there every day that you're working your lunch should be used to market your company and link with other people don't eat with potential clients not unless they've been referring to you have that relationship already but make sure you understand that you have to be constantly meeting people to become successful so where do you find power

partners okay I shared with you the other slide right like I said your other home health agencies other lawyers other DM ease but literally your friends and families also right but literally they're everywhere everywhere everywhere they're all over the place we actually go deeper on this on our live training events where we actually will share with you guys the big big techniques but I want to be able to share a few with you with you guys right now what you want to be able to do is when you are linking with power partners the best way to find them is in networking events okay I want you guys to be able to attend networking events because that really is the best way to be able to develop power partners so they really will help you I cannot stress that enough I've had a lot of business coming from people that recommended me remember to be able to get people to know you is the introduction is to be introduced and the power partners job is to introduce you for your success and your job is to introduce them so that they also succeed [Music]