19 November 2018


If you're feeling the temptation to fall off the wagon this season, let's stick together and stay on track! I'm determined to enjoy the holidays but without adding the ...

hey you guys welcome to my channel today

I'm gonna just give you a little bit of encouragement for going into the holidays and keeping the weight off that you might have lost already I recently lost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers and I used the app I followed the free style method lots of zero-point things and I have a video on that from before about a month ago and I can link that for you to check out if you want to hear my story but I thought oh my goodness here we go into the holidays and this can be just a completely well it can be difficult but you can completely derail your progress and I'm thinking I am NOT going to do that so instead of having to make a new year's resolution about oh I'm gonna lose all the weight that I gained over the holiday I thought nope I'm gonna just stay strong and steady from day one and it's Thanksgiving this week so I thought this is what I'm gonna do so I thought I'm gonna give you my tips and plan and thoughts and then I thought if you guys have anything you know that's helpful for you leave them in the comments because I thought it was a really nice conversation from my last video everyone was so supportive you guys were so kind

to me you shared some of your successes some of your struggles and I just think that you know we can always encourage one another because weight loss you know I'm always struggling with the idea of oh are we doing it just for vanity and for looking a particular way that society expects us to look and you know because we want to look cute in those jeans or those little Pinterest outfits or you know um and yes I will admit there is some of that because I sure do feel sassy I should I felt sadly in that dress I wore and oh my gosh and the other day I wore some Spanx pants yes Spanx makes pants you can get them lots of places and I got these leggings and they were basically like wearing scuba pants and so in some ways they were uncomfortable and in some ways they were kind of magnificent because they just gave me I just I felt super in them I just was like strutting around and you know I mean it yeah so um but I don't think I'll wear them to Thanksgiving because they felt like they were kind of cutting me I smelled like my spleen was up under my clavicle and I'm like okay but they were good this is the first thing that I

am committed to that I think is what really was my downfall last year and I think I put on weight and didn't even know and I think you know I was just kind of like trying to ignore it and whatever it is the flavored holiday beverages from Starbucks and anywhere else that you get the peppermint mochas the pumpkin spice lattes the gingerbread lattes any of those that have the syrups and the whipped cream and the sprinkles and the little caramel crunchy thingies and them those really really add up and I'm not here to tell you not to have them or that they're gross because oh my gosh there's so much carcinogenic Stephanus syrup you know like okay maybe there is but um I'm just here to tell you my plan on keeping it from becoming excessive so last year I probably had a peppermint mocha or a oh gosh what is that one butterscotch one you know a creme brulee latte at Starbucks yeah I probably have at least for a week and you know if you are on Weight Watchers and you're on the app if you track those those can be like 12 to 16 points and if you only have 23 points a day I hope you're just eating apples and mushrooms later because that's all you got room

for so what I am doing is my plan is to have like one or two a week and just you know treat myself and go for it not even think and I always get almond milk because one almond milk I am dairy-free because my stomach can't have dairy and then - it does I think it's less points so there's that and then in the meantime at home I make a pot of coffee or you can use your like Keurig or your you know your espresso machine at home or whatever you do French press and I buy the silk the non-dairy creamer the there it's the almond milk one actually and I get the vanilla flavor that's my favorite even though they do make a pumpkin spice which I love I love the vanilla one because what I do is I add my own spices to it and then I froth it with a little hand frother I heat it up and I froth it and I make kind of my own little concoctions with like cinnamon nutmeg you know allspice that kind of thing a little bit of ginger sometimes even a little cocoa powder and that is what is carrying me through it's like I am addicted to my creamers so creamers and there may be two points 4 points depends

on how much you add but the good news is that you can keep it real low and there's other brands that le Fiat Khalifa calathea brand actually has less points I don't like the flavor as much it's not as creamy but there's there's methods so find those and you know and also ready-whip if you just have like a little quick serving of ready web lega like just that that's not even that's like don't even count it that's just negligible mm-hmm okay so I had mentioned before the swerve sugar and I will link that below because I didn't before and I apologize but the swerve sugar has been my favorite sugar beyond any of the other sweetener stevia monk fruit all of them I know you guys name to have trust me I've tried them all and I have a certain just I can taste so many things and so swerve for me is the best in terms of sugar replacement and so I use that I still stick with my Campbell's soup the well yes the minestrone is my favorite then there is the Amy's chunky vegetable that's my favorite those are my go-to lunches then the good Finns in the corn are awesome because you can munch on those and only

be like four four points I also make my own air-popped popcorn and I keep it plain but I shove it in my face yeah I do I keep things in my car like popcorn god this is gonna sound really stupid I keep boiled eggs in my purse that's kind of gross isn't it umm they kind of stink sometimes in the car I'll keep them in the car not like everyday not like oh what's that in the car mom well that's this week's you know supply of boiled eggs no I just take one with me in the morning and I keep it in my purse and you know and then when I need one I just you know like peel it eat it done and I'm still going with my seltzer water another nice alternative to kind of sugary beverages and if you're kind of a caffeine overload is peppermint tea peppermint tea at this time of year is so good you can make some recipes using either peppermint tea or chamomile tea you can add milk at spices make your own kind of you know different kind of tea latte you can use matcha powder and I mean there's a lot of options Pinterest is kind of a godsend for anyone who is trying to cut out the sort of excessive things I know a lot of you are on keto I

don't have keto recommendations but because I'm not doing it but um yeah I also use Nancy's soy plain yogurt in a lot of things because it adds body without the calories okay so then another thing is it's like candy and sweets and stuff like that now there's a lot of recipes for like one this or two-point cupcakes or you know stuff like that and I've tried some and some are good and some are not good so those are fun to find but the other thing is that is not bad are the Weight Watchers candy bars they're like two points and three points my favorite are the English toffee ones and they taste pretty good also there is the little bit of the that caramel I don't know if you still can get it but it's around for Halloween and there's a tub of the caramel for the caramel apples and I cut up an apple and I take a teeny tiny bit of that caramel and it's really yummy um I also get a little bit of peanut butter you know and I get the kind that is palm oil free and sugar free at Trader Joe's it's basically just blended peanuts also this is the time to enjoy it's you should have fun also alcohol can really derail your progress so just know that

use it like budget your calories and your points and everything else like you would your your money you know this is the time of year when we can spend too much it's also the time of year we can eat too much so try to really stop and think and be mindful of what you're doing so that's what I've been doing with my spending is I'm kind of stopping and thinking I add stuff to cart and then I go do I really need this is there gonna be a sale later is there gonna be something else on a lot more is there gonna be something I should buy with this money that is going to be serving me for the long term or like a trip or you know stuff like that so I've been really reconsidering my purchases so I've been doing that lately with food so sometimes I'll just be like I really want a piece of coffee cake at Starbucks with my latte and then I'm like hang on there Rebecca that's just gonna kind of just that's just gonna be a lot so how are you gonna handle this you know what are you planning for lunch what are you planning for dinner are there things that are just going to kind add up for the day or you know can you afford it and so that's what I do when I

know I'm just kind of in my routine and I've got my usual sign lined up and my dinner is going to be at home and I can really control it then I might splurge in the morning if I'm running around running errands and get a baked good or do something like that but if I know I'm going to a party that night if I know I'm meeting girlfriends or doing something else that I may not have control over what I'm eating so in other words I show up somewhere and all that there is to eat is pizza well I'll eat the pizza but I'll know it's fine because I didn't have much already today that is going to sabotage my progress so look at it like that and then if you have a day where you just really kind of indulged enjoyed yourself great the next day you know ease up a little bit that's all and if you're working out great because my gosh you can always intensify your workouts right I'm not working out I mean I'm exercising I'm moving I'm doing walks I'm doing stretches yoga Pilates whatever at home I'm not doing the gym I'm not doing like I don't have a routine of hard intense workouts that I'm doing but um you know it does help like if you think you overdid it go for

a 20-minute walk so it's tough it's really tough because as we get busier as we get kind of maybe even a little bit in the depression of the holidays we kind of find our comfort and food we find our comfort in that glass of wine and you know maybe that glass of wine have it and then maybe just cut it with some spritzer or um or seltzer you make a spritzer or you know maybe you want wine you want cake you would at all have the wine and then maybe have a cup of peppermint tea after or something like that and if you want to punch me in the face and say Rebecca I'm gonna do whatever I damn well please this week at this season I get that too and this was something I avoid it okay so this I think kind of important and I'm not sure I don't this this doesn't come from like a professional Dietary nutritionists position this comes from my personal experience okay so when I was talking about your your calorie your dietary intake kind of like your budget and money for the holidays think about it this way if you are one to obsess over the scale don't so just way to yourself like once or

twice a week but I think it's a good idea to weigh yourself I think keeping your accountability in check is important and that's I've been doing that I'm like okay I've already hit my goal I'm fine and then I thought oh well what if I slip so one day I mean I still weigh myself every week and there was kind of a day not my regular way day and I was feeling kind of like wow I think I've put on a few pounds I should really check and see because maybe I need to really assess what's going on here I hadn't gained any weight at all like I stepped on the scale and I was like I think zactly where I was at 20 pounds lost you know and so I thought that's pretty good you know I feel I feel good about myself and then I had a cinnamon roll um but what one thing so are you so avoid this scale there's something else I do I kind of avoid my bank account like I kind of don't I should log in every day you should log into your online banking look at your checking account or your app by your phone and check things out you want to check for fraud you want to check you want to just you want to keep track of things and some days well and weeks I

kind of don't want to look you know you just I'm like I don't want to look at the money but it really pays you've got to do it you've got to pay attention of what goes out and what comes in and it's the same with what you're eating so keep yourself accountable step on that scale once a week see how it's going check your bank balance a few times a week you know that kind of thing so these are just my methods this is what I'm doing and hope that we can keep this conversation going and I hope it's okay that I jot them down here on my channel to talk again about weight loss because I know that's kind of not the thing and I know some people don't like these kinds of videos but just hang in there and I'm bringing make up for the rest of the week but yeah and if you have any yummy like oh my god if you have like a cookie or a cupcake or something that's like two points and let me know let me know I will link my Pinterest below I will link my Weight Watchers referral code I will link my Ebates referral code because why not um yeah so there you go plus I've already got a really cute I think I'm gonna wear my green dress for

the holidays but I do have I actually have something else kind of cute in mind that I'm excited to wear so and I had a jacket from like 10 years ago that wasn't fitting almost gave it away I'm so glad I kept it because it fit me the other day and I love it and I'm so glad it fits me sometimes those are feels like does you're just happy anyway alrighty guys thanks so much for watching thanks for subscribing to my channel I hope you have if you haven't please do so and click that thumbs button thumbs button click that thumbs up button and I will see you next time bye