28 September 2017

HIIT減肥「始動」【減肥真人Show #2】HIIT Weight loss program (Start)【Weight loss reality show #2】(中文字幕/Eng Sub)

家家正式開始了減肥運動訓練,對於少運動的她,面對高強度的HIIT訓練,究竟能否堅持呢? Gaga has started her weight loss exercise program. For someone with.

You tired now?

I can't... Keep it up! Help! Time's up! Ok! Let's start! What are we going to do now? Gaga has done some HIIT before HIIT is high-intensity interval training I have made a video about it Let's start! Are you ready? Maybe? Maybe? Let's try She just warmed up, let's start First. Jumping jacks 3, 2, 1 Start jumping We do it for 30 seconds then rest for 10 seconds That's the key to HIIT We're almost there I'll watch the time Stop! Rest now. Second exercise Come on, continue! Why are you putting your hand down? I follow whatever the coach does! But you didn't do what I just did! Continue! Your arms shouldn't be like that Good! Stop! Push up now Open your arms wider, so it's easier If you put your arms closer, you put more weight on your arms It's easier to train your chest muscles when your arms are wider Good! You can rest now

Look how tough this is for her! Come on! Try harder! You're almost there! 2, 1, complete! Time's up Squats She's not bad Her knees are at 90 degree angle Then she won't put too much pressure on her knees Keep going! She can also hold up her back Good! Time's up! Lift your glut more So your range of movement can be bigger It's actually harder when the range of movement is smaller Look at you! Tired already? I can't do this anymore! Keep going! Help! time's up Get ready for plank Hurry! 2, 1 And up! When you are doing plank, align your head Don't put your head down Align your back Put your feet together, cuz it's harder It's more difficult to balance when your feet are together Good! You can rest now

Get up then run on the place Why are you running like this? This is running on the spot! Run faster Knees higher! You are skipping on the spot, not running! Ok! Stop! Her lunges are not bad The knee has to almost touch the ground But only almost The front leg shouldn't lunge too front Time's up And she falls down There's two more exercises to go Warrior pushup and sideway plank But she can't do them yet Of course this is not it! Let's start other training And that is elastic band training Let's start We just did HIIT without equipment But when we don't have equipment Without bars It's difficult to train our back muscles Therefore, we use elastic bands to help us I just taught you some moves Remember to keep your elbows close to your body As you go back, do it slowly As you pull, pull slowly as well As you pull, keep your elbows close to your body Can you feel your back working?

Yes I can feel it. You can feel it finally? Oh! It's there! I did two sets of HIIT with Terence this morning Two sets are fine! After shopping with Terence I realized I couldn't eat ANY of the snacks! Let's see if I can stick to the diet Terence gave me And see if I can complete the intensive workouts Remember to catch our next episode See you in the next video!