08 April 2019

High Protein Diets Are Hurting You

Can high protein diets have negative effects on your health? Too much protein is bad. Every time that I have implemented high protein diets into my life, I have ...

what's going on everybody its raw

magnetics we're back today with another video talking about protein hopefully this video you know the camera stays up and whatnot I'm holding it together in a fixed position with stick so hopefully that stays up it's a nice day out finally getting a nice day up here but I'm gonna be flying down Florida to do the level 1 class thank you to the person who made that possible you know who you are you didn't want to shout out but I have to say something because I'm just so impressed at you know certain people's ability to give unconditional love and shine like the Sun and ask for nothing in return that's a beautiful thing a very good attribute to have so I wanted to say thank you for that I really do appreciate that and you know but today we're gonna be talking about protein because I think this is probably the biggest misconception in the health field you know how much protein do we need what is protein proteins are amino acid compounds and when we have high protein diets it's extremely difficult to break these down to what we're trying to use we're trying to use the amino acids which are in what that are in fruit and they're simple

simple structures not complex so it's easy to break down and utilize it's easy to digest it's just easy for us to use with these high protein diets it's extremely hard for our body and it makes us extremely tired and you'll notice that the more protein that you eat the more tired you're gonna feel sure you can grow big muscles but what is that if you can't perform anything because you're so tired if you can't run up and down stairs what good is lifting weights and looking good so we need to break out of that mentality and start eating food that makes us feel live and the most simplest foods that the world has to offer is fruit and that is what makes us feel alive because you know the electromagnetic energy of that food is greater than any other food on the planet it's the only real food that I call food because other stuff is it's not really food there's so much stuff that goes into it in you know spices here and spices there and peppers on top and all these sorts of things to make it good and then you have to cook it in which which takes away the nutrients from it so you know and I'm talking from experience on this point because protein

for me has always just made me feel like I've done you know the creatine's and I've done all these sorts of things and you know whey protein and going to the gym and trying to to look good you know but we want to start to feel good instead of look good and we do that by eating a fruit based diet and I'm not saying that you have to be a raw vegan I know most people that watch my videos aren't raw vegans and that's totally cool some you are and that's awesome as well but if you are going to do the cook foods stay away from the high protein diets you know stay away from the high protein food so you want to do things that are more carbohydrate based where carbon beings we need carbohydrates in order to properly function we need to be fed sugar you know fruit is immediately given to us you know the sugar is easily able to be utilized in things like sweet potato and in certain breads and whatnot are harder for us to utilize but still carbohydrate-based so I think bread gets a really bad rap it does cause malabsorption of course but in terms of you know people think that bread makes them fat and that's just not the case you know you know when you plaque up

your your bowels a lot yeah eventually but it's more the things that you know the the dairies in the proteins that cause us all these problems because there's so there's just lymph it's like you're drinking milk is like drinking lymph you ever pop a pimple it's the same thing it's a milk it's the same exact thing that comes out it's disgusting so Rustin just cows whatever you know the stuff that you know milk that's just that doesn't make any sense it doesn't make sense in in nature we wouldn't go up to a cow and milk its utters into our mouth that doesn't make any sense why would we do that we go up to a tree and pick fruit like if this tree right here was a fruit tree we'd pick it off and eat it and it's easy it offers itself to us animals don't offer themselves to us at all we just you know people tend to butcher them and and you know genetically modify them and all this screwed-up that's going on that everybody refuses to look at they're like ostriches they just stick their head in the sand and we're not looking at it so we need to start looking at it even plant protein no bueno no good for

me again I'm speaking on experience and I've noticed these things just when I eat it I feel like and if you are gonna have plants and I mean when I say plants I mean vegetables when I when I do that I'd rather cook it to be honest I'd rather steamed vegetables or something like that just to soften them up and be able to digest but when people are eating broccoli and kale raw it's like what are you doing that is it first of all it doesn't taste good at all and it's not healthy it's it's not healthy these these things are hard for us to digest hard on our bowels and all sorts of stuff like that and I'm protein a lot of these foods are high in protein and the higher you go in protein the worse you're gonna feel the more acids you know because that it breaks down in the acid residue and mucus is left behind from that and it acidifies the body you know and that is when you start to feel these you know pain in the body protein and pain go hand-in-hand when you have a high protein diet you have excuse me a lot of times arthritis you see a lot of people with arthritis who eat high-protein diets we're extremely stagnant their limp is

extremely stagnant in the body meaning it's not going anywhere and they just have acids acids acids all in the body in its systemic it's all throughout the body it's throughout the lymph system the lymph system is 80% of the two fluids of the body you got you got your lymph fluid and you got your your blood you got 20% blood you got 80% lymph so why aren't we talking about the lymphatic system I don't understand it why aren't we talking about that so for me eating a fruit based diet has been extremely helpful and there is protein in fruit there are amino acids in fruit so you're getting enough protein you're getting enough protein from the fruit so I think for people to count like how many grams and all that like why don't you just go based on how you feel have you ever tried a fruit based diet are you hating on a fruit based diet for no reason or you have preconceived ideas about it throw away the preconceived ideas and go and do it with no preconceived ideas and see how it makes you feel because I'll tell you being being someone who went from a high protein diet just eating you know going to these you know chicken

markets I used to eat like that and and uh you know mashed potatoes and all these sorts of things you know all these sorts of nasty things I used to eat just a sad diet a standard American diet is what I used to eat and it was just high-protein terrible food and I felt terrible but when I switched over to a fruit based diet and then got up to the really you know really being on all fruit all juicy fruits berries for the endocrine glands just everything is lit up you're feeling good you're able to utilize out and utilize the fruit you're not mixing too many fruits together you're eating mono meals then you start to feel really good you know whenever I've gone on a juice cleanse or mono mangoes I went three days on just mangoes whenever I've done that I felt the best on the last day and feel like I can keep going you know because then we're starting to clean we're starting to be able to really use what we're we're eating we're starting to be able to absorb our food better so many of us are malabsorption we need X Y & Z it's like if you're mal absorbed your you can't even break it down and absorb any of these things anyway so what are

you guys talking about so you'll see that with a lot of people that eat the the real starchy foods very malabsorptive my take on protein I think it's important for us to talk about this sort the sort of stuff and really break the concepts these all these are concepts preconceived ideas so let's start to break away from that and start going based on experience based on truth based on nature you know what would we do in nature will we go up to an animal and fight it and slice it no we're supposed to work synergistically we're supposed to be with you know with the animals you know work with them not eat them you don't eat dead animal carcass and you know feel good from that and you look at what these animals are eating they're eating plant-based diets they're eating grass and they're eating that's what they're designed to eat because they some of them have multiple stomachs and whatnot but us we don't and we're supposed to have simple digestion utilization and elimination so fruit is the best diet you know for myself anyway I'd make the bold statement for all humans too and I've received a lot of

hate just saying saying that but that's the truth if you look at us anatomically and physiologically it's just not even close to compare us to the carnivore compare us to the lion our GI tract to a dog compared our teeth our teeth and then everyone makes like that the canine teeth argument we're carnivores we're all those are for our biting into an apple the skin of an apple that's all it is that's all it is it's not you couldn't bite into an animal you couldn't do that you couldn't go up to an animal and just bite into it plus that's totally sociopathic that's just not that's that's some abnormal I don't want I don't want to be involved in that sort of stuff and plus there's a lot of karmic debt that you have to pay from doing that that sort of stuff so it's good to be you know be a raw foodist be a vegan who is focused on their health not and that's the thing like I don't like to focus on like we're doing it for the animals we do it for our health we are the most important we are important I am important tell that to yourself in turn by telling yourself

that the animals will be saved because you're focusing on your health and if you know about true health you know that it's not an animals and it's not an eating animal so you can really help yourself and help other animals by focusing on your health staying away from high protein diets nuts and seeds I talk about all the time can't do it and that's like the thing I recently had sweet potato I actually just had it just now because I'm about to go on the plane tomorrow and I'm trying to react ulm ate and whatnot to Society for a day or a week and just kind of jump right back into it when I can get good fruit but I'd rather just have something carbohydrate base and cooked rather than being vain and saying okay I need to be a raw egg and I'm operating under the title of a raw vegan so now I need to eat nuts and seeds to make myself feel grounded and go into society I don't feel that way because that's acidifying my body and if I'm gonna react mate and go on planes where there's a lot of different bearing energies a lot of bad aggressive energy then I do feel the need to do stuff like that and I don't think that's a bad thing

if you do it from awareness and don't get too caught up in the cook foods and the addictiveness of it because they are addicting cook food is addicting even I don't care if it's a sweet potato its addicting you eat it there's cook food microbes in your stomach that are trying to get more of that and when you get on the living foods it's opposite you have the living foods which are always in there and have always been in there but you know it's better to stay on the raw living foods but I want to do a quick video on protein and talk about you know the misconception about it it's not as healthy as everybody thinks we don't need as much protein as everybody thinks that's what everybody asked me when I switch over this diet what about protein you're missing out on this you're getting skinny you're good when you start to understand true health and on mal absorb that's why I'm getting skinny you can explain that but you don't really need to explain to people you know but you you you start to realize that and then you know about amino acids and amino acid compounds and you start to learn about this stuff and and then

you realize that it's available in the fruit alone you don't need anything else besides fruit and you know sure you might experience detox symptoms but you you'll never die eating fruit doesn't happen especially juicy fruits it just that's here if you're eating mono meals and you're eating juicy fruits that are in season then you won't die you will experience detoxification symptoms and then once you get cleaned out the malabsorption goes away you start to fill back out and then you are a serious force to be reckoned with because that is a that is a healthy being who has been on fruit for a long time and you'll notice that different cultures who eat fruits and different cultures that eat like we do or did I should say standard American but yeah just kind of talking about protein I want you guys tell me if you like this outro right now I created it for you know to protect myself and also to you know pretty much to protect myself and so that you guys check out my Instagram and all these sorts of things so you can check that out at raw magnetics but until next time I'll see you down in Florida peace out