24 September 2016

High Blood Pressure Symptoms & Foods to AVOID

High Blood Pressure Symptoms & Foods to AVOID by changing lifestyle for healthier diet where no more Fat and Salty foods can spike hypertension. How to ...

Foods to avoid that cause high blood pressure.

High blood pressure (hypertension) can silently harm your body before real symptoms grow worse. Symptoms, you may wind up with disability, fatal heart attack, difficulty breathing, headache, and chest pain. Its time for lifestyle changes can help to control your high blood pressure to reduce the risk of symptoms. 1. Pickles Pickles are low in calories, but they are pack with sodium. One average size pickles have 550 mg of sodium, which can be about quarter of safe sodium (2300 mg) can eat a day. 2. Chicken noodle soup (canned) Quick and fast soup can easily have 880 mg of sodium found in per cup serving. 3. Sauerkraut (fermented cabbages and salt) Although salted cabbages was low in calories, half a cup have 13 calories, yet it has over 460 mg of sodium. 4. French fries (fast foods) Fries always comes combo with burgers, fries itself have rich in fat and sodium. Average serving of fries has about 20 gram of fat and 280 mg of sodium. 5. Bacon Per slices bacon can have 1.5 grams of fat and about 90 mg of sodium. See how many slice you have eaten in burgers before. 6. Whole Milk Aware that one serving cup of whole milk contain 8 grams fat and 5 grams saturated. Saturated fat is the best symptom to heart disease. 7. Frozen Pot Pies A pot pie equals about serving of 1500 mg sodium and 36 grams fat, Its fat also includes trans fat and dose of saturated fat, keep them away to stay alive longer. 8. Donuts A tempting delicious donuts can contain, 210 mg of calories and 10 grams of fat. 9. Ramen noodles (instant noodle) One package contain about 15 grams of fat and 1580 mg of sodium if eaten daily. The flavor package contain most sodium, so scary to be true. 10. Margarine Margarine is can be healthy, but caution was to keep trans fats away when buying margarine. 11. Sugar High calories with a lot sugar can cause obesity which is risk for high blood pressure. 12. Alcohol Drinking alcohol actively will spike blood pressure. the blood vessels wall will damage, will increases risk of symptoms in the list., 13. Red meat (raw meat) Avoid red meat (raw meat) and fast food containing variety fats. Fatty foods are bad to your heart and blood vessels. 14. Table salt

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