27 January 2011

Heart Healthy Cooking with Maria Hines

Halibut with Cous Cous, Cucumber and Yogurt - Being short on time won't stop you from pulling off a fabulous yet nutritious meal with this tasty, marinated, ...

hello i'm dr. sarah speck and i'd like

to welcome you to our first series of healthy cooking videos sponsored by Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute and the John Locke jr. trust I'll be joined by one of Seattle's top chefs working in a kitchen just like one that you would have in your home I started out cooking actually while I was still at home my parents both worked 12 hours a day and so it was kind of up to me if I wanted something delicious steak for dinner and do something nice for mom and dad when they got home to get dinner ready so I learned how to cook for my mom watching her on the weekends and then started cooking with her I named the restaurant tilt because we are 95% certified organic through organs health and so is the first top layer of soil where all the microbes and all the life exists so if you plant your your seed and really good healthy you know vibrant soils then you'll get a really good crop so it was you know for that and that's the kind of food that we try and put on the table itself as well as kind of a metaphor for opening up the restaurant I think the philosophy of cooking healthy food is definitely catching on with chefs especially in the the northwest region

so it's really simple I tried to come up with something that if you are short on time at home you can definitely create this dish within probably I'd say 30 minutes at home and what we're gonna start out with is a little bit of cucumber I have a hothouse cucumber but you can feel free to use lemon cucumbers or you know any sort of cucumber that you that you like or in that season right now so there's a lot to choose from so what I'm doing right now is I'm going to do a julienne cut we're gonna make nice thin cuts and this is going to be for a raw fresh salad that we're gonna put on top I'm definitely a big fan of cooking a vegetable and then using that same vegetable raw as a garnish somewhere on the dish so it's very kind of minimalistic in thought and we're using how that today which is a lovely local northwest favorite and once again in season what I did was I marinated it with a little bit of yogurt so that way it has kind of a nice acidic quality to it it definitely kind of brightens it up a little bit as well as it tenderizes it naturally and what we're gonna do is put just a little bit of oil in the pan not

much it doesn't need much let me say it's probably like a half teaspoon okay and we're going to season or halibut if you notice there I'm seasoning from up high and that way it allows the salt to distribute evenly with the pepper here we have one other item that we're going to do which is couscous and what you want to do with the couscous is just buy it dry in the store and you want to boil up a little bit of water put it in a little pan and add enough water just to cover the couscous cover it with plastic and let it steam you don't take maybe five minutes right so that process has been done already so our pan is nice and hot I'm gonna take the hell of it if you notice sir I'm gonna put this pin I'm gonna put the halibut in the pan away from me so that way the oil splashes back commit just a medium heat that's just a medium heat and you've cut the cucumber is now in two slices not the julienne but just across yes I'm gonna take the cucumber's that have been grilled to set them here for now and reserve them for plating so now with this halibut here what we're looking for is a nice Brown

caramelization we'll give it a turn okay and then we're gonna let it cook on the other side I'm a big fan of cooking fish medium rare but you know by all means if you would like to cook it well-done it'll taste just as delicious whatever I would I test this for me I've been doing it long enough that I can kind of tell just by the the color change but once again you see how it's a little bit whiter here and then you see how it's translucent right there sure do now if it's white here and then as it continues to cook on the bottom it gets a little white and it stays just a little translucent in the middle you know that the medium where but if you don't do this every day and then sometimes it's easier to just okay you go ahead and make a little cut and see if it's what you want right now that our pan is nice and hot we're going to go ahead and saute up our couscous it's piscis in there and it's already cooked so all we need to do here is really warm it through it had some salt add a little bit of pepper to it a little bit of lemon juice add that to it and again this is you know a preference however much you want I'm gonna put some chopped

parsley that will give it some nice herbaceousness and then I'm also gonna put some chopped chives again just giving a little bit of herbaceous quality as well as a little color why are we have our couscous get that right in the center hmm smells so good so that's why we all right okay now our halibut is complete okay and then we're gonna make that fresh little salad that we talked about a woman mmm okay so we're gonna put our fresh cucumber in here a little bit of salt just a drop oil little bit of pepper and a little bit of lemon vinaigrette so this is just lemon juice and a little bit of all prepared and that's it but but really kind of once again just lends a little extra flavor we have some chopped chives we have a little bit of chopped parsley yes we're going to add that to the top hmm superb Maria you've taken this fabulous recipe and shown us that it's healthy and that it's simple enough that even I could make it in my own kitchen if this is truly an inspiration to share this meal with your friends and family thank you so much for your time and

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