22 July 2019

Healthy-ish Work What I Eat in A Week

I usually do a really good job of eating healthy, but I do work full time and sometimes that means I cut corners. I don't feel guilty about it, because after many long ...

hello everyone and welcome back to my

youtube channel my name is Emil Lawson and today I am doing a work what I eat in a week healthy ish so starting Saturday morning I had Ziggy's vanilla yogurt with chia seeds hemp seeds pumpkin seeds cashews and raspberries with a side of whole grain toast with peanut butter on top a little bit later on I had an iced coffee which was just coffee two packets of sweetener almond milk and ice as well as three peaches for dinner my mom and I went to Ruby Tuesday's and I had the salmon which was honestly really gross for breakfast I just had a bowl of Cheerios and almond milk before my family and I went to the beach I did not plan this very well because I forgot to bring snacks would not recommend Cheerios as your only source of fuel for a morning at the beach when I got home from the beach I made myself a huge green smoothie with spinach bananas mangoes chia seeds dates hemp seeds and half orange juice half water and when I think I'd sing cucumber in there too so for lunch today I had a big hearty salad of spinach broccoli chicken and this black bean corn salsa that I make later on in the video with a huge heap of avocado on top as a snack I

then had a bunch of berries peaches and ciggies raspberry yogurt in a couple of gluten-free pretzels not gluten free they just taste better alright so while I do a really good job of eating healthy for breakfast and lunch dinner is where I kind of go off the rails I crave something hearty fatty oily easy car be and that's what I gave myself today so I'm cutting up some apples and then on a whole-grain piece of bread I put mayo and spread it all over adding a slice or two or three or four of smokehouse cheddar cheese then I put the slices of apples that I'd sliced pretty thinly on top of the cheese before adding the Applewood thick-cut smoked bacon and frying it in a pan with butter horrifically unhealthy I know it's Monday and I started off the week right with these microwavable Kodiak cake pancakes and they added peanut butter and jam as a snack for work I packed cucumber and pretzels and before I left for work I did have a banana although I work full-time typically I am recovering from a back injury so today was only a half day because my back was bothering me and I had sticky's vanilla

yogurt with raspberries blackberries chia seeds pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds when some cashews since I was having lunch at home I was able to make myself some avocado toast which is what I did it's just whole-grain bread avocados salt and pepper not the healthiest but definitely delicious I did my meal prep on Monday this week because I don't always meal prep but I don't always have a schedule but when I do with either on Sunday or Monday I roasted some garlic and made a pesto sauce roasted some sweet potatoes for the black beans also you need one can of corn one can of black beans half a red onion some cilantro a wedge of lime juice salt and pepper and then you mix it all together and you have this delicious thing you can put on salad chicken potatoes whatever you want next for my meal prep i roasted two chicken breasts with avocado oil salt and pepper I kept it plain so I could use it in a bunch of different things I also made some homemade granola which is super simple and easy to make I will link the recipe that I used down below just a plain salted maple granola later on I

did add pumpkin seeds and nuts and such this morning I had a fruit smoothie with frozen mango strawberries in banana I added hemp seeds and two dates and used half water half orange juice I also had granola with almond milk same Fran all I made before I was so hungry this day I forgot to film with my lunch but I had a sandwich with bread Turkey the pesto and spinach with a side of sugar snap peas and bell peppers I made dinner for my grandma and I this night using the exact same pesto with pasta and frozen broccoli hers has cheese and mine did not for today's breakfast I had a bowl of Cheerios with almond milk and not one not two but three bananas lunch was the black bean and corn salsa with chicken so yummy pretzels and cucumber tonight was a very healthy dinner if I do say so myself of this very perfect avocado with chicken sweet potato and spinach salt and pepper too and some hemp seeds on top [Music] Thursday's breakfast was avocado toast with salt pepper and lime juice and two bananas for lunch I had the black bean and corn salsa with half a baked sweet potato and chicken another

very pretty unhealthy dinner but delicious nonetheless of vegan chicken nuggets french fries and barbecue sauce [Music] it's finally the end of the week and I rewarded myself with a huge bowl of Cheerios and almond milk for lunch I had leftover pasta with pesto and broccoli and then for dinner I went out with my family to Chili's to celebrate my brother's 18th birthday that is all I have for you today thank you so much for watching this video and I hope to see you again in the next one bye [Music]