28 August 2019

Healthy & Delicious Breakfast Ideas | NataliesOutlet | HD 2019 # 20

Healthy & Delicious Breakfast Ideas | NataliesOutlet | HD 2019 # 20 Healthy & Delicious Breakfast Ideas | NataliesOutlet | HD 2019 # 20 Healthy & Delicious ...


if you're feeling satiated and they're very delicious they're quick easy and their car absolutely no cooking experience or skill so let's get on with the videos recipe is called the Chocolate Chunk now I like to call it this because it is filled with chocolate business drive through a lot of sweetness in there so if you're a kind of person that crave sweets in the mornings this is the recipe for you gonna begin I start off with some dried oats I just use Quakers that works perfectly for me then I move on to one banana I just chopped that up and pour it on to the bowl and I like to mix in an assortment of nuts that includes cashews walnuts pecans dried fruit also a little bit of papaya dried banana pineapple I mean it has an assortment of everything so it's very delicious and tastes great then I going with some almond milk in the flavor chocolate and I kid you not this tastes just like chocolate milk if not better this recipe I like to call it the little Bowl because it is a vibrant vibrant green smoothie it's not no swamp looking water kind of a hope drink this vibrant green smoothie that tastes so

good it literally tastes like I started off with a little bit kale then I chopped up one banana chop chop chop chop chop chop chop into the mix I add half a pair the key ingredient here are the elements I add about five to eight to ten or of owlman's and it just gives it this really nice smoothie textures don't skip out on the step if you are allergic to almonds then maybe add in some cashews cashews will taste great if not better and lastly you just add some water and then blend it up you got yourself a little smoothie there pal the last recipe is still pregnant sitting and I love this one because it is super sweet filling and almost and luxurious treat I mean it's a parfait for this recipe it's pretty much self-explanatory it's just combining a whole bunch of different variables into the mix so I start off with a little bit of oats then I go in with a little bit of yogurt then I go in with some strawberries or any fruit of my choice then I just continue the same pattern until we reach at the top and then pull it up put on and that is the icing on the cake understand that's it for this video I really hope you guys

enjoyed it let me know down below which one was your favorite so I want to link down below some books and documentaries that have really empowered me to change my eating habits they've definitely been a huge influence in my life and I know I can sound kind of drastic but you know what you put into your body is important and the way you take care of yourself is also really important so it means a lot when you treat yourself right so I'm gonna put down some things if you guys are interested down in the links below also if you do try any of these out please do show me on Instagram or Twitter I have both I would love to see your creations and that's it until next time bye that comes down chunky but just make sure you do it but know you're going around like make it look oh god oh my god you made it look like a splatter oh my god it looks so oh my god re take two okay you're in the hot seat I'll taste that [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter]

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