10 June 2019


super basic what i eat in a day video. I really tried to make it as simple as possible and did not use any expensive or hard to find ingredients xx hope you ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel sorry

for the very messy house I'm busy going through our house because we have so much clutter and I'm doing a huge throw out or not throughout but donate so anyways I've got a lot of stuff maybe you can see it there and I'm going to put it in a box and take it next week to a home where I'm gonna donate it because we just have so much stuff that we don't appreciate and I'm tired of my house being clouded so anyways welcome to my what I eat in a day video I'm so excited because I decided to make this what I eat in a day video very basic very simple so that you can find all of the ingredients if you want to it's not complicated and I don't always eat like this but this is kind of the day that I aim for the one that I feel the based on something that's loaded with antioxidants anti-inflammatory ingredients and then it's well balanced with protein fats and carbs so that's what I employ every day and you don't obviously have to eat like this I'm not telling you that you should be like this I'm just showing you off to trying many different diets this is what makes me feel like my best self and that's what we all aim for right

- noise I hope you enjoy this video full breakfast I decided to make a berry smoothie I actually made Michael berry smoothie this morning and I was like huh okay I really want one now as well so I've got some blueberries and some frozen bananas and I'm just adding that to the banana with some almond milk chia seeds water and a vegan protein powder just in that up add it to a nice jaw with a stroll non-plastic of course and you're good to go for a snack I am gonna have something so basic I'm kind of embarrassed because it's so basic but some rice cakes with some jazzed up guacamole so in the guac I've got half an avocado and then I've chopped up some cucumbers and peppers some coriander and I've added that to the guac and just mashed it in and then I've also added some salt and pepper and you can add nutritional yeast if you have it I do not have any nutritional yeast unfortunately have run out but yeah that also keeps it even more simple for you guys and easier for you guys because I know that nutritional yeast is not something that everybody has in their cupboard so yeah just mash it I put it on the rice

and then just top it with some more salt and pepper and paprika okay and pepper and that's it I love this actually I'm obsessed with it a little bit lately I don't know why it's so basic but it's so delish and then if for lunch I decided to make a very basic salad just with some crunchy cause lettuce this is my favorite type of latest because it's so yes so crunchy and so um tasty compared to other letters I've got that and they've got baby spinach in there I use the other half of my avocado which I just mashed as well and I've got some cucumber some peppers and then I also decided to use some Rosa Tomatoes which I roasted in the oven with some garlic and some olive oil and roasted until they were all nice and soft I don't really like tomatoes all that much and neither does Michaels so just having them like this makes them nicer and more delicious so you can add them to pastas toasts and salads I've decided to take a handful and pop it on top of my salad I also added some chickpeas to the salad and then I made a delicious very very easy dressing with some vegan Mayo some mustard and some organic maple syrup just mixed it all in together and then

it drizzled it over my salad so delicious ate the whole thing because it was great then as a snack in the afternoon I made some choc chip cookies I made giant chop chip cookies so I had half a cookie because I actually made them a little bit too sweet and I just wanted half because they were really big that recipe will be on my Instagram shortly after you've watched this or probably before you've watched it so check those out if you want to make them that are really delicious and so easy only a couple of basic ingredients as well then banana I've decided to make a nice mixed batch risotto with some lentils for extra protein it is very cold well I am very cold and it is went in South Africa so warm hardy meals are great for dinner especially to warm me up from the inside out because I definitely need that so I've made some risotto with some zucchinis and green beans I've chopped that up added it to a pan and then whilst that's all frying up I made some vegetable stock so I just took six to seven cups of boiling water added it to jar and

then added two tablespoons of vegetable stock to that mixed it in and then added it to the fried vegetables then I added 2 cups of risotto rice and then you just mix it in cover the pot and let it cook for about 45 minutes to an hour when the risotto rice is soft then it is done if it is not soft and older water has evaporated just add more water until the risotto rice is soft and then just dish it up into a bowl add some coriander salt and pepper and you are done in the evening I did have a cup of tea or half a cup of tea I'm one of those very very annoying people that always makes tea all makes Michael make me tea and then I only drink about four sips I might forget about it until it's ice-cold and then I just leave it alone so I did have a couple sips or half a cup of tea which was great and that was it that is my what I eat in a day video I hope you enjoyed please don't forget to Like and subscribe if you did enjoy and I hope to see you in the next video you