10 June 2019

HEALTHY WHAT I EAT IN A DAY/ how i got abs (vegan) **FAIL??**

Hey guys hope you liked this one! I'm going to be uploading more consistently so stayed tuned! :) xoxo, Courtney ...


[Music] hey dad's so oh my god I literally sound like a chain smoker but today I'm going to be doing a what I eat in a day and my camera tripod won't go up any higher since but I'm like scrunching down first off I'm just trying to say I'm gonna like health expert yeah getting gay obviously you not tell that story because this is when are trying you today to maintain a somewhat healthy diet so yeah if you want to see more health videos like this just let me know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe so yeah so the first thing that I usually do in the morning is make a cup of hot lemon water because that's supposed to like cleanse you however another so I'm just gonna go like so good enough now I'm gonna take some and you're blessed enough is someone actually cut them up before honestly I have to do it myself and II health your squeeze my lemon ha oh my god you just got like the bee season here that's literally the bane of my existence oh my god I'm so stupid do you ever squeeze your lemon no do you have to squeeze your lemon I don't know so apparently you supposed to drink this

like 20 minutes before you eat why it's enough this is done I am having a grapefruit cinnamon [Music] it's actually pretty good I'm so yeah like I let you just have like acids for breakfast but joke's on you guys it's actually not morning I just woke up at 2:00 p.m. and it's literally like 3 p.m. right now so I'm gonna go to the gym um really quickly and then I'm gonna come back and have like a protein shake or something because yeah I just want something like though before I worked out they usually eat a lot one morning this is not a sufficient like Leo meal I usually have like avocado toast I'm like Ezekiel bread or a protein shake and like something else you know what I need that before I work I don't like having like a lot of stuff in my stomach oh and by the way I know I didn't show this but I actually did have the full grapefruit it wasn't just the half so still isn't like a ton but the cinnamon that will help with metabolism and so well for running water and a help with like your digestive system and stuff like that so that's why I would like having stuff like that in the morning especially that

with the lemon water kind of like coats your stomach I react a lot of small meals is like key I'm little bit The Hunchback of Notre Dame right now he's really talking to the camera I'm gonna go get changed for the gym and then I would be back ok so I wonder s my gym I'm going to wow nematode worm to marinate or salmon for dinner first off the Marion salmon myself before so these look acute it's kind of freaky I am a vegetarian oh but I still eat seafood sometimes because I don't turn that practice don't eat like actual meat me but I try and stay away from like there is much as possible I never have a regular milk I only have it on the milk or some kind of like soil coconut milk so I've never done this before like I started so I'm gonna marinate it in soy sauce honey and garlic I don't know my mom - this might be good honey oh okay so I'm gonna be taking some pre-workout I used to take this one but like I don't know a lot of my guys here this one ooh this is like bad for you I don't really know they started taking this pre-workout it's by the company woman's best just be a community girl only am I

gonna be my second time using it so I'll let you guys know the first time okay so the problem with pre-workout is you have to mix it with like enough water otherwise when you get to the gym your body might get like all stable even weird that happened to me last time I took this one it would happen to me at all time when I took this alright friends you're like bodybuilders and stuff literally go like snort this stuff and I call this like in at the gym like it literally is yeah they would like store their I'll take a scoop full of it especially if you're just starting out taking pre-workout and stuff do not do that because when you get to the gym your entire body will feel like it's like fell asleep like a magic ball madam that all over your body and no matter of how many times you shake your arms out and like all working out broke away it just goes away over time says to consume 15 to 30 minutes before you work out that's also important to know too 400 milliliters of water or 13.5 oh it's just I don't really know how much that is so I'm just going like guess to me know hopefully my body wasn't good to you this time but I'll let you guys am I

involving over here like okay bye update my entire body is lovely vibrating I don't know to do my hands are getting there I actually thought I was gonna die in the car right here my feet started going not I was in the heart idiom I try to like pump myself up like nope that didn't work and I look like a crackhead I mean could you imagine if I started I don't understand you do that this what it feels like to die this really is is not it's not good how this happen to anyone else hi it's me again I literally just this will work out and it should actually be illegal to drive home after working out because I can be really c412 my legs barely work and for me like why do I still have the Pattinson beater like Thank You tree spoonbread making me sound like this like I didn't even the guide allergy looks slimy with it all my exploit seems that go don't eat first but three scoops of this you shake it up this person she said she was really really good that just from woman's best bustle in bad shape but what a beauty don't have to bomb achieve very fast wow you have some chocolate square bed

called a few chocolate um I usually have one to two squares usually to come up at beauty stuff like really my mojo but you sound like that snippet I've got like a little tiny like corner that like dinner about the other one there's no vegan no palm oil don't find sugar milk and sugar no sugar alcohols no dairy no subscribe [Music]