02 April 2014

Healthy Weight Loss - Your Spring into Summer Plan

www.perfectweightmadeeasy.com - Pam Chapman Welcome back to Your Perfect Weight Made Easy. We are on a fifteen-week food and exercise program to ...

hi welcome to your perfect weight made

easy my name is Pam and I'm facilitating this awesome blog where we experiment in practice with new structures to help you make losing weight easier and maintaining that weight loss even easier than that we're currently on a 15-week program to get fabulous for summer so I'm so glad you're here to join us this week's topic is what is your perfect weight what is your perfect weight made easy and it's actually a lot of things and it's not a lot of things so I'm excited to be here today to tell you about them first of all I bet that you like me have been on a lot of diets some of them successful and some of them not so you know the ones that aren't tend to be because they're too difficult well first of all your perfect weight made easy was born out of the frustrations of yo-yo dieting I was very frustrated very pain pie at all and I found an easier simpler way a healthy way and I'm so excited to be here to share it with you your perfect weight made easy is about realistic healthy weight loss it's about fun exercise and it's also about creating a brand new self-image one that has you healthy trim alive because you've got to be able to see and feel

yourself thin before it's apt to happen so what we're not we are not a restrictive difficult diet to follow we're not a bootcamp of complex hard exercises we are not an unrealistic goal fast weight loss program that gets you like skinny and back to that junior high weight we're not any of that but what we are is a supportive growing community that encourages fun exercise and movement healthy nutritious eating and realistic weight loss your perfect weight is the weight that you feel vital sexy and wonderful at it may not be a weight that you immediately identify on a chart and I almost guarantee that it's not the way of your favorite actress or model in fact that's their perfect weight and not yours your perfect way is a weight that's easy for you to maintain with with nutritious food and with moderate exercise we want you to be able to maintain your weight loss once you've achieved it as well so last week we actually talked about a couple of things we talked about how important it is to come up with your why why is it that you're going to stick to this program for 15 weeks and be fabulous and we called our why are so

that my so that is I want to lose weight and weigh between 157 and 163 so that I'll be energetic and look fabulous in my clothes the second thing we did last week was we picked a healthy food plan to follow if you're just joining us or you haven't done those things yet email me if you have any questions let's stay in touch and let's really work on this together we've got time we're going to be fabulous and happy and healthy as well so choose the healthy food plant this week's assignment is to add a little bit to that I'd like you to commit to your food plan this week we're also going to add doing our measurements now to get your measurements find your trusty wonderful tape measurer and i'd like you to do three measurements at least one is at the fullest part of your chest another one is at the at your bellybutton around your waist and the third is it the fullest part of your hips keep track once a month of your measurements and weigh yourself once maybe twice a week but no more than that I would love for you to email me your beginning weight and your goal weight so that we can stay in touch and I can be here to motivate you I know beyond a

shadow of a doubt that we're going to do it this time and that this summer we're going to be fabulous I even have a fun incentive to announce to you in the next few weeks too but I need you to be email me your current weight and your goal so I can have you in our program with us so welcome welcome aboard have some friends join you as well have a wonderful week I know that you can do it I know you can do it this time and I know that with all the tips ahead that we're going to be sharing you won't gain it back this time either so get out that tape measure it's going to be our newest fashion accessory this week I look forward to seeing you great week and thank you for joining me