24 September 2018

Healthy Weekly Meal Prep | Turkey chili, low carb “potato” salad

Low Carb Potato Salad - https://www.skinnytaste.com/low-carb-potato-salad/print/ Turkey Chili ...


hi everyone welcome back to my channel so I have another meal prep video so let's jump right in so as usual I am starting out with my basic and snack prep and I apologize I know I do this every single week but this really is part of my every week meal prep so I am starting out by cleaning up some grapes I want to get this over with because this is probably my most tedious and hated task so I'm putting those into some a little snack bag so I can have those throughout the week and next I'm going to chop up some red onions for salads and then I will cut up some green onions also for salads and just for anything else throughout the week and and I had some celery leftover from a different recipe I'll be showing you here in a second so I cut up some celery sticks and then I went ahead and just took some baby cut carrots and put the carrots and celery in some bags that I can snack on throughout the week I also made some chai tea cream cheese muffins I did that in a separate video and I will be sharing that with you a Monday morning [Music] [Music]

so I did buy a rotisserie chicken I wanted to have that for lunch today and then also for lunch a couple days next week so I am just taking off the meat I first I removed the skin and then I'm just removing the meat I do put the breast meat in One Bowl and then the dark meat and the other Bowl that way I can track it easier I do eat both but I just track of course the dark meat so I am doing that I always wear gloves when I do this just because it is not a fun task but it is so amazing when you get done to have this meat on hand now I'm gonna start working on the side dish for my chicken and that's going to be a low carb quote potato salad the salad is made with cauliflower instead of the potatoes I had a co-worker tell me about this and she said it was really good so I searched for a recipe online and found this one on skinny taste first off I need to prep a few things to get ready for this so I need to cut up some onion really finely so I'm just taking this red onion and just putting it through my veggie chopper and then I am going to cut up some celery really finely as well and while I was doing all this I was steaming my cauliflower I just took a

pound of cauliflower and cut it up into half inch pieces and steamed it in my steamer basket for about 10 minutes now in a separate Bowl you want to go ahead and combine your dressing for the salad so I am using a half of a cup of fat-free mayo and then also some of this Cuban style mustard I don't ever measure mustard so I just kind of put enough in there but the recipe says a teaspoon and then I'm also combining this with some dill I didn't have any fresh dill so I'm just using some dried dill and I again I didn't measure it I put enough in there where I thought would be enough I also added in some salt and pepper and stirred that up and set it aside I also forgot to mention I did have to heart boil some eggs so I just did three hard-boiled eggs and then I chopped them up and added those to the bowl of cauliflower and now I'm going to add everything else into the bowl the onion the celery and then also going to add some pickled dill relish and then you just want to put your mayonnaise mixture and just stir it all up and you guys I did try a little bit of this and it tastes really super good so highly recommend this I think this is

going to be a great recipe to have so also for lunch this week I'm going to be having some turkey chili this is a completely new recipe to me so I'm excited to try this out so I did have to prep a few things for this as well I needed some yellow onion so I just use my veggie chopper for that also needed some red pepper so I went ahead and diced up some red pepper now I'm going to be using my multicooker for this I get a lot of questions about this I you can get it on Amazon so I will link it down in the description box I really like it so I'm just going to put my onion and red pepper in my multi-cooker that's already been heated up and I'm just going to saute that with some garlic again I never measure garlic but I just put like a heaping tablespoon in there so I went in and sauteed that up it took about five or six minutes or so for the onion and pepper to get cooked so now I'm going to go ahead and add in this ground turkey and then you want to just cook the turkey and until it is no longer pink and then once that is all done then you're going to go ahead and add in your spices so I'm going to add in 3 tablespoons of chili powder 2

teaspoons of ground cumin 1 teaspoon of dried oregano and 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and it asked it called for 4 tablespoons of chili powder but I only have 3 tablespoons but it worked out just fine so you want to stir all that together and then you're going to add in the rest of your ingredients so you're going to add in a 28 ounce can of diced tomatoes or crushed tomatoes I use crushed Tomatoes and then I also added in some diced tomatoes as well and then you're going to want to add in 1 and 1/4 cup of chicken broth I ended up actually using 1 and 1/2 cups just for your information and then you're going to add in some kidney beans that have been drained and rinsed you're going to use two cans of dark red kidney beans and you're also going to use one can of a sweet corn that has been rinsed and and so you want to add all of that to your pot and then bring it to a boil and then once it brought it to a boil when you reduce the heat and simmer for about 30 to 45 minutes and it starts to thicken up I will be topping mine with some cheese and sour cream and some jalapenos when I have it for lunch through the week now I'm going to start

assembling my meal preps so I'm going to do two of them with the rotisserie chicken and the faux potato salad so that is what is going into these containers and then I'm going to put chili in my round containers all my containers are always linked in the description box and I just had a few dinner prep items to do my husband requested a pot of pinto beans so I did make that so he'll be having that with his dinners through the week and then I just needed to cut up a couple vegetables for a stir-fry that I'm having for dinner one day next week so I just cut up some carrots and some napa cabbage okay so meal prep is done I have about 20 minutes left on my chili so I'm just gonna let that simmer for a little bit and I have about an hour left on my beans so I let them simmer as well and then I have my snack bins all full again I did do a whole video on my snack bins in my refrigerator I will have it up in the cards and also in the description box so I have all my vegetables for the week so if carrots celery and some grapes to snack on and this is for the whole family by the way and then I have

quite a few yogurts to snack on some cheese's and then I use the guacamole for the vegetables and then I have some unsweetened applesauce in here so plenty of snacks for the family and then here is the cauliflower quot potato salad that's the rest of the chicken I did not use I'll eat that up this weekend the carrots for the dinner the cabbage dinner and then here is the cabbage for the cabbage dinner a green onions for salad red onions for salad and then here are two of the chicken and potato or quote potato salad lunches then I just one of the chili so I'm gonna put that back in there but I just wanted to show you guys that and then I prepped these yesterday and I will have a whole video on these these are some chai tea muffins so that video will be up Monday morning so I did that in a separate video because it took a little bit longer so there you go here's everything I prepped now I will tell you I always tell you guys I do a time limit on my prep I set 90 minutes for myself whenever I'm filming because it does take a little longer so I used exactly 90 minutes so there are two things I did not do today and that was some egg muffin cups and

then some oatmeal pumpkin pumpkin oatmeal muffins which I made these muffins instead so actually it was just the egg muffin cups is the only thing I did not get done today so but that is what I do I set a time limit and I get the things done that I know I want to get done and then if I don't have time then I don't do it so there you go and also I did marinate some chicken as well I did not show you guys that because I do that almost every week but your than that I got done the most of what I needed to get done thank you so much for watching you guys I really appreciate your support and how much you love these meal prep videos I hope that this has given you some good ideas and if you're not subscribed I encourage you to do so because I do meal prep every single week and please hit the notification bell so you're notified when I upload videos and leave me a comment down below with what you are meal prepping for the week and I look forward to talking to you guys in the comments and I will see you all in the next video bye guys inside your eyes you make me to like I will