22 July 2019


Hey guys!! Here is our grocery haul for the week! soe groceries plus cleaning products. This is for a family of 3. 2 adults and 1 two year old toddler! If you have ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Alisa and today's video is going to be a small grocery haul I got some cleaning supplies because I'm going to deep clean my kitchen today and I also got a couple of groceries just to like fill out our meals for this week there's not much but it's just like a good idea of what we get on like our weekly grocery hauls so if you're interested in that please watch the rest of this video and don't forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you like this kind of content yeah so let's get into ok so this is our full grocery haul for the week there is not much here but like I said I just needed a couple of cleaning products and just food to fill in the rest of our meals so I'll just get started with the food that I got so I am really loving this milk I got it in one of my other grocery hauls and I hadn't had it before but now I think this is like the third time we've gotten it it is really good a lot of other oat milk that I've tried I don't know they just taste kind of like play-doh yep that makes sense but this one is so good it has such a good flavor to it so we got another one of these I think a V really likes this as well I

also got this canister of biscuits I know this is not like the healthiest thing in the world but I was really craving them and I saw them and I was like yep I need to get them we practice the 80/20 80% clean and 20% eat whatever the B feel like it so this is definitely something that's in that 20 percent that I'm super excited to eat in the morning we've been moving more bread so I always start to get Dave's killer bread I like to get the thin sliced or yeah the thin sliced ones but they didn't have any HUV and so I just got these bigger like thicker ones I just really bought this bread and a tea actually really loves it too I'll just like spread this hummus on it and give it to her for a snack or for lunch and she eats the crap out of it she loves it so much so definitely got another loaf of this and honestly I really want to get a Costco membership because I know they carry this and it comes in a 2-pack and it's super cheap for what they give you so if you have a Costco membership look for this bread there I also got another thing of hummus just because we ran out of ours avy can go through like a full thing

like one day I swear she is obsessed with hummus so I got another one we love it I like to put it on sandwiches we like to eat it with vegetables it's just a really great staple in our house they also needed eggs I didn't get it free-range or this time but I did get organic brown eggs so definitely a stable house as well we eat a lot of eggs and I also got some granola I like to make my own granola it's pretty easy but honestly this week has been super busy and I just want this like in the morning for cereal or as a snack for a bee she really loves canola and this has been my favorite brand and flavor so far it's so good so that is all the food we got for this grocery trip this will just like fill in what we need for the week so moving on to the cleaning I got for this deep clean which I need to get started on I saw these then eraser I think on someone's YouTube video I can't remember who but I was like I didn't even know they made these which is super cool definitely gonna use these like on our fridge and microwave and the walls because obviously I have a toddler and she likes to color and dirty hands all over the walls so I'm

gonna use this to clean our walls and to clean the fridge and all of that so I thought this was a really cool thing just because the thicker ones are just I don't know they go so fast so it's cool that there's 16 in this one package I also got cotton swabs 8jc uses these a lot but I I'm gonna use these as I clean to get into like the really nitty gritty areas of things that I can't quite reach so I've got a full package of that JC bought these gloves I have my own reusable gloves but I guess he wanted this or when he does cleaning cuz he helps me a lot so yeah you got some of these I also got a package of these mr.clean reusable wipes I'm going to use this throughout the clean to clean out the drawers and the cabinets and I love that they're reusable so I can just throw them in the wash and reuse them okay the next thing we got are these mrs. Myers products I generally don't get mrs. Myers because they really aren't as clean as they claim to be her the e WG site I will link that site down below so you can go and like look up products they rate your products to see how clean they are and you know all that so I really don't like

to get these but I really wanted a candle and this one's not so good so I got this anyways JC picked out this scent which is basil and then I I don't know I really been wanting my clothes to smell a little bit better we used like a free and clear detergent and so I also got this we're gonna try it out I've never got it before if you do have this leave it down leave a comment down below and let me know if you like it but you know I'll try this out today and see how it goes and see how it smells I love lavender so see how and then I also got this love home and planet multi-purpose cleaning wipes we don't normally get cleaning wipes but I thought this would be good as I'm cleaning out the drawers and the pantry and even abies toys sometimes I feel like this would be a good just like easy wipe up and even maybe in the car so I got these I'd never used this brand before but I really love their packaging I'm a sucker for graphic design and packaging so they sold me on that and I have a few friends YouTube friends that have bought this brand to shout out to Libby and Heather so um yeah I'm gonna give it a try and see if I like it and

then I bought an extra refill these toilet wands just because we are out we have one more left actually and I really love this it's just like a wand just and I use it probably every two days honestly on our toilet and it's just so easy to clean really fast while abies taking a bath or I'm in there cleaning the bathroom so I got refills of that and it's a actual scent to which I didn't even know they had so rainforest rush we'll see how good that smells yeah that's the grocery haul so yeah that's our whole haul for the week I know it's not super big but just so you have an idea of what we get like on a weekly basis because I do a lot of monthly grocery hauls this is just like a super easy quick thing that I could show you and so I hope you enjoyed it if you did please hit that like button and subscribe so you can see more of this I'll catch you in the next one