21 October 2018

Healthy Vegan Recipes - HOME FRIES - Oil Free - SOS Free

I've always loved those diner-style home fries potatoes but they are usually full of butter or oil. This version is totally free of added salt, oil, and sugar. I eat them ...

you know I am all about super fast

healthy easy food prep which is why I love this world-famous home fried potato recipe I'll show you how easy it is right now hey everybody this is Dillon I'm not sure why I call these home fried potatoes maybe because they're kind of modeled after the diner style home fried potatoes with peppers and onions and fried up together but I eat them in the morning in the noon in the night so really they're just awesome delicious potatoes let's just get started shall we I have a bowl a mix of russet and gold that I've peeled and I've got them in a bowl of water here only because once I peel them they turn brown so I put them in water and they don't turn brown and oxidize that's it so I'm just gonna chop them up let's do it all I'm going to do is take those round potato flop it down on the cutting board and then cut off one side so that it doesn't roll all over the place then take that and we're just going to slice it up into nice discs and then cut those discs in half or in thirds whatever you want and then dice them up the other direction and you're done you can do whatever size potatoes you want these are all kind of

all over the place whatever no big deal right okay next step I just have to read bell peppers and onion and I like it a little spicy so I'm throwing in some a few serrano peppers be careful serrano peppers are hot if you don't want spice then just don't use any peppers but you know me normally I would say just do one bell pepper and one onion but these were kind of small bell peppers so that's why I'm doing two if you have monster bell peppers then just do one here we go with the Serrano's I'm just gonna have them and slice them nice and thin and an onion you know if you hate chopping or you're bad at it and you don't want to get good at it it can be really therapeutic you should consider just practicing but you can just check out chunk up these items and throw them into your food processor and just pulse them and just don't want to liquify them too much you know okay that is it we've got our peppers onions potatoes let's do this so over here I've got a pot of water I'm going to dump the potatoes into the pot and get it up to a boil all we're doing and sort of pre cooking

these potatoes because we if we put them into the pot with the peppers and onions it's gonna take forever for them to cook through so we're just giving them a head start don't cook them till they're mush just cook them till they're just not quite done so that when we add them back into the peppers and onions you'll see they'll just come together perfectly okay while the potatoes are going let's get our peppers and onions going over here obviously I am totally oil free so I just saute with a little bit of water and as it starts to dry let it let it brown just slightly and then add a little water loosen it up let it dry add a little water and I just do that over and over and it Browns up really nicely we're just gonna leave that for a couple minutes all right I'm gonna add a couple probably maybe five cloves of garlic I like it garlicky you decide alright see it's starting to dry a little bit and that's where we get a little bit of color so let it let it start not burn but let it kind of Brown just a hair let's check these potatoes the potatoes are already good to go it only took a few minutes of boiling and I'm gonna strain out the water alright we're

getting a little color now we'll add some water and sort of just deglaze the bottom of the pan all right now I'm gonna add in some seasoning I've got an Italian seasoning I'm gonna add maybe I don't know a tablespoon or more I've got the Kirkland no salt seasoning but you can use any kind of no salt seasoning any kind of spice blend that you might like maybe it's some kind of a Southwest blend or you know whatever kind of blend you like I also love you know me with my curry so I'm gonna throw in just a little bit of my favorite curry seasoning too and of course some chili powder yeah that's a lot be careful throwing a little bit more water give it a stir so here's where once in a while I'll add more water and I'll actually put in a little bit of flour like @f flour or oat flour or any kind of a whole grain flour and it'll give it more of a gravy kind of thickness that'll coat your potatoes I won't do that now but keep that in mind try it out it's pretty tasty okay these veggies are nice let's throw in the potatoes

all right so just turn it down a little bit now and let them just kind of sit together and cook to finish out those potatoes and this is where you know decide like if it looks like you want more sauce in there then add more of your your favorite spice blend and a little bit more water and don't be afraid to go hard let's eat it oh yeah mm-hmm beautiful and that's all there is to it how easy was that it's like three ingredients oh it's hot you know I like it hot here's what else I like to do I throw anything in this I usually do it with mushrooms anything I have leftover I love doing it with cauliflower when you're boiling the potatoes you could throw the cauliflower in for a minute to with the potatoes and let it cook through a little bit and then add the potatoes and cauliflower you could do broccoli you could do zucchini I do zucchini actually very often that's it another meal anytime you make this please remember to make enough for at least a few meals this has got to be your lunch the next day too so don't forget maximize your time in the kitchen thanks everybody for watching this video please click this playlist here to see

my other healthy vegan recipe videos and click the link down here to learn about my live interactive cooking show where we go into a lot more detail with chopping skills and the other recipes that I love to cook we'll see you there thanks for watching bye [Music]