10 June 2019

Healthy Vegan Grocery Haul + Easy Recipes 🥑🥬🥒🥗🌮🍜

Healthy vegan grocery haul plus easy recipes! Hope this gives you some good ideas on what to buy AND how to use it :) Recipes below. ↠ Subscribe to my ...


[Music] what's up guys it's Nicole also known as Nikki vegan and today I'm gonna be showing you everything that I picked up at the grocery store and as always instead of just showing you what I picked up I'm also going to be showing you some recipes that kind of illustrate what I do with the groceries that I buy each week at the grocery store so I hope this gives you lots of healthy grocery shopping inspiration and meal ideas and let's get started alright so the first thing that I picked up is some frozen butternut squash my favorite thing to do with this is make my macaroni and cheese recipe which I will link down below for you but I've recently started using frozen butternut squash in my smoothies which I know sounds weird but it's a great way to add some veggies to your smoothie to add some variety and the fruits and veggies that you're getting in there and also just to add some bulk literally just to make it bigger and it also adds a really nice creaminess so what I will do is I'll do a handful or two of spinach and blend that up and then I'll add two handfuls of butternut squash one handful of frozen mango half

of a frozen banana and some ginger whenever I think I'm gonna not be able to use up a whole ginger I'll slice it up and freeze it and that way I have it for smoothies and it's a great little trick to reduce some food waste I forgot to show me putting an orange into the blender but I did do that later on when I realized I forgot it and then I will just close this up with some water blend it until it's really nice and smooth and this flavor combination is delicious I will make sure to link it in the description box below then I picked up some frozen veggie burgers I don't eat these everyday but especially when I just need something quick and easy for my lunchbox at work these are kind of a go-to for me I like the California veggie burger and also the super green flavor these are both really great then I picked up some frozen blueberries these are another staple in my freezer I pretty much always have them on hand mostly for my oatmeal in the morning I love them in my smoothies as well so I just started getting the big bag because I go through them really fast I also picked up some sweet cherries these are really good to snack on just on their

own but one of my favorite ways to use frozen berries is actually to make sauces for pancakes or for french toast so here I'm going to show you how I make my french toast sticks instead of using eggs and milk as the batter for the French toast I use mashed banana and full fat coconut milk and I add some nice flavor with a bit of vanilla and cinnamon and then I just soak my bread in it and I actually cut this into sticks but you can do whatever you want you just want to make sure that the bread is nice and saturated with the batter and then you'll just fry these up on both sides in frying pan then I'll immediately take the hot french toast and set it onto a plate with some shredded coconut and make sure to coat all of the sides with the shredded coconut it adds a really nice flavor and texture to the french toast and then instead of just doing regular maple syrup I'll take some frozen berries here I'm using raspberries but you could definitely do cherries or blueberries or mixed berries I'll add a little bit of maple syrup and a tiny splash of water blend that until it's nice and smooth and that will be the syrup that I use on

the French toast you can warm this up if you like but it is such a nice flavor combination with this particular french toast recipe especially if you add an extra little drizzle of coconut milk on top it's just so delicious with that vanilla and cinnamon and fresh berries it's so good so I'll make sure I link this below for you guys then I picked up some of this unsweetened plain vegan yogurt from kite Hill this is something I pick up all the time because I use it almost everyday on my oatmeal sounds maybe strange to have it on your oatmeal but I love the kind of berries and cream vibe that it gives my breakfast then I also picked up some tofu I like the extra firm unless I'm doing tofu scramble and then I'll get medium I picked up some almond milk this is one of my favorites and I really love the organic eaten soy and then I always pick up the biggest container of organic cook quick cooking oats I can find this is oh my gosh I don't even want to know how fast I go through these these are my favorite and I eat them every day then I got some dish soap I like this one I use it all the time and I also got these thin stacker brown rice crackers

these are super versatile a lot of times I just have them really quickly as a snack with hummus or some mashed avocado on top I also love the flavor of these with the spicy Fiesta cashew dip from Trader Joe's that combo is just absolute heaven then I picked up these and multi seed crackers these are really good so if you're looking for a gluten-free option I would highly recommend these I also got some almond butter this is a staple in my pantry I love it on mule and I also really like that this version is just organic almonds that's the only ingredient I think that's really nice oh the trick to getting that drizzle is to keep your room temperature then I got some chocolate this is my absolute favorite one and I also got some of these tazza Mexican chocolates I got some comments the last time I showed these in a video from those of you saying that it was weird that I wasn't using them to make hot chocolate so I looked it up and I found out how to make a vegan hot chocolate using these chocolates so I'm going to show you how I did it because it was so easy and so

decadent [Music] [Music] then I picked up another batch of these multivitamins from my kind organic they are vegan and I love the ingredients they have just really simple ingredients made out of food instead of synthetic vitamins and there are really great source of vitamin b12 so if these are my go-to s I also got a couple of these cashew chipped core bars for just days when I need something on the go usually I'll bring these to work if I have a long shift not all of this brand is vegan so make sure you check up at the top to just get the vegan ones but they do have a really really good ingredients it's all just like oatmeal and raisins and flax seeds and water just simple stuff so that's a really nice snack option then I picked up some organic salsa I love using this as salad dressing because I like a lot of dressing on my salad and it's really nice it's just a nice way to add flavor without adding a lot of oil and then I got these chipotle peppers I love using the adobo sauce whenever I'm making tacos because it just adds a nice

smokiness and it's pretty spicy I got some cinnamon mostly for my oatmeal in the morning and then some fresh herbs as well I was kind of experimenting with a couple of different dips and different sauces and so I wanted to make sure I had those on hand and then I got some chickpeas to make my vegan tuna melts I've been so obsessed with them so I always have a can in my pantry and then I got some baby zucchinis these are another vegetable that I like to freeze and then put in my smoothies they add a really nice creaminess and apples I will either thinly slice and place them into salads or I will cook them into my oatmeal which is a really great trick for those of you who are trying to get your kids to eat more fruit definitely hide some in the oatmeal it adds a really nice sweetness especially if you add some cinnamon then I got lemons limes and oranges pretty much always have these on hand then I picked up some cilantro and some Dino kale Dino kale is a really cool vegetable because it's very meal prep friendly it has a very dark green robust leaf so it holds up to you know whatever dressing you're going to put on it and you can really make a

kale salad all for the weekend and then have it as a quick side dish or you know a salad to throw into your lunchbox throughout the week I make one of these probably every week or every other week I love them and the comment are endless now I'm going to show you one of my favorite ways to prepare kale salad and I hope you guys try it because it is so flavorful and perfect for those of you who think you don't like salad so I just start by kind of removing the actual leaf from the stem don't eat the stem at those of you who have tried kale and you ate the stem and you're like oh how do people eat kale it's because the stem is basically like wood and it's awful so make sure you remove that because that's going to make it a lot more enjoyable and also more easy to digest then in a large mixing bowl I'm going to add half of a thinly sliced red onion and some thinly sliced fennel fennel adds so much flavor and texture and crunch to the salad and then for the dressing I'm going to add some grapefruit juice just freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with one teaspoon of maple syrup and a pinch of salt and I'm just going to pour that right over the

veggies and let that sit for a few minutes and this is really going to infuse the veggies with that really great flavor then for some crunch I'm gonna add some hazelnuts I'll add that in the bowl with a lot of salt and pepper lots of fresh black pepper is so good on salad and then I will toss this all together I think this is one of the few ways that I truly truly truly enjoy eating lots of greens because you have so many different flavors and textures and sweetness and tangy nough sand savoriness and nuttiness and there's just so much going on without it being overpowering everything works really well together and it really is a great way to get excited about eating healthy because it's really all about flavor and it's beautiful as well and convenient meal prep friendly gotta love that then I stocked up on some mixed greens and spinach these were on sale so I loaded up on those for the week also got some carrots I loved shredding these really finely on a box grater and just seasoning it with lemon and salt so simple and so good I got some of these white sweet potatoes that are called

Hannah sweet potatoes and also the regular kind that are orange don't know what those are called but I got a few of those as well and then some avocados for you know everything because I love avocados and last but not least I got an onion and also some aluminum foil which is maybe the least exciting part of the hall but alas there it is if this video gave you some healthy eating inspiration and recipe ideas I would love if you would give it a thumbs up that really helps people find my videos and I would really appreciate it if you're not subscribed to my channel I would love to have you as a subscriber so go ahead and hit that subscribe button and I will see you guys very soon something like I said subscribe but subscribe button bye [Music]