30 May 2011

Healthy, Vegan and Gluten Free Food and Eco Hotels in Palm Springs on The Healthy Voyager

The Healthy Voyager checks out the healthiest and hippest hot spots in Palm Springs, California! Join her while she hangs out and stays at the coolest hotel in ...

welcome to another episode of the

healthy Voyager I'm Carolyn Scott and we're here at Palm Springs California located just east of Los Angeles this desert oasis town is a mecca for warm weather tourists want shop golf take in the beautiful scenery or even the local arts and culture scene but regardless of your reason for coming to Palm Springs it's a great place to get away from it all I've just arrived at the ace hotel and swim club here in downtown palm springs it used to be an old Howard Johnson's that they kind of hipster eyes and converted into this college needs paradise and a place for people to hang out and have fun it's not just a hotel it's got two swimming pools a bar a great restaurant that's got all sorts of organic healthy food photo booth guitars for you to play everywhere you want to hang out there's something to do you can get food delivered to your room to the pool you can get the spa services anywhere in the hotel there's a dog park for you to even bring your pooch it's so cool I can't wait to show you the rest of the ground gonna be awesome what I love about the ace hotel is that they really pay attention to detail and they

really care about their guests and it seems like they're really gearing themselves toward the young crowd that's into organic food and independent film because even on their TV where you can choose what film or channel you to watch they say that if you're a filmmaker to contact them because they can play your stuff on their channels they even gave us a nice little welcome welcome to the ace hotel gift of beers and if you walk in so I thought that was pretty good they really you two have a good time here and after a long day it was time to get some rest childtime tomorrow I've just arrived at nature's health food cafe and market it's a vegan and vegetarian juice and food bar design as well as a health food market I think I'm going to have some brunch this is a terrific place to stock up on healthy food and snacks for an extended stay or quick road trip a great variety of organic produce refrigerated item an awesome bulk section and of course the full-service cafe decision is going to be pretty difficult they've got everything revoking its burgers sandwiches salads pizza shakes but I'm going to go for breakfast due to the

scramble there's french toast not only do they have really great juices for detoxification they've got alkalinize water which is great to fight off free radicals and it tastes good do this neat little appetizer that I'm about to devour is a bait vegan cheese and trapped in a date over some baby greens so good normal for not vegan you can get it with bacon bacon bacon bacon has egg whites no from eagan can happen but even without it right if it's awesome it's warm and pretty cheesy and ad and I love it I've got my dude we scramble like brown rice and sauteed vegetables and the french toast is one hundred percent vegan infinity the egg they use coconut know a little bit of soy milk cinnamon and banana to make the batter so try that first the banana put the whole grains Maghreb most of the scrambles tend to be a little bland so I like to put kind of ketchup on it whatever their secret spices just got my date shake it is delicious and it's good for me too because the process that they use to make their dates is not only enhancing up flavors but it's really really

cleansing for you so you can have a vanilla milkshake pretty much not feel guilty about it time to walk off my food and head to the next locale it's lunch time and I'm here at Palm greens cafe they cater to all sorts of special diets not sure what I'm in the mood for yet but I should go check out the menu and see what I should get home greens is the perfect spot to dine for breakfast or lunch regardless of your dietary preferences delicious menu items for all sorts of diets this healthy hot spot not only accommodates but dazzles every guest I dined with the owners to get the scoop on what's cookin and palm green famous salad is basically a sampling of all different salads that we offer your tempeh reuben the Mount Olympus play here that is all-organic this room is hands down one of my favorite Reubens of all time because i love that you've incorporated cheese in it cheese and a really well marinated to pay so it's not a grain eat up a soft it almost tastes kind of like patty melt it's just great and your sauce here at Thousand Island is really tangy and good and so this is a raw apple tartlet and so raw meaning

nothing was baked everything is pure and fresh and living apples cinnamon and I'm assuming this is cashew cream all right love me some raw dessert yum delicious and I got the Bliss ball this is also raw nuts seeds Makka cacao all rolled up into a little list ball oh and lavender hmm look at that how moist it is to being gluten-free that chuckle chick on top brownie it was time to say goodbye take my leftovers back to the hotel and get ready for a night on the town las cazuelas can't laugh is my favorite spot for dinner drinks and dancing in Palm Springs I really like this restaurant because aids kind of in the middle of everything in downtown and it's always busy it's always fun it's really cute side and they do have a lot of healthier dishes for people like me they do a lot arian options as well salad so if you're not looking to get a big greasy and shimatta acuesta for you I'm you can splurge on a margarita later as quickly as my meal arrived it was gone in seconds flat that's a wrap on las cazuelas a black guy in downtown palm spring who was delicious as usual cheers for my last day in town I decided to try out the Kings Highway diner at

the Ace Hotel funky and hip this place has something for everyone including a great wine list and even custom cakes I was super excited to see what they had in store for me this is my alt sandwich alternative sandwich it is fully biggest sandwich be ordered without the aioli concern delicious jicama slaw and what's cool about the Kings Highway restaurant is they can cater whether you're at the patio or on your own private patio if you want to get a box lunch to hang out by the pool or sit in your new your fireplace with your friends you can do that they've got taco specials if you've got a big group they'll bring everything to make your tacos on your patio or out by the pool BBQ they can bring you all the vegetables and all the sides so you can have your own little party anywhere in the hotel and they'll catered for you lots of organic stuff delicious healthy food and fun kind of diner atmosphere really cool here at kingshighway before hitting the road I thought I'd pop in to the a strip club one more time to get a glimpse of the scene the Sun and to get an organic to slushie well that's it for Palm Springs join me next time on another episode of

the healthy voyager