24 September 2018

Healthy treats for your sweet tooth! And no, I’m not going to tell you to eat fruit Join me with a

hi guys good to see you tonight thanks

for being here so I couldn't ask for a better evening it's kind of dark oh that's better um I am house-sitting for my parents again they went on another vacation kind of wish I could just send them around the world all the time so I could just live at their house and watch their pets their house is very comfy I am literally sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace right now um pretty nice I'm really cozy the dog is clacking around but anyways happy Thursday I forgot my stand so I'm a little off tonight but happy Thursday thanks for being here cheers to you um so we're talking about healthy sweet treats tonight and no I'm not gonna tell you to eat fruit for your healthy sweet treat hi pixy um I am NOT that that type of nutritionist fur never satisfies my sweet tooth when I have a sweet tooth I want like cookies or cake you know I don't want like fruit so that always frustrates me when people tell you there are many so many ways to make a healthy desserts without breaking the bank calorie wise so you just get a little creative and you don't even have to bake

really if you know me if you've been on any of these Facebook lives you should know that I do not bake I don't measure I cannot get myself to measure like I won't do it I don't bake I don't have any interest in it um so anything that I'm making that sweet is gonna be like the easiest possible thing possible so that's where I'm coming from is it like really dark that's better okay um so yeah I'm not we're not talking about fruit we're not talking about any of like the real healthy stuff like we I get I make cookies a lot and like brownies and everything and the whole reason this topic came up the healthy sweet treats is because next week recipe the Month Club comes out so it's at the end of the month we launched last month on the last day of February so February 28th so I'm doing at the end of every month so ganda March next week recipe of the Month Club comes out month two and March is all about the sweet treats so these actually are like healthy and delicious and sweet and you um you wouldn't know it one of the recipes has a secret ingredient and I never tell people what's in it and I like give them to people all the time and nobody knows

I can't tell and they don't know like what they're actually eating I'm kind of like evil like that it's really fun so you got to stay tuned you can um sign up at any time and then when you sign up you actually get a free recipe so immediately you get a recipe for free I mean not for free you I just send your recipe this isn't like about money um I just so when you sign up you instantly get a recipe one of my favorites for breakfast and then you're gonna get you'll just be like on the recipe of the Month Club for forever and ever but it it's really fun so when you sign up you get the recipe of the month or the theme of the month like this month is a theme so there's more than one recipe you get them in video form and you can really watch like the videos and I mean you don't have to be part of the newsletter to watch the videos but the benefit of joining the newsletter you get like a hardcopy recipe you got grocery lists you get my tips and tricks for whatever the topic is I can't remember what what my tips and tricks were for last month but we did spaghetti squash lasagna you can still watch that that video by the way it's on the page

really it's on YouTube so earlier now you need everything okay so let's get to it first of all cheers pixie cheers to you cheers to Thursday thanks for being here um I hope you're having an awesome week I was a little bit disappointed that it was cold still because kind of stick of the cold ready for some warm weather so what's coming around the corner okay so sweet treats tonight not nothing about fruit we're not talking about fruit we're talking about like legette sweet treats so first is my three ingredient cookies if you have not tried these I actually have posted this recipe on the Facebook page before so you couldn't like scroll down and find it but I'll tell you right now three ingredient recipes no measuring that's what I like 1 egg 1/2 a cup of all-natural peanut butter so that's peanut butter that is like Trader Joe's peanut butter wears just peanuts and salt if you follow me on Instagram actually last night when I was at the natural way they have this machine that is like grinds peanuts into peanut butter it's the coolest thing go watch my Instagram stories um that was really

neat but so yeah natural peanut butter it's got to be just peanuts and salt that's all you want you don't want like the Skippy or the Jeff those are the the candy bar peanut butters so 1/2 a cup of peanut butter 1 egg and then like I don't know a tablespoon or two of brown sugar so you don't need a whole lot just a little bit and you mix that up form it into little cookies it'll be it will be thick because the peanut butter is thick but it will hold together because of the it actually gets kind of fluffy and puffy it gets like at the most amazing texture what I like to do is bake mine in the toaster oven because they go so quickly so you do like 350 for 5 or 10 minutes just until they're set and then I take them out and I sprinkle a little bit more brown sugar on top and they're really good so what we've got there is healthy fats and fiber from our peanut butter and peanut butter is uh it's a healthy fat but it also because it comes from a plant it's got tons of fiber in it so that's an awesome option peanut butter is kind of universal in my sweet treats because it's so easy to make taste sweet without adding a whole lot of sugar to it and it makes things taste

like really decadent without adding a lot of sugar so those peanut butter cookies they're they're really good and they're like literally so easy no measuring I know I never measure it and it always comes out fine hey measuring so definitely give that one a try another one and this one is it doesn't involve like any prep work at all it's just basically butter this is the spice it's so hard to see in these it's backwards so basically butter spice if you haven't tried it yet I'm sure sure you were bombarded yesterday by videos for me and I'm so sorry about that last night was the launch of basically butter in the natural way Fenton which is a local st. Louis health food store and so we did a little presentation and then afterwards Katie the owner had never ever done a facebook live before and so we were like let's just do it and then she the first time we did it the store was closed but nobody locked the front door sir in the middle of a facebook live and a customer walked in even and they had to like you couldn't be like we're closed so we're gonna cut the first video off and the

second one we did get all the way through it katie is hilarious if you haven't watched that video for pure entertainment just go watch it katie is so funny so yeah a lot of videos yesterday but anyways on topic this is basically butter spice it's coconut oil so it's not it's dairy free coconut oil-based and it just has the like pumpkin pie spices in it it's like cinnamon nutmeg cloves which are actually some of the most antioxidant dense spices are plants plant foods like ever known a man cloves is actually the number one highest antioxidant containing food on the planet which is kind of incredible so if you have tried this you'll notice it's like pretty strong on cloves and I did that on purpose because we want those clothes they're so good for us and you really don't need that much but what I like to do is I take my basically butter spice and because it's coconut oil-based it's very soft and kind of it is kind of like butter it's got that yeah it's coconut oil it's got that texture to it so what I'll do is like rub it on crackers I don't recommend these it was all my parents had but get a gluten get

yourself a good gluten free cracker and put a little basically a butter spice on there so this it tastes like it has pumpkin pie spices in it and it has collagen it's got herbs for energy and stress relief and it's really good for your skin and your fingernails um but you rub a little bit on a cracker it's kind of sweet it's really good really good I like to have something like doughy crunchy salty sweet tooth so crackers with like something rubbed on them always does but yeah anyways if you're looking to buy or try some basically butter go check out the natural way Fenton super nice staff like they're really knowledgeable if you need anything else like related to health and wholeness just go there they're awesome so definitely check that out and you can buy the butter there now too so I would definitely suggest that if you have tried to buy it for me um the only issue there is I don't have a store and I am always like well I can ship it to you and then I a week to get to the post office and then or I'm like well we can meet up and then we have to like organize the time it's just kind of a pain in the butt so

it's much easier to have it in a central location like this okay moving on so we did the three ingredient peanut butter cookies the basically butter spice on crackers and the last one this is one my favorite is waffles and you know that's not a traditional dessert but who doesn't like waffles for dessert I mean come on no one's gonna ever turn that down so this is another recipe I've actually posted on the Facebook page before and it's really good it's really easy it's just a table two tablespoons of pumpkin puree so hi sandy how are you um just two tablespoons of pumpkin puree about one egg or like a quarter cup of egg whites and you can do either really I usually suggest people just use a whole egg because then you get all the nutrients from the egg yolk which is what we really want um has vitamin D in there all like all of the really good things that we need so I usually suggest the egg yolk the original recipe I posted had egg whites in it I'm not sure why I did that but um so yeah about one egg to three tablespoons of pumpkin puree just canned is fine make sure that you don't get the

pumpkin pie filling that's gonna be like a whole bunch of filler and sugar and stuff so you just want the pumpkin puree the egg and then I do a little pumpkin spice a little pinch of salt and one or two tablespoons of coconut flour and that's kind of the secret ingredient so coconut flour super high in fiber you really don't need very much because of that fiber binds so much liquid when you add it to stuff so if you like ever bake with it or cook with it you need about half the amount of coconut flour as you do like regular flour it's pretty awesome flowers really good it also like just has a really nice natural sweetness to it without having any sugar plus it's got tons of fiber in it so it's great for like binding things like that together so I add that to that waffle mix the pumpkin the egg it really like sticks keeps everything together and it does not have like a glycemic index it doesn't have any gluten so it's actually really healthy so you mix that the pumpkin puree the egg the coconut flour cinnamon spice a pinch of salt together and then I have a mini waffle maker if you don't have one you have to go get

them they're so fun you can get them at like TJ Maxx and home goods and they're like $10 they're this big and they make these cute little waffles so this is I make that for breakfast but I also make it for dessert I just make myself a couple waffles and that always does it it's like got that perfect texture crunchy and soft and then you rub the syrup all over it oh my god can't go wrong with that so mix that together you know just make it your waffle maker I always heat up a little maple syrup with some berries so I'll do like raspberries and blueberries in there and then you just upped your antioxidant power you upped your fiber a little bit you got a whole plant food like you're good to go you're totally okay to eat a ton of sugar if you're eating berries on the side and I did promise this was a no fruit sweet tooth talk but I added a little fur just a little bit um it just bumps everything up and it tastes really good on there so that's my third recipe I have some really good ones though in recipe of the Month Club this month so go check that out you can you can there's a button on my Facebook page it should be like when you log on it should

say sign up if you just click that if you're on your phone if you're on your desktop on the left it'll be like right on the left hand side below like the picture I think so you just click that you just enter your email address and then every month you get the video recipe batteries always dying here's a video recipe but you also get hard copy recipes you get grocery lists you get like extra tips and tricks it's just a fun way to like talk about healthy food and healthy eating no strings attached I really just did it as I like because I thought it would be fun I thought you guys might enjoy it and I love talking about food and nutrition and so maybe it was more for me than it was for you I'm sorry about that but those are all three recipes I gave tonight super easy no measuring you get to honor your sweet tooth in a healthy way that doesn't include like eating fruit I hate that you got cookies you get waffles those are all awesome so yeah I hope that was helpful those recipes are on my facebook page it's actually gonna be easier if you find the picture there's a picture of

peanut butter cookies and there's a picture of waffles you find the picture then you can find the recipe much faster like written down if I was talking too fast in this video but yeah so cheers to you thanks for being here tonight umm I will see you next week and be sure to sign up for recipe of the Month Club so you can get those new sweet tooth recipes coming out next week have a good night and I'll see you later