23 July 2019


Hey Loves! Here are some snacks that I had when losing weight. These are all pretty simple to find and really help to keep you satisfied when you are having ...

hey everyone its Carmen and welcome back

to another video today I'm gonna be showing you guys a few snacks that helped me lose the weight so I have about four different snacks that I have here that really helped me just curb my appetite things that I really enjoy policy some way and they're all very easy to find except for one of them may be kinda a little more difficult to find but you should still be able to find it so yeah let's just get into the healthy snack so I'm gonna do this snack first so it's the only one that's refrigerated um so I will say this is either an acquired taste or you just not not everyone's gonna like this but this is just something that really helped me and this is kimchi this is just the brand I have I always have different brands kimchi but this is fermented cabbage I personally just like love this stuff cuz if I'm craving something salty like first of all it's a probiotic so it's are you like making your gut health better and it honestly tastes really good I mean it's very fermented and like I haven't person when those people who loves like salt and vinegar chips and like I like like the vinegary like bitter taste and my

husband does not what's that I drop some and my husband does not like like salt and vinegar flavor stuff but he loves kimchi too it's just like I mean how to describe it's like a vinegary salty crunchy it's just like if I have a craving for something salty in the middle of the day this is what I'm going to because it's it gets that craving so good and it's so good for your body so good for your good so I probably probably I don't even measure this out on be honest cuz it's like I know I can't eat too much of it but yeah kimchi is a huge I just say if you want something healthy kimchi is definitely a way to go if just try it out though try different brands to the one that Walmart is not good in my opinion I know a lot of people Ike mother-in-laws kimchi I'm not a huge fan of that either I get this in my local Asian market and I really like this one there's one that I like better than this but they were out of it so I got this and then they also have pickled radish which is what my husband likes the most so you know you can like go around and see what works for you but yeah for weight loss Oh

kimchi is a huge thing you can just like a side dish like this is just I love this stuff we go through it so quickly yeah so I'd say kimchi is definitely one of my biggest staples throughout this process okay the next night you have to be careful with because it's very high country but if you have like a few if you can just control how many you eat pistachios are the best they are just so delicious they're so fillings just like measure out a few and I just like to put my hand in and grab like oh and I like a handful and just eat that don't let yourself like I will not give you with this full bag and just be like chowing down on pistachios cuz I will eat the whole bag but if you have just take a few put the bag away bring them eat them these can be a great great thing to have see I recommend San Jose they're just something simple to snack on you can take them with you put some in a little bag you know something to snack on throughout the day yeah Doug Leier from San Jose we borrow some bulk just because the price is similar between like buying the bag just

buying them in bulk and this way we can get as much as we want that's just I usually get out of the roasted salted ones just because they're easy they're simple they're delicious so they have multiple different types of sessions but these have really helped me lose weight just because I don't need a ton of them you know yeah I definitely recommend the status if you're trying to lose weight okay the next snack that I have isn't the exact snack that I would get I typically get skinny pop on 40 but we had we were having like a group of friends together and we ended up buying popcorn and we didn't buy skinny pop but we have popcorn don't don't get this one don't even look at what this one is but popcorn not this popcorn preferably skinny pop popcorn because I think those are like I feel like 80 or 90 calorie a bag it's a small bag but it's like the perfect amount but oh boy popcorn for me and my husband like when we're trying to like lose weight for our wedding for real for real if you're hungry at night like if you're get hungry really really late that small bag of popcorn is just so perfect cuz it's like you're snacking but it's like

you have a specific portion that you can eat and it was just so delicious I love skinny pop popcorn so I recommend skinny pop not this don't even don't even look at this Orville Redenbacher but yeah skinny pop popcorn it's delicious and a popcorns one of those things that just like fills up your stomach and yeah I recommend popcorn I really can't say much about popcorn we all know popcorn I'm not talking about movie theater butter I'm not talking about going to movie theater and having a bucket of popcorn those small bags of skinny pop popcorn I'll try to insert a picture so y'all can see what it looks like skinny pop popcorn is so good for losing weight that is like my nighttime indulging snack is that little bag of skinny pop popcorn my last snack that I've had a lot when I was losing all that weight was rice cakes I love rice cakes I love and I'm my favorite ones I hear I love like the chocolate rice cake oh my gosh those things are delectable well yeah these are just these are both Quaker I have apple cinnamon and then regular salted these are so low-calorie

and they're so delicious and you can just do what you need to with those like these typically I eat these playing but you can put like a little bit of peanut butter a little bit but Nana oh my gosh so the plain ones of these are only 35 calories and Apple said men are 50 calories and so typically I have about two at a time regardless of which one I'm eating and they're just so delicious and the chocolate one is to die boards so good these are perfect if you just like usually I have these one is like I want something crunchy and salty almost like if I want like the chips or if I want like crackers or something like so like a week ago my husband brings home like those like ten bags of lays and like huge bags of lays like this big like 270 calories a bag or something crazy like that and I'm like why did this man bring these lays into this house when we're trying to be healthy and he would be like snacking on the bag of ladies and I would be like I need something salty too I would grab a rice cake and be like okay I'm good like it just fixed that craving you know and I try to keep all of my snacks pretty low calorie because

I and I also only try to have like one good snack a day unless it's like at night when it's like I can't sleep because I'm hungry then I'll have that bad popcorn I mean things you like that give you the same feeling as an unhealthy thing kinda and that's why with these if you like something sweet I recommend getting the chocolate ones if you like chocolate well even if you I don't really like chocolate too too much but I love those chocolate cakes and the Apple Cinnamon and they and they have caramels too but I don't think I've ever tried the caramel rice cake so I can't really speak on it beyond these are a few of my favorite snacks if you guys have any questions please leave them down below if you have any other recommendations please leave them below for everybody else I don't know why I'm talking with my hands so much today we're gonna put those down yeah thank you guys so much for watching and please like comment subscribe if you guys were into this video if you want more health and fitness videos and yeah I will talk to you guys in the next video bye