27 August 2019

Healthy Snacks for Your Whole Life

We all get the munchies from time to time, so here are some of my favorites!

hi iris here I thought it'd be fun to

show you some of the snacks that I like to eat and I thought my coaching business is called your whole life I wanted to show you some snacks that you could eat your whole life some healthy yummy snacks so right now it's after 3:30 and it's about the time of day that I get the munchies I don't know about you but my buddy I've trained my body to want a snack about this time of day so I thought I'd show you some of my favorite snacks I'm gonna start by showing you how to make these yummy nonfat oil free potato chips super easy and you can see it's our crunchy and yummy so I've got just a washed clean russet regular russet potato and my mandolin slicer on the second setting so it says 1/8 inch and I will just slice you can do about half of a potato at a time all fit on the parchment paper so it's touching the paper here cut now kind of cut so it fits on a turntable in the microwave and I'm just gonna spread these out they're not overlapping you can see just a little thin slices of potato and these you can see that just laid on there and then I'll just get a tiny bit of salt and just sprinkle sprinkle it on there

and then I'll throw this in the microwave for about four between four and four and a half minutes depending on your microwave you really have to watch it um they go from not done - done - burned very quickly you can see some of them are more done than others so you want to make sure because if I wait for this to get more done this wouldn't burn so I unfortunately they don't cook evenly then you just throw that in your microwave on regular setting high setting for about for like I said twenty four and a half minutes depending on your microwave I mean you get these yummy though it's just potato chips so there's that all right show you snacks probably my most favorite snack is popcorn I come from a family of puffs greater so my dad was a big popcorn fan and he would make popcorn every Sunday and mmm I really talk or to edit so I can eat popcorn probably every day um then I could eat this whole bowl by myself I just found this microwave microwavable popcorn bowl I got on Amazon and it collapses so it gets flat then it comes with the lid let's you just pour the

kernels in the bottom it has a bowl line there's a line for just a small amount which is a little bit more of them less than this and then a line for the full amount so if I would have put the full amount it would have gone to the top um put the lid on it and you throw the microwave to between two and three minutes listen so you don't burn it so you've got it's nice you know playing my great point and then I have a spritzer here but I have some Bragg's amino acids and some coconut amino acids that I put in here and I mix it up together and I spritz it on and if you use a spritzer it won't get soggy because you know nobody likes you so you just spritz spray Sivan or shake it around until you guys get it mostly coated that you have some delicious yummy popcorn that you can snack on that breathe oil free again so very delicious spring very yummy and good for you as well so that's the even the best part snacks that I love yes kale chips so I bought some kale chips in a bag at the store and they were quite expensive so I just looked at the ingredients on the kale chips that I bought and it copied copy that what they

said and I created my own ingredients which basically has the washed kale you know the curly tight kale you know if you can tell a bit curly kind you want it to be not limp and when you buy it in this story if I make sure it's nice and firm and extra curly and compact the more compact it is the more crunchy you will get better results will get so it has roasted sunflower seeds miso paste lemon juice carrots I mean and garlic powder and some sun-dried tomatoes that are herb flavors that come they're not the ones in the oil they're the dried ones and some turmeric and a little water to make it moist nests a little bland throw it in my blender all this ingredients in my blender and blend it and then I pour it over the top of the washed kale that I've you know kind of dip pieces about this big you know take the stems off but in a big bowl and mix the sauce make sure I use my hands and cover all the kale and then I put on my dehydrator trays lay it wait flat without overlapping on the dehydrator trays on the full highest setting for about an hour and a half to two hours depending on the kale and how crunchy it is I'll

check it after an hour and a half and if I feel like it needs a little more I'll put it in for another half hour for two hours yeah yummy my husband loves these kale chips and my daughter loves these kale chips as well so very healthy a great way to get your daily greens in your diet which is so important yummy way to just have it anything just have these these last probably for a couple weeks in a bag without getting stale they'll stay good for about a couple weeks and usually I make a big I usually buy two bunches and make a big batch at a time but this is all I have that right now so that's the kale chips okay so next I'm going to talk about hummus and that hummus I have a recipe for hummus that I make my own with the garbanzo beans or chickpeas rinsed and drained some garlic some lemon and some ground cumin and coriander and some of the Bragg's amino acids again and then just a little water or veggie broth to make it moist so that it will will blend and I put it in my chopper food processor and blend it until smooth ish you can use it in your blender you can do it in your

blender as well but you need a little more liquid so that it will actually the blades will actually turn so that's one of my favorite things and I put it on these my favorite things to put it on its these thin stacker so this is what it looks like it's just a nice thin rice cake I'd like these better than the fat ones just because it's less dry and less cracker I guess and they come in this one's red rice and quinoa there's different blends of grains there's also a corn one that's really yummy I like the corn ones the thin ones in case I don't want to make a big batch of popcorn oh I'll eat the corn one in place of popcorn so that makes a nice snack so here's the hummus put the hummus on my rice cake and that makes a delicious snack and you can add cucumber tomato or anything that you like some sun-dried tomatoes if you like mm-hmm mixer yummy snack all right there's that okay and also another thing you put use your hummus different crackers here sorry this is a loud bag this is from Trader Joe's one of our favorite crackers and my family loves we eat a lot of these multi seed with tamari soy

sauce from Trader Joe's yummy snack oil free gluten free well that's the brown rice tamari soy beans potato starch can you see these flax seeds and the old Red King syrup but you can dip it in the hummus or eat them plain these are yummy yummy snack well if the Mary's gone crackers which are also delicious and oil-free that pretty with the multi see these are my plan the plain ones are my favorite but I also like to dip those in the hummus as well or just eat them so I think that's the majority of the savory snacks so as far as sweet if I get low need a little sweetness I like the long bars sometimes you know for dessert but I also always keep one in my purse I carry one in my personal waist just so I have it on hand and kiss I just really and getting hungry and not very not near home or can't eat yet my favorite is chocolate chip brownie mint chip brownie that's like my favorite and the peanut butter chocolate chip it's very delicious [Music] these are my favorites flavors I'm sure you've seen them at this store but simple ingredients

this one has peanuts the chocolate chips and dates and that's it so a little salt little salt so not not much in there very healthy oil free again preservative free very delicious and easy to carry with you if you need something like that okay so last but not least as far as the sweetness goes I will grab something from my freezer okay so these are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I made the other day and what we like to do is we like to make a big batch of cookies and then we freeze them put them in the freezer bags and then we want when we can just blow it out like so it's often we'll just get a cookie out and snack on mine I like them cold some people don't like a cold or hard but I like it that way especially in the summertime it makes a nice refreshing snack but I can put the link for the recipe for these almost aqua chip cookies no oil no butter the recipe has some no fat however I do put some nut butter in it just to give it a little more of the texture with ice butter so that's great and I will put the link for those cookies soon so that's just next so I hope that you have enjoyed

saying some of my favorite snacks you know we all get the mochi sometimes and sometimes we just need something to fill that savory or sweet desire and these are some great ideas and I hope you enjoyed it thank you