10 June 2019


Weekend health snack I make sea salt lemon kale chips. Small healthy grocery haul. Groceries For One Person ⁉️

uh-huh Oh guys my plant baby's not doing

too good help me I wanted to buy some more soil but the soil I want the bags too big for me to carry home on the bus so next week I I should be having company and I think I'll be able to get too oh my goodness oh my goodness I've been diligently watering her not over watering but according to what I'm told and she's still everyday dying I'm so sorry I'm so sorry hello everyone hope all is well I decided to try to have some healthy snacks on hand while I'm home for the weekend and I wanted to show you my little haul of potentially what can be some healthy snacks and if you've been with me for a while you know I'm not the best eater so let me show you what I got Tuscan kale and it's already pre-washed and all that and it's just a 5 ounce bag 142 I'm Graham I guess I really wanted some kale between kale and seaweed I'm just obsessed right now so I'm gonna bake that I got a cucumber that I'm a clean and sliced up and I may um put it in vinegar or I might just leave it for slices to munch on and I bought this I don't know if this is just as good as lemons dilemmas were quite expensive and

I kind of waste them when I get them so I'm making me some lemon water with that and then I'm going to roast these this bunch of Brussels sprouts so I feel like you know I don't really have much food in the house so I'm gonna have to eat what I have so if I have healthy stuff in it I'm forced to eat it that's okay but I did need to have my staple which is popcorn and I got the extra butter and then I also got and that is the great value by my brand then this one is Pop Weaver I got kettle corn because I'm going to be popping in one bag of that one bag of that and mixing it together and enjoy a movie later so I was looking for the Cheesecake that I normally like the one that I showed in my last food home and I couldn't find it and I looked a couple of days for it so I ended up going back to the freezer section and I saw this and it's cheaper and it's already pre sliced and I think that's kind of work out better for me I have this brand before so I already know I like it so that's it for my healthy snacks for the weekend all right okay guys I made kale chips they're so good I used only half the bag because I was

concerned about especially the way I decided to season it and I just basically I use this pan right here that's what you see all the little crispy things but I first sprayed it with some of this and this is zero calories and all that well there's no points if you're doing Weight Watchers just put it that way and it's the great value butter flavor at nonstick cooking spray yeah it has zero calories he was saturated fat zero trans fat and Himalayan pink salt it's just the one that I got from Dawn she I think and yeah oh and then for good measure I decided to squeeze some lemon juice over it so before I just spray paint spray the pans through the kill on top shook some of this on it squirt some of this on it and I had I was trying to fit the oven on for 400 but I ended up on four or five whatever that is degrees it's all crunchy I mean I've been sitting on the couch for about a good thirty minutes so it cooled down or whatever these can potentially take the place of popcorn or potato chips it gives you that nice crunch it's a little bitter so that's a little bit to UM get used to so I do recommend if you have

the butter spray because maybe that helps to tone it down and of course it's great it's the weekend I haven't cleaned up the kitchen yet after fooling around but this is what I have to share with you hope y'all I'm feeling inspired I just want to say thank you so much for tuning in and enjoy your weekend have a fabulous weekend