11 March 2019

Healthy Snacks At Jacob Javits Center

I met some great people that offered amazing healthy food and snacks at the Health Food Expo at the Jacob Javits Center and i'm sharing some of those ...

okay I'm here today which my company a

lot of date spreads I have four flavors chocolate vanilla cinnamon pumpkin spice they're all allergy free vegan no nuts the resource and anyone can eat it and they're amazing on pancakes oatmeal yogurt smoothie cheese crackers and for baekje and on icecream I just [Music] [Music] back in the house this is the second day of the tears and recenter health food Expo all the way from the beginning and I said that that was a pro-inflammatory diet right it's heavily processed but one of the things that you'll notice that the plant source these are individual foods that we're talking about right these are foods then you can actually see and are recognizable they're not combinations and mix into packaged goods also a breakfast burrito for those who want to have eggs you wrap it up in like a nice corn tortilla and you can put a colorful array of vegetables in there and you're good to go you'll notice that in all of my breakfast options it is really fruit vegetable and whole

grain-rich something that is generally not what we think of when we have our typical breakfast most breakfasts tend to be refined grains lots of sugars added salts but this is an alternative that you can have your sweet and your savory but just in a more moderate way then here waiting or to speak to the speaker yeah it's quite alive we can read get the sample here EMI give me a sample Vennela fYI did have one already that's why I came back and got to the top because it was good and spread here real tasty and I'm looking for something like this that I could spread on things as not killing me a trademark to your diet everyday in a simple way a plant-based Omega which is extra exciting because normally an Omega is a fish oil and they're not always good they don't taste good to me we have that aftertaste these are strictly plant-based is algae the seat buckram berry pomegranate seeds made of seeds and they end up giving you the full spectrum of the Omega so Omega 3 5

6 7 & 9 now I have to interject because she just said plant-based omegas and yeah I know I'm always looking for something that makes a life a lot easier plant-based omegas they're all gone oh my god you know extra special because number one that you can't swallow a pill you can fight it and break the oil into your mouth and it doesn't eat yeah and I've also even opened up the capsule put them on like my daughter's eczema put them on scratches on for me so she doesn't scar like intento they're healing that's what I want yeah and if you want to grow your own produce if that's your style we have it all so that's a very easy way of growing your own produce at home I mean grows up to 20 different plans as long as it doesn't grow either in a tree or underground so you can grow your own tomatoes strawberries cucumbers whatever in your kitchen at home the throwing light it's on wheels you can wheel it around inside outside that makes it real convenient wheel it around put it in the living room yeah it's fun for the kids if you know going you know pick things right from it you make your own salad

the knife presenter [Music] okay we sweeten my things like a massage grape juice organic and coconut sugar down here I have my comfort cookies they utilize spelt flour which is so much better than a whole wheat flour refined white flour it has a very low and lots of yummy vitamins and minerals over here we have our power cookie dough flour in spirulina spirulina is a blue-green algae very high protein profile so every two hours 56 grams of protein okay down here I've got my virgin free line it is produced in an allergen free certified facility that means no peanuts no tree nuts no dairy no eggs no food it is gluten-free certified vegan certified oh you kosher certified okay everything on the table vegan certified enclosure certified really in a very high readiness tablets it's a way better application okay that's a wrap I'm out of here I'm actually playing myself I gotta go I had to go like 15 minutes ago but these cookies and all this stuff tastes so good mana being late but this is worth it how often you get to come to

spots like this enjoy [Music] spirulina vegan brownies who would've thought [Music]