01 May 2019

healthy snacks

Senior Project.


first I will show you all the ingredients so I have blackberries raspberries strawberries here are the almonds I use their sliced which is better I think then I have Greek yogurt granola and then some raisins so many tiny raisins so let's get started alright so I'm gonna start with my yogurt it's called light and fit so it's a vanilla flavored and I'm just gonna take like 2 whole spoon fulls and put them in each I'm making a snack right now but you can make this exact same snack bigger and you can have it for breakfast then I'm gonna put in my berries so blackberries raspberries strawberries but you can use any other fruit that you would like for instance like apples bananas pears anything next I'm gonna be putting in my almonds and their slice which i think is better so I'm gonna go ahead and put them in you can switch out put any other nuts that I'm gonna put in there naked which is my granola so I'm gonna put a little bit of that into each thing and then next I'm gonna put in my raisins they're like smaller raisins and they're a lot sweeter so I put this in and sit up honey to the top here and I think it

tastes better so here they are they a finished thing and they say it's really good and they're healthy and then that girls are going to be shown right here [Music] so next time we'll be showing you how to make my protein shake so I have almond breeze and then I have for a space black raised bananas and strawberries I use ghost protein these are the two flavors that I have right now this is coffee ice cream and this one is milk chocolate and then here is a blender that I use which i think is good alright so let's get started so first let me start with my protein I showed you before this is the milk chocolate flavored and it's by ghost and then I have the same one basically but an ice cream flavor also by ghost ghost has the best macros with protein that I have down so here it is on the stripe and now put in my berries so the berries you can pick any other through I picked strawberries blackberries and raspberries but I would make sure it ain't creepin in it just so that it gives it a good consistency so here I am putting in my crepes and then I'm gonna put in my all milk I put in about a cup

I'm using almond breeze if you don't like almond milk you can use any other milk like so I know cooker in there regular milk it doesn't matter really um so then here it is it's all ready and I'm gonna get written to blend it so I'm gonna use my ninja and close it up and I'm gonna blend it for about 30 to 40 seconds so I'm just gonna snap it on there and then we just let it blend so I'm gonna let it blend here and then I actually blended it from this to seven seconds a lot of people can add other stuff into their protein chicks like peanut butter - I like creamy in a snap protein or some people even put egg whites I don't this is what I do in mine and I my half is also the gym it's both of my finished products they're both high in fiber because I use berries berries or ham fiber they're both high in protein the parfait is high in protein because Greek yogurt is high in protein and I eat feast through all my weeks throughout my days and they're really good maybe you'll try them out maybe not but thanks for watching