10 June 2019

Healthy Snack - Peanut Butter Beet Sticks

Beats are a good survival food because you can eat the tops, stems, and the root. And now, you can make tasty treats. At least.. after passing it through a kid ...

good morning today

I went out and harvested the beet greens and I hadn't harvested them the whole season I just had clipped away the ones that were dying to keep my plants healthy but and so they're too big they're bigger than what I normally would like but they're still good for soups and stews and stir fries now if I was going to eat beet greens and a salad or I prefer to pick them when they're this size or smaller this is a little bit too big but I'd like to pick them when they're about half this size anyway when I was when I harvested the beet greens I noticed that the older ones had a nice big stock and I said hmm that can hold some peanut butter so I went and got peanut butter and I put it on and I'll go ahead and taste it for you and I thought this tastes pretty good you can tell the beat taste comes through pretty good so this tasted pretty good and I would eat it as a snack and then I looked up and saw how healthy beet greens were that you can eat them raw beets I would consider one of my good survival foods because you can eat the tops you can eat the stems and you can

eat the beet and while the beet is growing you can cut 2 or 3 or leaves off the top and it will still continue to grow and the beet will get large and now you can have beet peanut butter beet sticks fantastic I'm always trying to think of new ways to eat my vegetables I'm learning how to grow them and it's important to learn how to eat them and that's kind of what I'm trying to do this year ok Here I am at my grandkids so they're gonna test my beet stick with peanut butter and told them to give me their honest opinion on it so okay everybody go ahead and take one and try it well what do you guys think what do you think do you like it make sure I think it tastes like ants on a log like celery with peanut butter except I like celery and peanut butter better okay I think it's just this man you don't like it okay talk loud say I don't like it I don't I don't like it okay good job thanks for telling me the truth you like it okay so one no like one like it and what are you and what are you you like it okay not bad

anybody want another one be okay go ahead well that's a test right there they're actually taking a second one all right all right I don't like the video stuff yeah all right good try thank you