09 May 2015

Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss | Get Fit for Summer| How To Lose Weight Fast

Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss | Get A Summer Body | How To Lose Weight Fast Where to find Me :) Twitter http://www.Twitter.com/AnitaSamantha ...

hey guys so bikini season is pretty much

here which means it's time to start snacking for some weight loss because I know we all want to look really good in our bikinis no matter what kind of body you want you can achieve it as long as you just be healthy eat right and get a little bit of exercise in there but in today's video I'm gonna show you what to snack on for some good weight loss so first I'm gonna be starting off with some granola the granola I'm showing you is gluten free and as you know or if you don't know gluten can cause a lot of bloating and just add some weight so whether you're allergic to gluten or not sometimes when you're losing weight it's good just to cut the gluten out so I'm using this live and free gluten free granola I picked mine up at Whole Foods but you can get it at many different stores I'm sure and as you can see this is the cinnamon raisin crunch this is great by itself it's great with a little bit of skim milk it's also great with other things such as Greek yogurt or a sweeter yogurt which I will show you in a little bit but the reason I like this is because it has a lot of organic products and it cuts out all of the allergens and a lot of things that

people may be sensitive especially bloating sensitive too now to continue with the sweet tooth portion of this video I'm gonna show you a really affordable yogurt it's actually from Walmart it is the great value brand for all of those who want to snack on a budget now this is a strawberry flavored yogurt it actually has the chunks of strawberry in there now this might not be the most organic or anything like that however it tastes super good and it's a really good tree if you're really craving some sugar or ice cream or something like candy this is the perfect way to just cut that out for those of you who are really trying to eliminate the bad bad foods this is a perfect substitute and it goes great with the granola next I'm going to go into the more salty savory side this is some organic original hummus it's amazing source of protein it doesn't have too many preservatives because this is an organic one it's from Cedars I bought this at Whole Foods I believe and this is the perfect snack when you're really hungry and you just want to fill yourself up I like to dip carrots inside this hummus it's a perfect guilt-free

way it adds a little bit of crunch and it's way better than chips so if you really want to do the low carb high protein I recommend carrots dipped in some organic hummus or any kind of hummus for that matter just make sure there's not too much salt too many preservatives and things that keep you bloated another great way to eat this is with some bell peppers it's crunchy it's a little bit sweet and it's super filling because of all the fiber and I love it there's also a lot of water in both carrots and peppers now if you really want to add some protein and help boost your metabolism I recommend getting some deli me and you can dip this into the hummus as well or you can make little wraps with the carrot or the peppers or even lettuce I like to do it like that and make a little sandwich now if you don't want to cut too much weight and still add some carbs you can use some potato bread it's much better than regular bread and it helps with the bloating it also doesn't have that gluten which is a huge factor of retaining weight so I would for a potato bread you can toast it you

can add a little hummus on top for more protein you can make a regular sandwich whatever you want it's just a great substitute next if you really want some chips I love these sweet potato chips by simply nature you can get these as Whole Foods as well or any store that has like a little organic section sweet potatoes are so much better than regular potatoes and this is just a really good treat for those of you who aren't trying to cut a bunch of weight and just want to make healthier choices it has about a hundred and fifty calories 414 chips and not too many artificial things as you can see there's only about five ingredients so it's a really good way to eat some chips now for those weird cravings or ones you just can't shake I know a lot of people talk about natural popcorn but realistically I don't have a popcorn maker so I just like to get a little box of popcorn for whenever I'm really craving it which actually isn't that often but my mom craves it a lot so I like to keep it in the place for her when she comes and this is the fit and active popcorn it just has a little less calories and it's a little more

health-conscious than your average bag of fully loaded popcorn and if you're having a weird craving I I know this is so weird but sometimes I like to add some dried fruit in the popcorn it just kind of adds a little bit of sweetness and chewiness kind of like trail mix because I am allergic to nuts so I kind of use popcorn or pretzels as a substitute then instead of dried fruit if you want to go for the real thing I recommend apples to snack on they're really easy to carry around I like the green ones because they're crunchy I actually got this big bag while I was at Walmart to go get the yogurt and it was really cheap and I was pretty surprised but any apples will do also another great snack is grapes because you could freeze them you could cut them up in your salad you can eat them regular I mean it really doesn't matter but they're a great snack and you can take them everywhere as well and that's it thanks so much for watching leave some of your favorite healthy snacks below don't forget to follow me on Instagram and eat its world Twitter and you too Samantha and check out my blog peta samantha dot blog spot.com also if you

missed last video you can catch it right here and I will see you guys soon I love you so much bye