10 June 2019

Healthy snack haul

okay really quick healthy snack hall I

got this at Big Lots and I spent about $40 I tried to get mostly fat and protein I did get some carbs but not very many okay so this is not a snack obviously but I was out of garlic powder so I grabbed garlic powder and some Himalayan salt so starting here these are called Sol ease and they're like fruit roll-ups there are only two ingredients which is pineapple and coconut those are the only that's yours ingredients for the ingredients all right here organic pineapple and organic coconut those are the only two three yeah so I thought that might be fine treat but whenever we want something sweet um healthy fats we got California almonds and again the only ingredient we got two of those and almonds are expensive so this was ten dollars just for that we got red chili castle flavored peanuts peanuts yeah so um it has two grams of sugar which I'm okay with I just wanted some something to snack on that wasn't so bad for me it's never heard of this it's called moon cheese the ingredients is just cheese three grams of saturated

fat zero sugars four grams of protein for 12 grams [Music] dry-roasted edamame ingredients is just soybeans and salt and here the macros on that half a gram of saturated fat eight grams of fibers 14 grams of protein and only one sugar so that's definitely a good one this is a fruit and nut bite and also got this for when we wanted to treat something sweet it's date hazelnuts and cacao this is what they look like thirty-nine calories zero saturated fat two grams of fiber a zero added sugars half a gram of protein let's see where are the ingredients ingredients date paste hazelnut pieces and cappell I'm really excited for this crispy fruit they had so many flavors we got mango and these are individual bags there's six bags and let's see the only ingredient in here is mangos here are the macros zero added sugars euro saturated fat did it have any fiber one gram of fiber okay also another carp is this pear slices this is also what was the straight fruit California fruit the only ingredient is the pear rose

this was a high high carb seven grams of fiber it's 15 grams of sugar but the sugar comes from the pier because it carries the only ingredient in there and last pistachios the only ingredient in here is pistachios and the macros a one and a half grams of saturated fat three grams of fiber six grams of protein and oh my gosh it is my snack healthy snack hall enjoy