23 July 2019


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hi guys back to my channel you are new

here hi my name is Michelle and Ofra and this is my channel hey we are going to do a little bit of a unboxing I have recently subscribed subscribe to thrive which I'm super excited about if you don't know what thrive is I will leave a link in the below description box you get 25% off your first purchase and it's awesome because these organic delicious snacks groceries are delivered right to your door and they taste really good so I'm gonna do a couple live taste tests today I got some different things I'll show you what I got just for a little grocery haul and I got further ado let's just jump right into it so this thing I literally can't even remember what I got so I'm so excited so so so this says look inside your groceries are chilling so this must be some kind of frigerator thing why am I so excited I don't know yep definitely chilling this is not even cold should I be concerned oh that was so nice so I didn't get anything frozen but they put my square organic bars in with ice so that they wouldn't know that is so amazing so happy right now so I don't know what Square organic bars are these are this is a protein bar they're completely

organic and I really like them so this bar is 210 calories 9 grams of fat toll grams of protein and 23 grams of carb and these are vegan in case you were wondering show you a taste test with this stay here yeah so I got the chocolate coated crunched one and I'll show you why I like this far if you can see it's completely coated in chocolate so when I was on prep when I would ever I would eat these it would be I would be so happy I really really like that bar personally I got these plantain chips so if you are looking for a gluten-free option timestream trips are great so these are non-gmo gluten-free vegan ethically sourced sustainably farmed no added sugars or sweetener and no trans fat I got the smoky barbecue flavor right not bad hazing like a barbecue chip next I got these blue corn chips and I really like these because they're made with coconut oil and that's sunflower oil sapphire oil so these are the ingredients in this organic blue corn organic coconut oil sea salt that's it come on so I would use these to make my healthy nachos if you don't know what I'm talking about and the video on my

channel I love it these were in my last box and I had to get them again since I love them so much these are the paleo puffs and they are the the cheesiness kind oh my god bang I think they're so good so these are made with cassava root coconut sweet potato chameleon sea salt and coconut oil there are 8 grams of fat 18 groom carbs and less than 1 gram of protein but you get 25 pieces for 130 calories which is really great if you're like snacking you know so good next I got organic stevia a lot of the times when you buy Truvia or the brands that are at the stores a lot of them aren't organic and they're just doing more harm than good so I got some for me for my coffee in the morning I've been really trying to make my own coffee in the morning instead of going to Starbucks because we know we're all guilty of that so 75 packets and I can use this in coffee or my oatmeal or anything like that so I'm super excited about that I got these nut pod creamers now if you've never tried these these are definitely different so these are vegan yeah I'm pretty sure these are vegan so this is

made with purified water coconut cream almonds sea salt and so there are different flavors so I got and this is coffee creamer so I can use these in the morning to put in my coffee to make it taste delicious so I got french vanilla I got hazelnut and I just got to be original if I'm just feeling the original here we go so these are whole 30 approved so if you're on the whole 30 and you're looking for something for your coffee these are great and if you're vegan these are also great for you so I like those my friend Gina actually turned me on to these like last year and I haven't been able to stop eating them these are the cocoa squeeze Apple sauces and I really really like these for like just a simple snack because they're good for on-the-go and they're really good they're gluten-free nut-free dairy-free kosher no preservatives BPA free there's no spoon so there's no mess they are 16 grams of carb and there's 70 calories so we like these they're really good so if you're just looking for snack these are awesome I got I wanted to try this Vitas sport so obviously we all love Crystal Light because it's

delicious but it's really not that good for you so I got this vegan sport like hydrator so you put it in after your workout so I'm excited to try that so this is I have never tried this before so this is a buried flavor Burt got a little magazine about what I should get next and if you guys have been following me on Instagram for a while you guys know I have been loving these these are the organic non-gmo coconut wraps made with tumeric they're raw paleo gluten free vegan USDA Organic they are so good they just they don't fall apart they don't fall apart at all so I really like that because a lot of the gluten-free tortillas that I've had tried in the past they'll fall apart I'm eating my taco I'm eating my wrap and I'm like have all over my hand not with these okay and they're big like they're like compared to my head you know you can fit a half the amount of things in there so you want to make a burrito or ever want to make and I like these because they're only 70 calories so they're 5 grams of packing crap 5 grams of fat 6 grams of carb 1 protein so they're relatively low in carbs so if you are someone who you know is watching

your carbs and I also like because they have here like something that you can do every single day so they said start the breakfast start the week for the breakfast burritos scrambled eggs onions peppers on top with avocado Tuesday escape the Caribbean by shredding beef black beans and sauteed plantains for midweek hustle grilled veggie tahini sauce or curried chicken salad wrap for the last tasty meal craving Mexican swap these tortillas for a quesadilla or a quick burrito roll into the weekend with a simple Mediterranean style menu just add a fall a Gilbert sauce and hummus it's brunch on your till azules let's get a break in lettuce and tomato and egg fry and it says run to the weekend with asian-inspired dish like to say that vegan spring rolls are made of peanut sauce so yeah I just these I really like these and I think that you guys should try them so this is literally the thrive brand you can't get them anywhere else so I'll show you everything that I got I'll just show you the price and be very upfront I got everything in this box for fifty seven dollars which is a steal to me because I got so many things and

especially I have a huge box of protein bars that usually cost like 20 something dollars so I got my plantain chips I got my square organic bars I got the three nut pod flavors and let me give you could I give you the nutritional value one tablespoons ten calories so you usually use two tablespoons I got my fried coconut graphs that I just freaked about I got the gogo squeeZ applesauce which I love I got my organic stevia which is usually like $17.99 at the store so I'm excited for that I got my paleo puffs I just need I just need one more why is it so damn good I thought my feet it's work I'll let you guys know on Instagram if you like that for not falling in Instagram you can follow me down below at Michele binaya I'll leave the link in description and then I got my blue corn chips if you guys like doing that me doing this grocery haul please make sure you like this video and leave a comment down below if you would like me to do more if you're not already subscribed to my channel please go ahead and hit that subscribe button so you get weekly videos I will catch you guys in the next video and I hope you have a fantastic week thanks for watching and

I'll catch you next time bye