01 January 2019

Healthy Snack For Kids

Here's a healthy snack idea for kids that's certain to put a smile on their faces. It's all about pleasuring the kids!

happy new year everyone

let's get 2019 started on a healthier you ever have friends or family crawling out the woodwork asking you to watch their kids they come knocking on your door and ask for a little time off I always tell them hey no need to beg it would be my pleasure I want to pleasure you I'm gonna pleasure the kids come on in but kids are always hungry I'm gonna show you how to hook them up with a snack that'll get two thumbs up Ryan here for silly reviews now my diet of alcohol and cigarettes and pre-workout and SpaghettiOs everything covered with cheese and that's not appropriate for kids you want to go ahead you want to take a look at some healthy snack ideas for kids you may have seen lots of ideas online that are way too complicated way too expensive I'm going to show you how you can utilize the food pyramid and a little budget to make fun healthy snacks for kids here we go all you need are what you see here a plate a knife a core pickles which are cucumbers healthy cheese that's dairy healthy and some crackers bread the pyramid says it's healthy but let's take a closer look

pickles are cucumbers cucumbers are fruit look at the food pyramid it recommends two to four servings of fruit perfect cheese is cheese which is dairy take a look at the food pyramid two to three servings are recommended perfect crackers are crackers which are bread 6 to 11 servings recommended perfect now let's put it all together pay close attention I'm gonna walk you through just how to make these healthy snacks that kids will love based off of that food pyramid first thing you don't want to do is grab your cucumber your fruit which is in this form it's gonna be a pickle grab a good one grab a fatty but don't grab one that's so big that's gonna intimidate you and you know make you second-guess your own stuff your own pickle I'm going to take this corner right here apple corer fruit core again cucumbers it fruit and you're gonna drive this through the middle of your pickle which is a cucumber which is fruit you're gonna get down to the bottom but you don't want to bust it through the bottom so once you spin to the end you're gonna want to just dig out those innards you want to get up in them guts and you want to take out that

middle part because we need to put that filling in we need to put the dairy and the cheese recommended food pyramid healthy stuff once you get that out of there you've got a nice spot to put your dairy in we want to take your cheese pop the top boom Bop and you want to fill those guts you want to get up in them guts with that cheese fill it up look at that that looks great all the kids are gonna love this they're gonna love it now go ahead take your saltine crackers your bread group you want to cut that top again that's a boop bop peel it back and grab some of that bread that healthy bread so many recommended servings go ahead and lay that out on a plate get things set up coz we're really about to go to town here take your knife with your dairy filled fruit cut some nice slices and it's really fun to do it's fun to do this because you know how excited and how much the kids are gonna love it and you know that you're treating them with such a healthy snack everything off of the food pyramid okay FDA recommended you're gonna take these slices of your fruit and your dairy you're gonna put that on top of your

bread like so not hard to do make sure you keep that stuffing in there you might end up a little ender just flip it over there for a bonus a little bonus let's take a closer look this is beautiful that's a lot of fun and it's healthy great now kids like to be wacky they like to be weird with it we're gonna get Blacky and weird we're gonna have a little fun here we're gonna make a triple decker triple decker this is almost like a flat pyramid a food pyramid now you've got a triple decker of your fruit your bread your dairy the kids are gonna love it yay [Music]