11 March 2019

Healthy School Days Menu & Nutrition Guide

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hey moms and dads are you doing your

best to try to feed your children a nice healthy nutritious diet yet they're resisting you every step of the way are you tired of daily battles and struggles whining and complaining maybe even tears over what you think your children should be eating as opposed to what they think they should be eating I've been in your shoes my name is dr. Colleen Trombley band hook strat and I'm here to help several years ago we went through this exact same challenge with our oldest child when she was first starting school up until that time we were doing a bang-up job she was eating pretty much only healthy food she was a healthy kid in then school rolled around and she was introduced to all sorts of different foods and eating habits that were not necessarily the healthiest pretty quickly we ran into these daily issues with some complaining some whining over what other children were eating and why she couldn't eat those things I didn't want to keep being the bad guy I didn't want this daily stress and tension to be running through our family life I certainly didn't want to be the food police I didn't want to hover over our children and monitor their every choice

I wanted to teach them how to make healthy choices and show them what those healthy choices were so what we came up with was the doctor mom's healthy school days menu back then it was just construction paper written in sharpie with a layout of healthy foods they could choose from and why those foods were healthy over the years clearly it's evolved quite a bit now it's an eight page food and nutrition guide plus little menu items as well but very clearly you can see breakfast lunch and snack choices that enhance or build health as opposed to subtract from health so I can tell you as diets and nutrition trends and fads come and go this has remained so consistent over the years because it's rooted in science it's rooted in common sense that really isn't so common in nutrition anymore but it's based on how our healthiest ancestors and healthiest populations from around the world consistently eat that results in consistent good health and longevity so that's what's in here that's what we're teaching kids to base their food and nutrition choices on so that's the dr.

mom's healthy school days menu that just keeps getting better year after year and I can fast-forward with our children after having used this for many years they do know how to make healthy choices doesn't mean they always make them but they know how to make them they know what adds to health and what subtracts to health and that is of critical importance moving forward in life so along with the healthy school days menu I've got a few sweet bonuses I'm gonna give you when you order this one is a recipes and resources accompaniment to this because I make reference to quite a few different recipes that are our favorites and standbys in our average week so I include those plus some great resources for some of our favorite products to make this process even easier for you another tool I give you is dr. mom's top nutrition tips this isn't just for kids this is for everyone in the family it's the top 20 nutrition tips that once you start to apply these in your daily life you will experience transformation in your health and I am not kidding these are some of the top tips for families to apply and then to give you a visual you can just stick up

on a cabinet in your kitchen is the bullseye daily food guide and it really is that visual of where your daily target should be what you and in any average day where you want to be aiming as far as your nutrition choices are concerned this one is great for everyone in the family it's really easy for kids of all ages to see exactly what they should be building as far as their nutrition arsenal if you will so scroll down place your order for the healthy school days menu and I'll send you all the other goodies along with it I'll talk to you soon