24 September 2013

Healthy Recipes: Delicious Lemon Protein Bars

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hi I'm Jamie Eason I'm in the

bodybuilding.com kitchen and I'm going to show you today how I make my lemon protein bars and they need two large balls one really big women a medium-sized bowl in the large bowl we're gonna eat we're gonna put in our dry ingredients right here I have a cup of oat flour oat flour is just ground up oatmeal if you you can buy it at the grocery store in the healthy section but if you don't have it you can actually grind up your own in the blender I I would recommend using the quick-cooking version it's a it tends to be less chewy and easier to grind up but do you know that this gets really fine it's kind of hard to get it as fine in your own blender so you might need a little more than a cup maybe like a cup in 3/4 or cup and a half so there's a cup then we've got two scoops of a vanilla whey protein you can use any version that you want I always just look for low sugar or low carb lower calories and as clean as possible I usually do lactose free that kind of thing but it's two scoops and then we've got 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt and 1/2 of a teaspoon of baking soda the salt will help the baking soda react

then we also have our special ingredient which in this case we're using Crystal Light but you can use any lemon variety you can find but this is the drink mix and this actually is the I guess the quantity you need to make a 2 quart a 2 quart jug of lemonade so I typically like to use a different version that has no artificial sweeteners in it this one does have asked for 10 minute which is not always the healthiest definitely not perfectly clean so just know that and try and look for a version that is a little bit cleaner but you're gonna dump that into your dry ingredients we're gonna mix it up set that aside and trade out my medium bowl and this one we're gonna put in our wet ingredients we've got four egg whites you can separate the eggs you can save the yolk if you want to or throw it away stubborn tape you're not good at breaking eggs you can use the liquid egg whites just make sure if you use the liquid egg whites that you do less than the equivalent of four egg whites more like three egg whites because it tends to be a lot more liquid light and then your batter will be

really runny all right that was number four rinse my fingers off okay and to our egg whites we're gonna add our sweetener the Crystal Light has some sweetener in it so we don't need too much this is a half a cup of Splenda you can do less if you want to do less or you can use an alternative sweetener of your choice mix that together really well when you get it so it's like kind of frothy it looks pretty good and then I'm going to add applesauce I'm using the baby food version of applesauce I've got two of them here just look again for a lower sugar variety these do have a considerable amount of sugar in them but they're like this one I think is 11 grams but remember this is going to make eight or sorry it's eight by eight in Japan it's gonna make sixteen squares so the sixteen squares you know / I guess this is 22 you're looking at you know just a little a little more than a gram of sugar for each one it's not too too bad these are a treat there's a second one and this applesauce serves to replace the butter and oil and and your baking dishes you can do it and nearly any

baking in the district right okay and because I like mine a little bit more moist I'll often add just one additional jar of water to so I'm gonna do that now yeah make sure when you get the water that you don't add hot water because this is eggs and you don't want to cook your eggs so we're going to mix this up really well and now we want to add our wet ingredients to our dry ingredients all the liquid out go I'm gonna mix these up and I've already preheated the oven to 350 degrees so it should be all ready for us now if you notice when I'm mixing this it's kind of hard to see but it gets a little bubbly that's that drink mix so don't worry about it it doesn't make the cake bubbly all right that's all mixed together I've got my eight by eight inch pyrex dish so I'm gonna spray that get it ready for the batter I use the butter spray I use that on pretty much all of my baking dishes you do want to spray it pretty well applesauce can be a little sticky in the batter and you clean up the edges just so that my my dish doesn't get cruddy and baking it alright pour the batter in scrape it all out

and depending on your oven you're gonna put this in for anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes it's a big difference because of altitude of you know however efficient your oven is so I'll put these in the middle racks best I'm gonna set the timer will go for I think we'll split the difference so I'll do actually we'll do let's do 23 don't want to over bake these they're actually pretty good when they're a little gooey okay and that's it so in a little while we'll check them and we'll see how they turned out check and see you can put a toothpick in and see if they're done but I can usually tell by eyeball and I made these a few times looks pretty good you can either eat these warm or cold I actually like them really a lot cold so but anyway that's about it that's our lemon cake protein bar thanks for watching me today on bodybuilding.com hopefully you'll come back and check out more recipes you